Worst CL Ad

The following ad was sent to us by multiple concerned readers (thanks for sending!) and with a photo like this we’re sure you understand why!

10 yr old Bay gelding (Man’s horse) – $300 (Devine Texas)

10 year old Bay Gelding. Man’s horse to ride. Loads easy into horse trailers. Has been on trail rides. Very strong horse for experienced riders. Loves attention. Named Bravo. Call

Sweetheart, you’d have an easier time selling that horse if you didn’t have that photo up!  We would love to know what it is about that photo that makes you think (or whatever semblance of the process your pea-sized brain can handle) that photo will help sell that horse.  Is it the fact that we can almost see some teeth?  As in your thought process went something like this: horse teeth = good?  Is it the fact that the horse has the ability to carry a big-ass dude like yourself?  Showing that the horse is both strong enough in its back and tall enough to successfully (and unfortunately) carry you?  Never mind the fact that you’re sitting so far back that you’re not truly on his back anymore; you’re basically on his butt!

We haven’t even gotten into the fact that this appears to be another photo of a photo, that the horse vaguely resembles a camel, that once again we have an ad where the seller felt no need to mention height or breed and finally, WTF is a “Man’s horse to ride”?

Here’s an idea: how about you actually fit your tack properly and put some damn training on the horse instead of just attempting to bully it around?  ‘Cause if what you’re doing in the photo is what you consider a “man’s ride”, there’s not a horse on the planet who needs or deserves it!


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  1. I’ve run out of things to hit my head against because of this blog…

    I think this one needs a “worst horse ad OF ALL TIME” award.

    Also… a “man’s horse,” seriously? How much you want to bet some woman is going to buy that horse JUST to prove him wrong.

    Hell, if I had the money to look after a horse, I’d be half tempted…

  2. Maybe the photo is for proof: “Look I can yank on his mouth n’ all and he still ain’t killed me yet! whoo!”

  3. The “man’s horse” title had me rolling my eyes so far back they nearly fell off their sockets. Really?? Well, if that’s a prime example of a man, then i think I just turned lesbian…

  4. This ad makes me want to run down to Texas and kick some serious arse!

  5. As I understand it, “a man’s horse” translates into: it’s had its mouth yanked on constantly, with progressively stronger bits,  and at this point, only a very strong man can pull with enough force to get the horse to slow down. 

    “Needs experienced rider” means, horse is prone to bolting, bucking, and rearing because no one with any common sense trained the horse correctly in the first place, OR an idiot re-trained the horse to bolt, buck, rear because they thought jamming him with wicked spiked spurs, while yanking on his mouth was a great way to teach the horse to “listen”. Usually taught by someone who has no concept of the rider staying balanced, or how to develop the horses muscles through correct exercises. Just jump on, crank the head down, slam the spurs on, all while the rider wobbles all over the saddle. Ultimately, the horse realizes it has no where to go without suffering and does anything in it’s power to get the thug off his back. 

  6. Gotta love those ads. A ‘fun ride’ is a great euphemism in England – it means a horse who’s idea of fun is to go as fast as possible ;).

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