Apparently “priceless” and $750 are the same thing!

“DELTA WATCH” Broodmare – Priceless Bloodlines – $750

Proven brood mare with an impeccable pedigree – DAUGHTER of DELTA FLYER. Grand daughter of Watch Joe Jack. Many more big names in her pedigree . We have two of her babies on the property, both are tobiano fillies. She has good ground manners, is an easy keeper, and an excellent mom. Sound and healthy. She was saddle broke when she was younger, but she has been a brood mare for years. Please call xxx-xxx-xxxx.Thank you.

Excuse me a minute here:


*deep breath*

Ok, that’s better.

Bloodlines alone do not make the horse.  There are many, many, many other mares with the exact same “big names” in their pedigrees; it’s really not that special!  (Or “priceless”!  Which you obviously know, since you’re selling for $750!)  You still need to include her age and height in the ad.  And I don’t care how excellent of a mom she is, nobody needs more of this mare!

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?  That is one loooooong back, with an incredibly weak loin.  Her shoulder’s quite upright, and her head and neck are approximately the same size.  She’s standing slightly uphill in the first picture, but in the second one it’s clear she herself is downhill.  She’s light of bone, camped under in front, slightly behind at the knee and has overly straight hinds.

She’s not scary ugly; she even has a cute head, but everything about her conformation screams “I’m not particularily comfortable to ride and I probably won’t stay sound in heavy use!”  Which is likely why they’re breeding her instead of riding her.

And this brings us to one of our favorite phrases:  Just because it has a uterus, doesn’t mean it needs a baby!

If you really want a mediocre young horse, there are many available at every auction.  Hell, just spend an hour on craigslist. You’ll find plenty!  Please quit making more, especially if you have no intention of keeping them.  Pretty please?


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  1. Yeah. The pedigree of the Quarter Horse I spent the summer working with has foundation, foundation, foundation. Name a famous ranch QH, and I can find it somewhere in his bloodlines.

    True, he’s nicely put together and NEVER goes lame. He’s also tough-minded, smart, dominant and a PITA. If he was a mare, I would consider breeding him…to the quietest tempered stallion I could find.

    But he’s sure as heck nothing special even if his pedigree is a list of old fashioned Quarter Horse names. (Some of which are ones you don’t want to see in the same pedigree – repeating the note of ‘tough-minded, smart, dominant and a PITA’).

    If somebody like this was selling him, they’d give the laundry list and his foundation percentage. (He’s probably eligible for both of the foundation registries, but why bother with a gelding? And thank Epona he’s a gelding…)

  2. I have a friend that justified breeding her WB mare because she had very good bloodlines but she was built very poorly and has soundness issues in the hind end. She is papered and approved for a main WB book, but not even MMB…my TB mare is MMB. Babies were ok but nothing that improved the breed. It happens in every breed.
    At least this mare was started under saddle at one time, so she has that much more going for her if someone did want to make her into a riding horse. They also at least stood her up somewhat correctly and the camera isn’t at that wierd angle some people use that makes their horses all distorted. She’s in good weight too. BUT she definitely is not breeding quality!

  3. The mare that I have right now is lovely conformation, a very classic bred looking TB. Her tattoo is illegible and her registration did not follow her when she left the track. She has had approximately 8 owners who all tried to beat her into being something that she is not. At least THREE of them tried to recoup their money by breeding her – since she was too crazy to ride.
    I swear people like this do not have two brain cells firing.

  4. This is why Craig’s list has hundred’s of horses for sale. Shipsee, Indiana had their big after Thanksgiving day horse auction. Prices from 35-900.00. Of course the well broke, good riding horses went higher, and the unbroke, and skinny horses went low. Of course the killer buyer’s were there too. All the unwanted animals ended up on trucks going to Canada. When will people see the light, and quit breeding everything and anything. I have two mares, if I want another one, I will rescue or buy it. Snarky thanks for posting each day, have to get my fix:)

  5. Pretty please with a baseball bat on top? (for the human, obviously)

    And I find those QH names too darn funny. I wonder if there’s one called Cotton Eye Joe? (now I want to sing that song, dammit!)

  6. As long as people can look at a mare like that and think it’s breeding quality, the rescues are never going to run out of work!

  7. I just found your blog tonight (through fugly) and am happy to see you doing conformation posts. It would be nice if someone with good grammar (like you) would take it. (I don’t like those who use a spell check and call it good). I have a question though – when you say “camped out in front” do you mean calf kneed? I know what camped out means but not with regard to the front end.

    ~lytha in Germany

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