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We recently wrote a post ranting about calmly discussing people breeding HYPP positive horses.  We featured a sales ad for Mr. Classic Cool, a AQHA stallion with a lot of junk in his trunk.  “Mister” was sired by HYPP positive Kids Classic Style and had no mention of his HYPP status anywhere in the ad or the owner’s website.  We kinda felt safe assuming he was N/H.

Well, you know what they say happens when you assume – someone who’s perhaps a little less tired than you digs a little deeper and finds a source to prove you wrong!

This hyper-diligent individual actually provided (indirectly) a link to a really awesome website, Bringing Light to Hypp.  On the website, there are lists of tested AQHA, APHA and Appaloosa horses with their status, plus the known status of their dams and sires.  For a moment we were really hopeful!  We thought perhaps the reason they hadn’t mentioned his negative HYPP status was because it was assumed that a breeding stallion wouldn’t be HYPP positive.  Ahhh… that dangerous word again!  After a quick look through the lists, it became pretty apparent that the reason they didn’t mention his status was because they figured it didn’t really matter.  People seem to keep breeding to the HYPP positive stallions as much as to the HYPP negative stallions, regardless of the potential long term consequences of this disease.

Look at this charming fellow!  He’s a half brother to the palomino wonder in the other post and he is most definitely N/H.  He was also just born this year and they’re advertising him as a stud prospect.  They claim “the older he gets the better he gets”, but we’re pretty sure no amount of time nor training is going to rid him of a hereditary genetic defect!  (Or those godawful pasterns, but that’s another story.)

This one‘s even more special.  Not only does he have the same N/H sire as the other two, but his dam was N/H too!  That’s right, the asshats who bred him weren’t content with a 50/50 chance of him ending up with a genetic defect; they wanted to up the odds!  And in the process wound up with a 25% chance that he would be unregistrable, with a far more severe version of the disease.  But hey, they got lucky and instead produced a horse that can pass this easily eradicable disease on to many other little fully registrable AQHA babies.  Yay!  Way to go geniuses!

So  if you really want a horse that vaguely resembles a yellow hippopotamus, Mr Classic Cool would not actually be an irresponsible choice.  But we still think that the people who bred him were asshats for taking the chance.


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  1. Maybe it’s just me…. but I find these horses to be really unattractive. I’m not that into quarterhorses to begin with (despite owning an appendix rescue), but the overly muscled ones just look like hideous freaks to me.

    And the breeding on of this disease is foolish. When little 8 year old Susie gets seriously injured because old Rusty suddenly dropped dead onto her, who will they blame?

  2. It’s not just you, Kristen. I hate halter bred Quarter Horses.

    Actually, I hate Halter bred HORSES period. Why breed a horse that isn’t useful for anything?

    Even minis are useful for some things…sure you can’t ride them, but you can drive them or do liberty work with them. Unless they’re dwarves…and there’s an entire OTHER irresponsible breeding category.

    But there’s only one use I can see for beef steak halter Quarter Horses and it involves a knife and fork. Is it an accident that the AQHA is pro slaughter? I think not…

  3. Hi, my name is CattleDog, and I approve your use of the uncoveted Asshat to describe these people.

    • Uncoveted?! that can’t be right! Clearly there are tens of thousands of people who are desperate to win this award. How else do you explain the grotesque number of TWH “big lick” trainers, short sighted people like Lee Stanek, so-called “trainers” like Randy Byers…. I could go on. Nope, I think this is a highly coveted award, more so than an Oscar perhaps!

  4. Thanks for dedicating a post to clearing up your mistake – that takes ethics and balls. I took one look at that thing and was quite certain he was N/H too!

    I wonder if the double-muscle gene that makes Belgian Blue cattle so oversized is going to show up in the horse world at some point. They certainly seem to be trying for it.

    • We’re happy to admit when we’re wrong, it happens from time to time 😉 It’s great to have readers who are so on the ball and interested/invested in what we post! -you guys keep us in line!

      Most of our posts are done the night before, after we’ve both worked sometimes 12 hours+, so there are bound to be a few errors. One day we hope to be lucky enough to write full time (or at least DE does!) but until then be prepared for a few more oopsy posts! hahaha

  5. Thanks for stepping up to the plate ladies! Plenty of other good stuff to snark about.

    AQHA is SLOWLY moving towards dealing with it, but APHA and ApHA are way behind!

  6. I really do not understand the attraction to breeding hypp, seriously how do those horses move…can they move? For some weird reason I severely doubt it -_-

  7. HYPP runs in Appaloosa’s, too? D: Are you sure?!

  8. Oh yeah Appy’s have it. I’m amazed they even exist as a breed after I dug through my appy mare’s pedigree, she’s a double negative(?)(now retired brodmare and yes, she was bred for halter and pleasure *rolls eyes*). I know nothing about HYPP, so I’m guessing that’s good? Kinda? Maybe?
    Glad I’m not into breeding. You girls have high standards 😉

  9. I checked out the list of H/H horses and Googled the name of the first stallion, An Intense Storm. I found the website for the farm owns him/is standing him.

    There’s not much to his page and no mention of his HYPP status. Hm, not surprised.

    Then I notice the two pictures on his page are advertisements.

    BIG FONT “100% Guarantee for N/H foals”
    (smaller font) “When bred to N/N mares”

    Huh. You know…I could breed that same N/N mare to a N/N stallion and have a 100% chance of an N/N foal. Or that same mare to a N/H stallion and have a 50% chance of an N/N foal. Oh, I’m sorry. Did I get that mixed up? You WANT a N/H foal? That’s what you’re advertising like he’s guaranteed to sire spotted unicorns? Well, in that case…


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