Comparison Shopping

It always amazes us how out of touch with reality people can be.  We know, we know, we should be used to it by now, but sometimes we still get surprised.

These two APHA mares are for sale in the same town.  They both come with young girl riding bareback in a field sales pics and are being marketed as very safe horses that can take beginners to the show ring.

Mare #1 is 14 years old and 15.1hh.  Her basic description: Registered APHA 14 year old mare show horse 100% safe.

Mare #2 is 12 years old and 14.3hh.  Her basic description: Extremely Safe Performance Horse for Beginners and Intermediate Riders.

Sounds pretty similar, right?  The main difference seems to be that Mare #1 is privately owned and Mare #2 is owned by a trainer and has been taught some tricks.  Oh, and the price.  We can’t forget the price!  The first girl is a fairly reasonable $3,000.  The second horse?  SIXTY-freaking-THOUSAND dollars!  Seriously, what are these people smoking?  (And more importantly, why aren’t they sharing?)

According to her ad, “If necessary, she will follow the aid of the instructor on the ground while a rider is in lesson on her back.”  Oh wow!  How incredibly rare!  A school horse that has figured out that when the instructor says “Prepare to trot!”, she should start trotting soon!  I’ve only seen that in just about every school horse ever.  And really, I don’t care if she can read the instructor’s mind, she still ain’t worth sixty grand.  Especially since they claim she’s a hunter jumper and yet she jumps like this:We know the pic is tiny, but could those knees point any further down?  Not exactly the safest jumper in the world!

Know what else you can get in that town for $60k?  This 2 bedroom, 2 bath 1600 sqf. townhouse.

It even has a decent kitchen with stainless steel appliances.

All for a hundred bucks less than that second little paint!


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  1. WTF? Seriously?? O___O
    I can get myself a Lusitano from a stud with winning bloodlines, stunning conformation and training in advanced to high level dressage for 6 to 10 thousand dollars!
    (I want some of what they’re smoking too)

  2. I gotta share this one!

  3. ::goggles:: Wow. Are you sure they don’t live in an alternate universe? Can you imagine having a choice of getting a herd of Monica’s beautiful Lusitanos or one dime-a-dozen Paint mare? Pretty easy decision.

  4. Maybe they added extra zeroes without meaning to? haha.

  5. Someone’s on crack

  6. I LOVE that you found a house for LESS than that mare!

    Uh, yeah, for $60K I expect an APHA World Champion. Probably in more than one event! That you can ALSO ride in a halter in a field.

  7. It HAD to be a typo. I think they meant $6,000! (I hope!)

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