Well Hello There indeed

Some days there’s going to be a bit of a crossover between the two blogs wherein, like today, we’ll post a bit of our Fugly post on SR and then link on over.

From Fugly:

We thought we’d kick off our adventure with the FHOTD blog by posting an introduction.  A little bit about ourselves, what direction we intend to take the blog in and a few changes/ideas we have up our sleeves.

If it pleases the Court of Fugly, we thought our FHOTD names could be Snugly and Snarkly.  For those of you who are curious, DE is Snugly and JG is Snarkly.  We think it should suit the blog!

Our background is primarily in the English world; however this doesn’t mean that we’ll be limiting our focus to that side of the industry!  Unfortunately, reasons to be snarky can be found in all disciplines and we don’t intend to leave anyone out.  We have committed to writing two posts per week – some weeks you may see a little more, but never less.  There will be a large range of topics, but rest assured we’ve read your comments (both on this blog and in other forums) and we intend to get back to the Fugly roots and get our conformation critique on.

Check out the rest of this post entitled “Well Hello There”.


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