OMG we found a good craigslist ad!

Handsome 15.1 sorrel trail gelding. Well trained, gentle, quiet, trusting, excellent ground manners, 16 years old, rides out alone. $1700 cash only. Please call ###-###-####

Oh, no wait, those are 3 different photos of the same photo – you can tell by the glare from the flash in the first one that these photos were not taken of the horse in person (what’s that? you can also tell from the obvious backgrounds? and that’s why they took 3 photos so they could crop out the background as much as possible? oh). Makes you wonder how old the portrait is and what he looks like now… oh craigslist, you win this round!


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  1. Well, at least the ad contained his age, height, sex, abilities, and the price they’re asking. And color, though that’s not important to most of us. More than most ads! I’d rather have an ad with all that information and either no or obviously crappy/outdated photos (love the photos with snow in the summertime, and vice versa), than an ad with great photos but missing pieces of crucial information.

    • We do too! We just think it’s hilarious that they included all three versions of the photo. Why not just post the best version and leave it at that?

      • Yes, good point. Looks like they even “posed” the photo in different locations–flat on the desk, then standing up on top of a monitor or something, then finally on something dark. Guess that’s close enough to posing your horse differently for three different photos, huh? πŸ™‚

  2. This is actually a time lapse photo taken over the course of three days. He ground ties that well.

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