Do you think seizures are a valuable trait in your horses?

Edited: This particular horse is HYPP negative.  Read the follow up post here.

If you want my body and you think I’m sexy, come on sugar let me knowwww.

Na na na naaa naaa. Nanananaaa Nananananaaaa

Proven Palomino Stud horse

Own a Champion and pass on the bloodlines
This is Mr. Classic Cool AKA Mister, he is a 2003 Palomino stallion whos dam is Jacuzzi Cool by Ima Cool Skip and sire is Kids Classic Style.. He was shown at the world show as a weanling, yearling, three and four year old. He placed top five in amateur and open every year and earned a 3rd place as a three year old. He has stood at stud for 2 breeding seasons now, to only a few mares, and have been very pleased with his babies. He is a very easy breeder, he does fine in the stall when getting him ready to show, and also does great in the pasture. Mister has a beautiful head, great front end, huge rear end and straight legs. Due to owners lack of time, we are offering Mister for sale. He would be a great addition to anyones breeding or show program. He stands at stud for $850 plus mare care. He is priced to sell at $6500 This is a great deal on a nice proven stallion with a great record. He is located in East Texas

What they forgot to include in the ad copy:

No time or inclination to properly train or condition your horse?  Unsure how to get those incredibly toned, rippling muscles?  No worries!  This one may come with his own internal vibration exercise equipment.  That’s right folks, act now and we’ll even throw in the ahhhmazing Slap Chop for free!  $6575 value.

Anyone else have the Boflex infomercial come to mind?  Is that what the people continuing to breed horses like this are thinking?  HYPP is a built-in Boflex?

Anyone remember our post on Body Builders?  Oh you do? Well isn’t that sweet.  And yes, that is Mister’s daddy! The HYPP N/H stud that comes with a HYPP guarantee!  And while there’s no gaurantee that this guy is also HYPP positive, the fact that they don’t mention his status (not to mention his overall build), make us think it’s pretty damn likely.  We’re all of a sudden plagued with the urge to picket, picket good.

In our Body Builders post we were thinking small, we placed the responsibility on the owners and breeders of Quarter Horses.  But it’s not the fault of the kids if their teachers tell them one way is the right way, they don’t know any better!  Thinking for one’s self isn’t always prized the way it should be.  We’ve since altered our views and now blame the judges.  The judges are the ones who call for the obscene muscle tone in the halter classes and reward the painfully straight legs.  They are the ones who need to get some sense knocked into them.  Preferably by the above picket signs. Not that we’re promoting violence or anything…


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  1. Please don’t ever post a picture of the slap chop dude again. He makes me hurl.

  2. HYPP aside, I’m sorry, but when did HUGE rear end became a desirable trait?

    And yes, bring on the signs! (are you sure we can’t bash the judges with them? ^^;)

  3. HYPP makes me angry. It’s such a simple disease to completely eradicate. AQHA needs to outlaw the breeding of HYPP heterozygous horses.

    I don’t get halter people…

  4. A Quarter Horse is supposed to have a larger rear ‘engine’ because they are sprinters. Like all desirable traits, it becomes a deformity when taken too far.

    The real problem with most halter horses is their hooves are too small…a recipe for navicular right there.

  5. Full disclosure: I have a horse with HYPP.

    Now… do I think HYPP horses should be allowed to pass on those genes? No. Will my horse pass them on? No.

    That being said, I think there’s a lot of needless hysteria concerning horses with HYPP. If you maintain a proper diet and lifestyle the seizures, in most cases, can be completely avoided. In the research that I’ve done people who’ve had issues with it either didn’t know the horse had HYPP or knew and didn’t change their maintenance practices to accommodate the horse.

  6. This crap kills me… I love my quarter horses, and yes one of them is Impressive bred (*gasp) but he is N/N and a totally useable athlete. Any thing that tests positive for HYPP should be forbidden papers or breeding rights and PRESTO! this particular genetic nightmare is over!
    The AQHA knows that the halter horses aren’t athletes as evidence by the “performance halter” classes that they now offer. If the Halter classes were truly a show place for the total athlete in its ideal form then we wouldn’t need to have multiple classes.
    Am I the only one that expects this yellow horse to turn green and start fighting? “Mister getting Angry! You won’t like me when I’m angry!” (*hulks out and starts throwing cars at tanks)

  7. P.S. So glad we don’t have halter classes here. Well, we do, but they’re a display of the horse’s that actually have good conformation as opposed to which horse has the worse case of a genetic disease. A few examples…

    • Those are nice looking horses! I didn’t think it was possible for horses with rare colors to have good conformation till now 🙂 or atleast that most of the time that’s definitely not what you see…

      • Yes, if you have breeding standards you can. Lusitanos are bred first and foremost for heir conformation. Some studs specialize in color, like black, cremellos or even dark bays.
        The Alter Real foundation only breeds dark bay hoses, and those are the “crème de la crème” of Lusitano horses, used by one of the four great classical schools.

  8. I am the first one to educate anyone on HYPP, and I will never own an N/H horse.

    However, I think its pretty unfair to tie a horse’s name to HYPP when a 2 second Google search will show you the horse posted here is N/N–not affected, not a carrier, per a pretty respectable web site.

    Personally, I think he looks big boned, as well as “big boned” (ahem, fat). He does have the halter horse droopy drawers thing going on in the back end where he’s carrying fat in the butt and thighs, but I think that’s just a tendency in those lines to put the weight on there, lord knows that runs in my family too…

  9. I think horse ownership is challenging enough, especially for novice owners, that knowledge of special diets to (hopefully) help keep the horse from seizing should never be in the picture. I don’t find that needless hysteria, any more than a diabetic diet is “easy.” I have personally worked with people who have difficulty understanding their own special needs, much less those of a horse.

    There are a lot of checks and balances to be maintained for an HYPP carrier/afflicted horse. I’ve seen some very advanced horse owners struggling to keep their mare from seizing. Managing that horse was never a pleasure and it required a lot of accommodations.

    While I applaud @Shannon for her ability to be an amazingly responsible horse owner, I’d suggest seizures are the fault of breeders choosing to irresponsibly select genetics, and not lazy owners.

    @Lori, I hope you are right he is N/N. He is definitely not to my taste since I am a form, function, and beauty fan. To me, he offers none of those traits.

  10. P.S. @Monica, thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures.

    • You’re welcome, i just wanted to show that despite all the irresponsible breeding out there, there are still some fine examples of what a horse’s conformation is meant to be.
      Not saying QH’s can’t have good conformation either, thought it seems hard to find that in modern QH’s. People need to stop thinking about trends and start thinking that a horse needs to be bred with a good foundation, good conformation and a good temperament. If you do that, not only will you create solid horse that can get the job done, but a beautiful one, for all th right reasons.

  11. Holy cow his sire is gross. I wonder how he is even fertile; his balls are smashed in between two massive hunks of god knows what lurks in his hindquarters.

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