Another odd photo selection…

What is it with cl sellers and using obviously out of date pictures?

White mare safe in foal to paint stud , about 14.3 hands , due in May , broke good , make good beginner horse , likes to walk , gentle , just weaned 2011 paint filly !  $750

Check out the date stamp.  You seriously haven’t managed to take a better photo in the past (nearly) five years than these lovely distance shots of a dirty horse in a pasture?  Really?  Unfortunately, unlike this morning’s post, the pics are the least of our worries with this ad!

We have no mention of age or breed.  From what we can see of her conformation in these pics, she looks like she’s probably out of Nothin’ Special and sired by Doesn’t Deserve His Balls.  And yet they keep making more of her!  We see this so freaking often, it makes us want to scream.  Just because it has a uterus doesn’t mean it needs a baby!  If she really is “broke good” and you don’t want to keep her, why not just sell her as a child safe mount or into a decent lesson string, instead of using her to make yet another horse that you don’t want?


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  1. I’ve nothing to add to your original comments here, but to let you know that the person selling this horse may not have set the date function on his/her camera or the battery has just been replaced, which will also reset the calendar. So, these may actually be current photos, which or course, doesn’t really change anything about the meat of the ad.

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