Horses; 10 signs your owner may need to get a life

10.  They’re with you on a Friday night

9.  They feel it’s acceptable to text message your vet

8.  All of their friends are horse people

7.  There’s no difference between their “good clothes” and their “barn clothes”

6.  They go to bed early on Saturday night so that they can muck stalls Sunday morning

5.  They spend more on riding lessons than their social life

4.  They can no longer smell that “barn smell”

3.  Their whole Christmas wish list is horse oriented

2.  Their mother refers to you as “the only grandchild she can ever expect” (this one isn’t so bad, she gives me Mentos)

And the number one way to determine whether it’s time to cut the cord?

1.  THEY’RE WITH YOU ON A FRIDAY NIGHT! Come on! Dressage Empress, this means you!


your Gelding


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  1. Omg. I think I need to get a life. 🙂

  2. Uh Oh.
    Please don’t forward this to my horses.

  3. Better than the owner of the poor horse at our barn who has not set foot on the property in six months. All she does is mail a check…

    • Jennifer, we have one of those absentee owners at my barn. Dude shows up once a month to drop of a check and pat his horse on the head. He insists his gelding be in a box stall. Thankfully, BM and many of us turn him out, groom him and give him treats. It pisses me off to no end.

      • That is far more often than Maxwell’s owner shows up. He gets turned out, fed and brushed over. The barn owner has been trying for *years* to convince her to let one of the very good teenaged riders we have ride him…he’s perfectly sound, although I don’t know anything about how he rides. She GRUDGINGLY allows him to be given a proper grooming every so often, as opposed to just a check for injuries.


    • I don’t see this happen often at my current barn, but always was full of wonderment when this happened at previous barns. I mean, horses are expensive, time consuming and . . .lots of fun. Why wouldn’t you want to spend as much time as possible with them? Then again, I am probably one of those who needs to get a life too. 😛

  4. My mare expects all of the above. Great now I need to get a life and I’ve spoiled my horse 😉

  5. Uuhhmmmm…..

    Whaddya mean….?

    What ELSE would there be to do on a Friday night??

  6. If everything goes well, this is going to be me pretty soon! 😀 (just replace gelding with Lusitano stallion)

    • That’s awesome Monica! 😀 We’re very happy for you. You’ll have to send pics!!!

      • Well I don’t want to jinx it but if you follow my FB link, he’s the one on my profile pic right now (wordpress isn’t updating my icon for some strange reason)
        I’ll have a trial period before I make my final decision and I’ll have to be a co-owner because I sharing boarding expenses is the best way to make sure I don’t get overwhelmed with boarding costs, but I’m def calling shotgun on Friday nights haha 😀

        P.S. Thanks for not freaking out about the stallion factor ^__^

  7. I feel as if you are speaking to me directly! Yet, I find nothing wrong with any of it. . .

  8. LOL! I’m guilty of most of them.

    I love the one about text messaging your vet. Not that I do that . . . XD

  9. I text message my vet, and ask for “the usual” (Ace and Prevacox)…and I know where he lives, and I do drive-bys (med pick-ups)…And I am usually at the barn on Friday nights…Should I be concerned??

    • haha I did that for a while with Banamine. I know what area my vet lives in, but not her exact address. Probably for the best, I’m not above pounding down her door if she doesn’t take my call! Boundaries? What are those?

  10. Guilty of 10, 7, 5,4, 1. #2, my mother says that one about my dogs.

  11. Hey! I resemble this! I am the other one at the barn on Friday night with Dressage Empress. 😉

  12. So, I’m 14 and I’m going to take it as a sign when my mom comes up to me and says ‘read this, they made a list about you!’

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