WDC: A Day of Boxer’s

Unfortunately not Christmassy, but someone posted the first video on facebook and then I fell down the rabbit hole of cute Boxer’s and had to share!

uhoh, getting off topic!

Back on track!


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  1. aww I have a boxer too! I have never met a dog with more personality. Here’s a picture of my pooch!

  2. oh yeah and the white one is a pit bull, but still cute!

    • :p I know, that’s why that one was “off topic”. But who doesn’t love a good, cute Pitty vid? I love anything that doesn’t paint them as mindless biting machines.

      • Indeed, I missed the off topic bit. hehe, Now I’m with the program πŸ™‚

      • I’ve got to send that to a couple of my in-laws who refused to come into the house until I’d let my two Pitts into the back yard. They’re all vicious killers and will “bite your face off” don’t you know? Poor Panzer was so excited because she saw the kids and thought she was going to get to play (she loves kids) but their mom had gotten them so scared of these “killer dogs” that the little boy started crying when Diesel barked to ask to come inside. I was pretty upset and they (and their canine prejudices) are not welcome back.

        (Oh and I’m thinking of getting a yappy little chihuahua because my two killers couldn’t care less if a burglar came in. I kind of doubt they would even wake up but if they did they did the most they’d do is trip him/her begging for attention)

      • Mimsy . . . canine prejudices? You know they’re dogs, and not people right? And they’re dogs that were bred for a specific purpose and they have specific physical traits and are prone to specific behavior. It kinda makes me want to retch when people use words like “prejudice” and “bigotry” about dog breeds.

      • AR,
        Prejudice – an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason.

        I think the definition could reasonably be edited to “….without knowledge of the whole truth…”
        Nowhere does it say that a prejudice can only be held about people. People can have preconceived notions about anything. Vegetarians run into tofu prejudices all the time < joke ha ha

        In this case the knowledge and reasons she used to form her opinion about Pitt Bulls was highly one-sided and largely inaccurate. Dogs are bred for specific purposes and do have specific traits, that is why it is important to get accurate information about them before training, buying or breeding. Obviously visiting a family member doesn't require such in-depth research but a refusal to even listen to someone knowledgeable about the subject and the particular animal does speak loudly of a preformed prejudice. I should also mention that the dog issue was not the only reason she is not welcome back, but it was illustrative of her general attitude.

        I would prefer not to go into the whole Pitt Bull argument because I don't think this is the place and it has been aired over and over and over in so many places but I do think that, as in most arguments where people tend to get fanatical, neither extreme holds truth or wisdom, the happy medium is happy for a reason.

      • Mimsy, who’s to say that just because someone generally doesn’t approve of pit bulls means they’re “prejudiced” or ignorant about them? Pit bull fans (I’d call them advocates but that makes it seem like a legitimate cause) love to throw around those kinds of emotional words. For my part, I am more educated than most. I’ve met a couple that I loved (though I would never trust one around kids, smal animals, etc. – if I had a dime for every time I head, “Well, he’s never done THAT before . . . “), but I’ve also witnessed attacks and have a friend who was permanently crippled as the result of one. But I will still be called bigoted because I don’t buy into all the fluffy Animal Planet BS that these dogs are just “misunderstood.” There are plenty of other breeds, and individual dogs outside of those breeds, that I feel are inappropriate for the vast majority of pet owners’ homes.

        Pit bulls are a fad that will eventually go away when people get bored and move on to the next tough-looking canine fashion accessory, like they did with the dobes and rotties. In the meantime, more maulings and deaths will happen and there will be more cries that these dogs, which really are the sweetest breed ever, just need lots of love and kisses from “the right owner” and everything will be OK. (Funny, when golden retrievers get loose you don’t ever hear about them running out and mauling the neighbor’s kid before killing the neighbor’s dog and getting shot by the cops.)

        As far as this being off-topic, this IS the comment thread for a post full of dog videos . . .

      • If I may join the argument. Yes, it’s a sham that Pitt Bulls are a fad because that means aby idiot who doesn’t know anything about the breed can have one. Pitt Bulls are not inherently aggressive, they can be dangerous because of the amount of strength in their jaws can cause massive damage. When accidents related with these dogs do happen, they often result in serious injuries and that’s why they’re all over the news. And everyone blames the evil dogs instead of the stupid owners who allowed their dog to be become a dangerous animal.

        Despite what most people think, Pitt Bulls are not the most aggressive dog breed out there. The most aggressive dogs by far are Cocker Spaniels. How do I know this? I own one.

      • Monica, thank you, you’re points are right on, and I’ll be sure to watch out for those Cocker Spaniels!

        AR, I think it’s pretty clear that we’re not going to agree, we only know each other as an opinion on the internet and so no matter what points I bring up you will continue to believe I am misguidedly defending a dangerous breed. And yes, I probably will continue to think you carry a prejudice. Not because you disagree with my opinion but because you immediately dismiss anyone who doesn’t support your position as not having a “legitimate cause” and by apparently not doing much research as shown by your statement implying that attacks by retrievers don’t happen. (Not happening and not hearing about it are two very different things).
        I really agree with some of your points, Pitts and other bully breeds (like any breed) have traits that make them inappropriate for some homes and any owner needs to get extensive and accurate information and train and treat their pets appropriately. This is why I will always have mine leashed when interacting with new dogs (or not interacting at all as I often decide is safer) they will never be left unsupervised with children or strangers and I will never play any aggressive games with them. I love them to death but I can’t forget that yes, they are bred to have traits that make them potentially dangerous.
        I wish you the best and do hope that you at least respect that we “fans” do have a reason for supporting these dogs. Of course feel free to blast those “fluffy” fans that don’t recognize that this breed has the potential to be quite dangerous. I’ll be right there with you.

  3. I have a boxer too! Sweet Bronte turned 15 this past October. Here’s a pic of her (she’s the third down in the pumpkin outfit)

  4. That first video is just ridiculously hilarious *giggles*

  5. Why is it,that in this day an age, that it is still legal to dock tails of dogs and WTF had been done to the ears of the dog in the last video?????

    If those were horses …. ??? So ask yourself why it’s ok, just because they are dogs? Have a nice day.

    • Actually, we’re pretty much with ya on that one. If you haven’t seen it already, we did a post a while back on docking draft horse’s tails – it sparked quite the discussion…

    • We aren’t very fond of the docking either, or the cropping of ears (that’s what your seeing in the last video. We bought our puppy when her tail had already been docked (they do it almost at birth) but we would never have her ears cropped, AKC has just now allowed owners to show boxers without cropped ears and docked tails so I think the occurrence will go down quite a bit. Though with her docked tail we do have the added benefit that her hard strong tail won’t kick EVERYTHING off the coffee table in one swipe. My husband’s dalmatian would sweep everything off of anything at his butt level he even broke a lamp once!

      • I have a Cocker Spaniel and even hough their tails are typically docked I left her tail intact. I am against docking tails of dogs (or horses) and I feel the same way about cropping ears.

  6. Those were Awesome! Thanks for posing them =)

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