No horse is this child safe!

BuckEye is a Great gelding horse. He is Child safe to ride.His Coggins papers call him 14 years young.
Loads,saddles,Catches & mounts great..
Very laid back mostly been leading the kids around on him,He is use to following other horses..
I will sell him out right but would rather trade for Goats or Something that doesn’t eat..
Thanks for Looking

Well isn’t that swell.  Yet another craigslist ad posted by some asshat who thinks that height and breed are irrelevant.  Of course, in a horse that you just use to follow other horses, maybe it is?  And we love how he’d rather trade for goats than actual money.  Maybe where he lives goats are some strange, magical form of currency?  We just hope he’s not assuming that they fall under the category of “Something that doesn’t eat”.  But wait!  This ad gets even better!  The asshat felt the need to prove how Child safe the poor bugger is!  (When you see his hindend, you’ll be calling him a poor bugger too!)


That’s right folks – we have not one, but two helmetless toddlers, neither of which can reach the stirrups or reins!  And no adult in sight!  Who in the hell does this?  This is parenting FAIL of the year.  If you asshats must insist on reproducing, can you at least make an attempt at caring for the little beings you created?  Quit risking your spawn’s children’s lives for the sake of a photo op!

Yup, it’s the Asshat Award.  You know you earned it!


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  1. survival of the fittest? Clear out the stupid ones?

    • There needs to be a like button for comments…

      Sometimes I feel like people should be required to take a basic common sense test before being allowed to reproduce… or actually, before they’re allowed to be considered an adult. If you fail, it’s off to Common Sense 101 until you get your shit together.

  2. The sad thing is, the kids are probably smarter than the parents, but too much exposure to stupid is difficult to outgrow.

  3. I can’t comment on excessive reproduction, since I had a “surprise” child at 18, but if I had seen that ad, I may have forwarded it to the local CPS unit… maybe it is evolution in action, but kids don’t do this level of stupid crap unless instructed.

  4. “would rather trade for Goats or Something that doesn’t eat..” So, um, does that mean they are planning to eat the goats or starve them?

    Gotta love the BYB photo-shoot. Another Darwin award nominee…

    • Oh god, that reminds me of a horrible story I heard from my mom.

      One of her friends raised pet goats. For some reason (I can’t remember why), she had to get rid of one. She posted an ad stating that they were pets and should go to a good home only, yadda yadda yadda. Family showed up, oohed and ahhed over it, she agreed to sell it to them. As soon as money changed hands, they slaughtered and butchered it in front of her. ‘Cause they actually wanted it for dinner and I guess they didn’t want to cover their own front lawn with blood!

      I’m not a vegetarian and don’t really havea problem with eating animals, but that was just cruel.

      • If that was my pet, somebody would have ended up in the hospital and I’d most likely end up in jail. I’m very protective of my pet, she’s like family to me (even though she is awfully spoiled psycho dog).

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