Mike’s having a fire sale!

We’ve got some wonderful opportunities right here!  Just in time for Christmas!

christmas appaloosa “rosebud”

15 hands 7&1/2 years young, gelding. I had him under saddle 4 times since I’ve had him. Work in progress, must sell do to knee surgery and can not ride or trian him like he needs to be. Good prospect for a trail horse, great confirmation

christmas snow white arabin

14.5 hand 17 years young must sell do to knee surgery and i can not ride her as much as she needs to be ridden.

christmas quarter horse

16.6 hands 7 years young. Has heart freeze brand on left shoulder, must sell do to knee surgery and cannot ride him as much as I would like.

Poor Mike is “do” for knee surgery and can’t ride his horses.  But his loss is your gain, because now you have the opportunity to pay their hay bill over the winter!

First off we have an appaloosa with wonderful “confirmation”, which more than makes up for his mediocre conformation.  Don’t ask us how, it just does!  Even better, Mike’s only been able to put four rides on him, so you can “trian” him any way you want!  Isn’t that exciting?  ‘Cause everyone knows a lack of training is what makes a horse a good prospect!

If you’re looking for something a little more experienced (or at least older, there’s no mention of her riding history!), we have a lovely, rare “Arabin” here.  You can tell from both her picture and her description that she’s a pretty color, which is what really matters.  Girls just have to be pretty, right?

Finally, step right up for this once in a lifetime opportunity to own a 16.6 hand horse – you don’t see that every day!  And he has a heart on his shoulder!  What more could you ask for?  Training is irrelevant with these kind of details!

We almost forgot the very best part!  The prices for these remarkable creatures are as follows: $650 /obo/ $550 to good home; $500 /obo/ but open to all offers; $500 /obo/ $400 to good home.  That’s right folks, it’s a steal of a deal.  And, apparently, if you throw in an extra hundred bucks good ol’ Mike doesn’t give a shit as to what kind of home they go to!  BONUS!

You, sir, are an asshat.


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  1. Yikes! It really does read that you get a good price if you’re a good home, and for a little more money he won’t care if you ride the horse to death. Yuck! Other issues aside, that part really creeps me out!

  2. Honestly I’ve read worse. At least this guy has a proposed reason for selling and really they’re not too bad for the prices they’re at in this economy. Yeah his spelling needs some help, but like I said, there are worse posts out there than this. I don’t think he should get an asshat award, just a ‘I has got edumacation’ award.

  3. Perhaps he deserves the “Dumb-shit Dunce Cap”? Just once I would love for someone to say “gosh, I forgot that horses need to eat even when the grass isn’t growing and my lazy ass isn’t wading through knee deep snow to throw hay! And besides, do you see how naggy and poorly made this critter is?! I’m just looking for a sucker to pay to rescue the little mutant from a fate worse than death.” At least then I could respect the honesty since the intelligence is certainly faulty!

  4. Everytime i see people writing confirmation I just want to give ’em a good old flying bitchslap.

    The “white arabin” just had me LMAO. Because white Arabians are too common, but an arabin… now that’s something else…


  5. I was surprised you didn’t mention the whole Christmas advertising going on there, a cheap horse and he doesn’t care what kind of home it goes to, anyone could buy it and that means all those ignorant people looking for a pretty christmas present without any forethought or knowledge. I’ve seen it happen, so that part really bothered me.

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