Edit yourself BEFORE you wreck yourself!

The tone of this ad reminds us of someone on a first date who is incredibly nervous and just rambles on and on and on and on and on – all the while making the other person want to claw their eyes out with a fork.

Dee is a grade gelding i am guestimating between 5 or 6 years old. he is at least 15’2 hands and well proportioned. He has had at least 20 rides on him, He bucked me off at first and then he was fine. I decided to take him out of the arena and he bucked me off again, but, that was so my fault. I love him soooo much, but i am older and need a horse that i can ride now. He has been trained with the Clinton Anderson method, desensitized with any and everything. will stand still while i use the whip all around him, even whirling it over the top of him and he wont move a muscle. My fields are rocky so i keep shoes on him all the time, if your fields are better than i he shouldnt need them. Dee suffered a hoof injury when he was younger on right hind, it does not affect him at all and the farrier says with his shoes that, that spot is growing out nicely, but probably never totally be normal. He just get 7 nails instead of 8. like i said it does not affect him at all. I got him with the hopes to Barrel race him, i think he would be fast and enjoy doing it. He’s just that kind of a guy. I wish that i had what it takes to finish training him, I just dont. Dee is Stunning, well, more so in the summer when he isnt so hairy but even with the hair I get lots of compliments. He is a real smart horse. and learns very quickly. I just dont have the experience to train for a young horse for riding. I will only sell him to an experienced home, where i can be assured that he is going to be very well taken care of and loved like crazy! If you are interested you can either email me… or call me at ###-###-#### Thank you. I am willing to trade for a horse that is ready to ride.

This ad needs so much editing  you would actually have to use a chainsaw to get rid of the multitudes of excessive verbiage.  And we’re sorry, but how is the fact that you “love him soooo much” relevant?!  Do buyers typically get discounts on horses you don’t love? (Although we have a feeling you’re the type of person who’s never met a horse she didn’t love.)

We’re going to attempt to sum up this ad:  Young, green broke grade gelding approximately 15.2hh.  Has a hoof injury but is sound on it.  To experienced, loving home only.


Lady, you just wasted 5 minute of our lives wading through the crap-shoot that is your grasp of the English language! Honestly, what did we ever do to you to deserve this?

Alas, we don’t really expect to get an answer from her or to receive any closure on the matter.  I guess it’s on to the conformation critique aspect of this post then.

“Dee” is a classic example of a horse with pigeon chested conformation.  Meaning his humerus is almost parallel to the ground.  In terms of movement, this is going to reduce the range of motion of his shoulder.

(the red square is the point of his shoulder and the red line is the approximation of his humerus)

If he were a jumper he would have a harder time snapping his knees up to clear the fences and, above a certain height, he physically wouldn’t be able to do it.  As a barrel horse, which is what the current owner is advertising him as a prospect for, he would likely face plant.  It’s unfortunate, but his natural conformation is working against him.  Because it’ll be harder for him to get his forelegs out in front of him, he’ll likely travel with them slightly more underneath himself than he would have otherwise, thus tipping himself (and his center of gravity) more and more forward until he eventually does fall on his face.

Redeeming quality?  He’s a gelding!  You can all put away your shears… for now.


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  1. Mentioning your horse has also learned how to buck people off (essentially) is also not helpful in selling. Just ‘green, needs work, has had 20 rides’ or something to that effect is just fine. Doing journal entries of your riding fuck ups? Not so much… Unless you want one of those teens (or even adults) who beats the snot out of horses for an ego trip.

  2. Well at least you can’t say this ad lacks information haha
    There’s plenty of info on that horse, forget that most of it is not useful, at all, except to show you that this owner doesn’t know much about training green horses. (neither do I, honestly, which is why i wouldn’t think of buying one in the first place!)

  3. now you have that song stuck in my head!

  4. Pardon my ignorance, but why the hell would you use a whip all around him, even whirling it over the top of him? Geeze wonder why he bucked your ass off.

    • It’s to desensitize the horse to movement and the whip unless it is applied with intent. It teaches the horse to react only when there is intent and to not mind having things touching their legs, body or moving quickly around their head.

      Problem is this is often done wrong by beginner trainers and while it desensitizes they never properly learn the ‘intent’ part or the person does it too much and does cause the horse to blow up because the horse never realizes when he was doing something ‘right’ because there’s not lack of pressure.

      This sort of thing (usually done with a rope or lunge line) is pretty common in starting a horse and coupled with other things (like rubbing with blankets or bags) is called sacking out.

  5. Nu uh this is a real ad…

    “he is a real smart horse. and learns quickly (I know this because he learned REAL fast how to buck me off).”

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