Meet Cricket!

Every week we’ll be featuring an adoptable horse from November’s featured rescue, Cowgirl Spirit Rescue Drill Team.  One of the very awesome things about CSRDT is that their horses receive a lot of under saddle training and exposure to new and different situations.  So, if you’re looking to adopt a horse from a rescue, but don’t want a complete unknown, this group is fabulous to deal with!

Cricket is a sweet 7-8 year old Morgan cross mare rescued from the September 2010 Enumclaw auction. She is approximately 13.3hh (pony size!) and has a dark chestnut coat. She had a foal pulled from her right before the auction and developed mastitis shortly after we rescued her. She is very sweet, and was an angel during treatment of her rehab issues including overgrown feet and a skin condition that forced her to rub her mane and tail. She continues to struggle with skin issues but is a real sport about gel and spray treatments. She is the only horse we’ve ever known to balance on three legs to scratch an itch–she is so small and flexible! Cricket is an outgoing “people horse” and prefers the company of humans vs. other horses, though she gets along fine with our herd of mares. She is solid under saddle, and has even participated in an Independence Day parade–how cute! Cricket would be an amazing child’s horse, and really deserves to be the apple of someone’s eye. Contact us if you are interested in giving Cricket her forever home!

Credit to Liz Stabbert Photography for the very cute show pic of Cricket.

If you or anyone you know is interested in Cricket, you can contact CSRDT directly!


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  1. Woot woot! Cricket is a total sweetie! She totally rocked the trail course at the SAFE show! Heres a few more photos of her being cute if you’re interested 😀

    Also the CSRDT link wasn’t working for me 😦

  2. Yay for under saddle training of rescues!

    Ohmygosh Cricket looks like such a cutie! Regarding standing on 3 legs to scratch an itch, i know a horse who can do that too. We are trotting along and all of a sudden he slows down and I feel a little hop on his rump: that’s when he lifts his hind leg to red rid of the flies on his belly. Hehe, can’t say I blame him. He’s very limber. He’s the smallest but also the most athletic horse in the riding school.

  3. My TB does the same thing Snarky. He is just over 17hh, and i’m waiting for the day I see him faceplant.

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