Cockroaches and Twinkies

Marge: Holy jeez there was no new post on Snarky Rider this morning!

Bobby-Joe: I reads me somewhere that there’s one of the signs of the apocalypse.  Marge, we need to prepare.

So Bobby-Joe and Marge prepared for the upcoming apocalypse.  They store bottles of water, jugs of moonshine and enough toilet paper to last them a month.  They then proceeded to build a bomb shelter which they bought from Ikea.

Bobby-Joe: Dang it, Marge! I can’t find part “C”!  Hand me that allan wrench, will ya?

Marge: I don’t know what you’re talking at there Bobby-Joe but I sure don’t see no one named Allan here! It’s just you and me.

Bobby-Joe: Let’s make sure to keep it that way, we don’t want no one else stealing our supplies.

Bobby-Joe looked around in a stealthy manner – or at least what he thought was a stealthy manner from his experience in the movie watching biz.

—— Want to read more about Bobby-Joe and Marge? You’ll have to wait for my lunch break…———-


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