And that’s lunch…

We left off with Bobby-Joe looking around all stealthy-like.  To which Marge responded by giving his head a love-tap with a two by four.

Marge: You idiot! You’re going to draw attention.  Remember: we ain’t building no bomb shelter, this is just a lil ol’ shed to hold our moonshine.

It may have taken a few hours, but eventually Bobby-Joe and Marge successfully built their moonshine shelter and it looked a little something like this

They never did figure out the Ikea directions.

But now, thankfully, Bobby-Joe and Marge are safe from impending doom that the non-posting on Snarky Rider indicated.

Actually, they’re not safe.  But no one’s going to tell them because we’re all hoping the shack collapses on their dumb asses.  Because – you guessed it – Bobby-Joe and Marge are BACKYARD BREEDERS! and deserve to have hell rain down on them – or at least a shed.


Yup, made all that up because I thought someone else was posting today and apparently our signals got crossed.  We’ll get our shit together for tomorrow.  Have a good one!


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