Horse for sale half Draft/ Prision 13 years old Good with kids good to ride just don’t have time for it no more $350 obo

I’m sorry, you’re selling a what now?

Did this half draft horse spend so much time in the slammer that he/she (not sure which it is because this advertiser decided to leave somethings up to our collective imaginations) is now and forever genetically linked to the prison system?

Oh! Maybe it’s a condition of this horse’s release from the penal system.  You know, out on probation and must notify potential employers purchasers of it’s recent incarceration.

Although, I’m not sure that’s right either.  I was under the distinct impression from TV and movies that all prisoners do is work out… This horse definitely lacks in the muscles department.

Or is this a weird typo/spelling error?  Were they going for Friesian?  Doesn’t seem likely.  Maybe a breed that starts with the letter P?  Paint? Palomino? Percheron? Pottok? – there are others but nothing that even resembles this example of typographical excrement.

I believe that’s all that can be said of the “Prision” typo so let us then move on to the fact that I would bet good money that horse is older than 13!  Sure it’s unmuscled and has naturally poor conformation but if you look at the way the shoulder blade is sticking out and its back is starting to sway… I’m just sayin’ -or rather, my $5 is sayin’ that horse is 16 plus.  Any takers?  Anyone?

Well, I guess that’s all I have to say about this ad.  I could have sworn there was something else I felt was worth mentioning.  But what could it be?  We’ve covered (in depth) the “Prision” thang, the (if it’s female) 40-something cougar lying about it’s age to prey upon younger men thang, hmm what else is there?  There’s gotta be somethi… OH MY YES! I do believe it’s the fact that once again craigslist sellers think it unnecessary to mention, or even hint at,  gender, height and/or experience/training.  I don’t know about you but “good to ride” just doesn’t cut it for me.


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  1. It’s either got worms or it’s pregnant…

  2. I think the fundamental problem with CR sellers, is CR buyers. CR buyers apparently don’t care about height, training, etc. All they think is “Look at the piktur! I always wanted a horsie that looks like Black Beauty!” and they go haggle down to $250 and then the horse will end up on a similar CR add (or they’ll just re-use the same picture and text from when they bought it) in 2 months. *sigh*
    Craigslist scares me. I mean, plenty of decent people seems to look at ads. I’ve had luck selling a laptop on there (though I did meet the guy in a crowded bar when we went to exchange money and electronics… Nothing quite so settling as “come on over to my house with $1100 and I’ll be there all alone to give you this laptop” eep!). I really wish they would keep the animal ads off of there.

    As far as the age of the horse goes, it’s really a moot point if he’s 13 or 16+. You’re probably right and he’s “aged,” but if you’re not, a horse in that condition at 13 isn’t worth much more… haha. Silly Craigslist people…

  3. Well there was that prison that was breeding draft/something fugly grade horses and were all surprised when they were going to slaughter. Other than that I’m totally stumped.

  4. P.S. Is it the picture quality, or are those hooves needing some serious trimming?

  5. Poor horse. Owners don’t have time for him/her “no more”, sex not specified (they call the horse “it”), breed unclear, and the CONFORMATION! Straight shoulder, no butt, hay/worm belly, no tail, and back legs look kinda posty to me. Sweet face, though, from what I can see. Hope he/she finds a good home. I’m kinda leaning in the direction someone else said of draft/ Freisian, from the spelling (perhaps it’s redneckese?). Though this horse certainly doesn’t look it. Looks like a BYB Percheron/QH maybe. Wasn’t that more or less what those prison horses were? Maybe it IS draft/PRISON horse. Who knew THAT was a breed? Oh, I know! According to the FHoTD article, they were virtually claiming it was. Their “purebred” pedigrees go back hundreds of years, ya know.

  6. I’m wondering if maybe they were going with Prision as “Paint x Friesian”? Kind of like Labradoodle? lol

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