WDC: Preparing for Christmas

Who’s torturing dressing up their horses this Christmas season?


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  1. I’m heading out today to do a photo shoot with my mare. She’s no diggity with Santa hats or reindeer antlers so I got a jingle bell garland. I doubt she will tolerate this, (i’m bringing a bag of carrots, some peppermints and a fuji apple to briber her) but I’m gonna give the college try.

  2. How’d it go @Chestnut Lover? Did the bribes prevail?

    • Nope, she was having none of the jingle bells….sigh arabian mares. We did get some decent shots sans xmas torture devices

      • haha I tried to get my dog to take pictures with Santa one year and he was having none of it (120lb rottweiler x husky). We eventually just dragged him over to Santa and the photographer managed to snap a pic at the perfect second – you can’t even tell there was a struggle! haha

  3. I took photos with my Milo this last week. Heres the final product on my blog:

  4. I dressed up my half Arab girl πŸ™‚ Didn’t care in the least about it:

    I’m also a new reader you have that followed you over from Fugly πŸ™‚

  5. Oh! Who owns that cure sorrel with the blaze? With the tongue sticking out? That horse looks JUST like my gelding I used to own as a teenager. Same face, same goofiness!

  6. My appy boy:


    [same pic, but no idea which link will work!]

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