As you may have heard…

…the Fugly blog is on the hunt for a new writer.  One of our readers, Michelle, posted a link to Mugly’s post on our facebook wall, informing us of their search for the great white whale *ahem* I mean writer.

We’re actually considering submitting for the job.  We discussed it and have a few caveats on the matter but, all in all, think it would be an amazing opportunity. Really get our hands dirty, feet wet, and just dive right on in to the cesspool that is the seedy underbelly of today’s horse world.  And here we’re envisioning exposing evil plots, sinister and shady characters, twisted tales of ill-gotten gains and then there’s us: decked out in our shiny red cape and tiny (but cleverly designed) identity-protecting mask, we charge in swinging our sword of justice through the squishy innards of malice.  Damn we look good in a cape.

That said, we’re interested to hear what you think!  Yay or neigh?  Pros and cons?  Hell to the no?  F#*k ya!? etc. etc. etc.

Gawd I wish I had a cape.


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  1. I say hell yeah! I found you guys after Fugly left and Mugly came in, I like your writing style and think you guys would add a great perspective.

  2. DO IT!!!!! You guys are great. I love Mugwump Chronicles, and I loved the old Fugly Horse Blog. The new one just wasn’t cutting it for me. I like Mugwumps’ horse stories, but there just wasn’t Cathy’s snark and drive in the new Fugly. I was thrilled to have found you guys! AND you post regularly.
    DO IT!!!!!

  3. you have to….that would be awesome. I will read it!!!!

  4. Please do….please. Mugwump

  5. Please! Add a little humor. Fuglyblog has become almost unreadable for me. It’s become a constant bitch fest in my opinion.

  6. I still read the mugwump chronicles because I like her writing there. But I quit following the Fugly blog because it just didn’t work.
    I have recommended your blog to others who have quit reading Fugly.
    I think you should go for it.
    One word of warning, be careful not to let your own training practices and discipline be treated as above the rest. I think that is where Mugly went wrong. Her choice of discipline works for her, but Fugly has to be impartial about taking pot shots at everybody.
    Good luck with this if you go for it! And keep your own snarky edge, don’t try to make it the old Fugly.

  7. I think you guys could pull it off, definitely. Your blogs are already so similar XD Though you guys post way more often.

  8. YAY! Someone with some real super snarky abilities, without a hollier-than-thou complex and that understands there’s more to riding than the western world is just what the blog needs!

    Be prepared for a great deal of draaaama, though 😛

  9. Yes! You can expose the ugly stuff while maintaining a rapier-like wit. You would be perfect to fill the original Fugly’s shoes. And cape.

  10. I’m for it, but as Monica said and to quote Hairspray… “Be prepared for a whole lotta ugly coming from a never ending supply of stupid”

  11. We’ve had Fugly and Mugly…if you two started writing for the Fugly Blog, you’d have to be Snugly (Snarky + Fugly).

    Haha, Snugly…I kind of like that irony 😉

  12. Definite Yay!
    This is where I came when Fugly got really bad, and I love your posts. Sure, other people have horse blogs, rescue blogs, and complaint-about-idiot blogs, but Snarkyrider embodies the perfect amount of honesty and sarcasm to take over Fugly!
    Also, who can say no to “Snugly”?

  13. I just recently found your blog and I say please apply. You’re writing is way better dude! I was only luke warm on Cathy and this Janet is horreeble.

  14. Only if you continue snarky. Or make regular posts on fugly. THAT I would love ❤

  15. Thanks everyone for all the support! Our plan, if we were hired, would absolutely be to continue Snarky Rider – it’s a bit of a different tone than Fugly anyways. And OMG I LOVE Snugly!!! lmao it’s deliciously ironic 😉

  16. Rebecca Neppach

    I say go for it! I love this blog, keep writing:) The horses need you, we do too:)

  17. I think you gals would do a great job! I’ve been coming here since Mugly took over since she just didn’t have the snark I was desiring and her posts, though good were just too long. It would fill me with great joy if you were the new Fuglies 😀

  18. I think ya’ll would be perfect for the job! *highfives* You’ve got the snark and you post almost everyday! It’d be like a match made in heaven! I wholeheartedly support this decision and I hope you get the spot! 😀

  19. I’m a new to Snarky, first comment actually and I say hell yeah. I’ve missed Cathy’s snark on Fugly. I admire and appreciate Mug but it aint the same.

  20. I agree with Chestnut Lover. I missed Cathy’s snark, passion, and regular posts. Mugly is okay, but I was spoiled by Fugly. I think you two could bring some life back into it.

  21. Hiya, long time reader, first time submitter here.

    In regards to taking over the fugly blog, to be honest I stopped reading after the original owner (Cathy?) stopped writing, it was so ho hum and boring and not nearly as politically incorrect as it should/ could have been.

    Your blog is as funny and interesting as the fugly blog used to be and probably appeals to a younger (dare I say more technologically adept) audience than fugs. I think you girls could definitely pull off fugly blogging but do you really want to? Looks to me like snarky is going from strength to strength with you gals at the helm and while reviving fugly would be nice, perhaps you guys need to look at this from more of a business perspective?

    Take a look at what fugly was selling her site for. As they say in the horse world, a blog (horse) is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it and while I think fugs site may have been a little overpriced (not a lot of interest by the looks of it), i think you might be doing yourselves a huge dis-service in the long run by going over to fugly.

    Give the people what they want (good, interesting blogging) as fugly did and they will come. Build your own empire I say!

    Unless of course there is some kind of $$ incentive to move over to fugs or % share in the site in it for you guys I would definitely stick to doing what you do best.

    Great work girls, I luv reading your stuff!


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