Wheeeeelllll offfff Missfffortuuuune!

We’re going to begin this post with a video!  Enjoy!  We sure did…

WARNING: Please, make sure you have firm control over wanting to claw your eyes out because, after all, it’s all fun and games until someone loses one.

Anyone else abjectly horrified by what you saw?  Between the yanking and jerking hands and the flurry of kicking legs it’s a wonder the horse didn’t do more than that one little rear.  I don’t know about you but my personal favorite is that when she gets the horse going forward in a trot and all but locks her elbows, arms straight down right in front of her, hands unyielding.  It looks super attractive and is obviously effective in communicating with the horse.  You can tell this by the super happy expression on the horse’s face and the happy, free-flowing way in which is moves forward at the trot into the riders supple, supportive contact.

What?  No?  My bad, must be mistaken – still suffering from a post-Halloween hangover apparently.  Ooooh that’s right – I’m talking about how it should be!!!

Here’s the thing, yanking and kicking may have their place, occasionally, when used after asking politely hasn’t yielded the desired result from a horse that has been properly trained and is clearly ignoring the aids.  Call it a hunch but I doubt that horse is a schoolmaster and I don’t recall seeing that girl ask for anything.

I know this is just a young kid in the video but I don’t feel that excuses hard hands and certainly she had no business being on a horse like that.   I prefer to think of beginners as more of a blank canvas – any bad habits they develop or incorrect riding postures are the result of bad instruction.  So, with that in mind, get the F*@K off that horse, get on a school horse and go learn how to ride properly!


Have you ever watched the TV game show Wheel of Fortune?  You know in the bonus round when the person has to solve the puzzle and are provided the letters R S T L N E (I really wish I didn’t remember that, I swear I’m under 30!) – please solve the following puzzle!

_ _ _ – T_E – _ELL – LET – _ER – _N – T_ _T – _ _RSE?!

(words separated by “-” to make it more obvious)


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  1. That looks suspiciously like a horse with back or neck problems to me. She’s definitely not helping the situation, but eventually he’ll toss her and then HOPEFULLY they’ll have a vet look at the horse. So sad. 😦

  2. Oh god. Poor honest horse is just wondering WTF the rider wants…

  3. She’s lucky I’m not her instructor…or she’d be on the lunge line with no reins attached to the bridle. And no stirrups.

    I don’t think she’s intentionally yanking, I think she is just that unbalanced that she’s moving her hands around to stay in the saddle.

    • There’s a part, later in the video where she’s circling the horse very tightly (or the horse is circling to evade) and you can see her yanking with her far (right) hand. But I agree, she is an unsteady rider – plus her stirrups are too long which are causing some problems for her.

  4. What I can’t stand (other than the obviously poor riding and instructing) is the laughter of the other girls filming the whole thing. Don’t they get that this is something serious? Don’t they see that this is potentially dangerous? “I hope she rears!” Seriously? You want to take the chance of the horse flipping over backwards and injuring herself and/or the rider? Sure, it’s all fun and thrilling until someone gets hurt.

    Get a vet to check that horse’s neck/back/mouth. I have a feeling there’s more going on than just atrocious riding. And get the girl on something she’ll feel more comfortable on. She looks so tense, insecure, and unsure of herself. At this point, she needs something that’s been around the arena a few times, something that will let her relax and work on her own riding without worrying about what antics the horse might pull (or what antics she might inspire). I also suggest NOT having her buddies around. I don’t think those other girls are doing anything to encourage good riding habits. That’s why my trainers always discouraged me from bringing friends out to the barn. And, if there were other young people around at the barn who were taking lessons and wanted to watch another, they had to remain outside the arena and be silent to eliminate the distractions. That really taught me how to focus, even when I was really little.

    Ugh, I just hate seeing horses being ridden like that. Unfortunately, I’ve seen professionals ride that way too…

  5. Ugh, get that girl off that horse. The bad riding can be fixed, but anyone who treats “bad” behaviour with the attitude they have (the laughing and giggling and “I hope she rears” crap) has no business on a horse. None. You are never going to get a horse to behave with an attitude like that, you are just going to hurt yourself, the horse, or a bystander.

    I was almost hoping she’d fall off at that rear. I don’t want her to hurt herself or anything like that, but maybe a good fall and a couple of bruises would knock some damn sense into her.

  6. What worries me most is that you can hear someone instructing her from the sidelines. Is it possibly a lesson?! If so, the ‘teacher’ needs a right kick in the ass. She does tell the girl to ‘keep them [the reins] nice and gentle on her mouth’ at one point, but the message obviously isn’t getting through. And she doesn’t correct any of the other shenanigans. And what little we see of the other horses in the arena doesn’t look very happy either.

    The girl should never have been riding that horse. I kind of feel for her, I suspect she’d be an entirely different rider if she had decent training. I remember what it’s like to be very new to horses, and having the teacher tell me ‘He’s being ornery, kick him! Harder!’ If the teacher was wrong it would have taken me years to figure it out.

  7. Seriously. Who the hell let her on that horse!

  8. That poor horse has no idea what that kid wants. She needs to get right the hell off and let a competent caring trainer get on. They both need to be taken back to pre-school.

  9. Oh yeah, seen that one on bad_riding. Stupid teenager trying to look cool riding a fresh OTTB. Shame she didn’t get dumped. Horse was a saint.

  10. Who the hell let her on that horse?! (do I win now?)

    • Absolutely! Johnny? tell our contestants what they’ve won!

      Johnny: “What do you mean Barq’s has bite”

      Dammit! Wrong Johnny!

      Johnny: “Today’s contestants have all won free subscriptions to Snarky Rider! and don’t forget to spay and neuter your pets.”

      (2x the points if you remember the awesome Barq’s rootbeer commercials)

  11. *mindboggles*

    How catastrophically stupid can you get? How could those girls giggle about what was happening and BLAME the horse?!

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