Jurassic Park’s T-rex stunt double


Is that the sound of dynamite?  Gozilla?  Cannon-fire?  A T-rex terrorizing humans on a remote island?

Nope.  It’s this “QH type stocky mare” walking slowly towards you.

Qh type stocky mare broodmare/pasture pet

Seven yr old sweet sweet quarterhorse mare. Could not be registered due to her dam passing away before dna was done. Needs to be restarted , use as broodmare, or pasture pet. Throws beautiful easy to handle foals. Probably great for anyone breeding for mules. She was broke to ride as a two year old but has not been used since then. She has some scars from an old injury. Excellent ground manners. Good home is the priority $250. Email with details of why you want her and what you will use her for. serious inquiries only please…

Please read this entire add, she is not presently under saddle and has not been ridden in over four years. She lets you hang all over her and scratch her anywhere, easy to do her feet, easy to be around.

I’m going to have to start bringing my helmet home from the barn and wearing it when I go online.  I keep going on craigslist, and I always find something that makes me bang my head on my desk.  I’m starting to seriously worry about the effect on my brain!

For starters, this horse looks like a tank on toothpicks.  What is with the trend to breed Quarter Horses with massive bodies and legs that look like they should snap under the weight?  Is no one thinking of long term soundness?  Oh wait, they don’t actually ride her, they just “hang all over her”.  So I guess long term soundness is irrelevant!

Let’s go through the crappy seller checklist, shall we?

Unregistered? Check!

Still used for breeding? Check!

Broken out and ridden really young? Check!

Owners got lazy and stopped bothering with the whole “training” thing? Check!

The only redeeming aspects of this “add” are that the mare appears to be well fed and it sounds like she’s open.

Craigslist: home of the stupid and lazy.


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  1. I hope this doesn’t come off as “anti-muleist” but the “Probably great for anyone breeding for mules” comment made me gag on my soda…

  2. “Could not be registered due to her dam passing away before dna was done.” I don’t know about you, but that sentence alone made my BYB alarm go off at once…

    “A T-rex terrorizing humans on a remote island?

    “Nope. It’s this “QH type stocky mare” walking slowly towards you.” LMFAO! You girls are killing me!

  3. Stocky. Right. Big boned. That was always my mother’s excuse…

    (Look at the crest, the way the spine dips, especially towards the back, the lack of any dip behind the shoulder).

    She may well be stocky, but right now she’s something else: FAT.

  4. and yet if I needed one, I’d probably pick her up and turn her into a husband horse, with training of course. She’s fat indeed but that comes off easy! Hopefully she finds a home that won’t continue to breed her and will train her to be some 4h kids ride or something.

    I think they really need some sort of Permanent serialization for mares that’s cheap and non invasive. so that when rescues and RESPONSIBLE owners resell a mare that they know is not breeding quality they can make sure it NEVER reproduces!

  5. Horrible back yard breeders! They should be shot on site. And that poor mare with those stick legs and long face.. Hope some nice person has a spare $250 and room to put her.

    • As patient as his pictures show him to be. I would bring him home in a heartbeat(of course the gelding would be mandatory!)

  6. @Terasa, love his post-y rear and jowls. Also adore ads that promote “Studs for Kids.”

    • I find the part that says “It took him 5 min. to learn to be ridden” a lot more concerning than the fact that he’s a stud. I see a lot more problems for his future owner than him having his balls intact if his current owners think that teaching a horse to be ridden in 5 minutes is a good thing…

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