An Update on the Gwen Stockebrand saga

One of our readers commented on our original post about Gwen Stockebrand to tell us that charges had (finally) been filed against Gwen!  We immediately went over to google to see if we could find out some more details – after a quick search (no, I didn’t search at work.  I would never do that… quickly looks the other way) we found an article on Rate My Horse Pro  that indeed confirms charges have been filed against Ms. Stockebrand.  This article also tells of the unfortunate news of the passing of one of the rescued mares.  Sister was euthanized after presenting stroke-like symptoms.  It was later determined that she had, in fact, suffered from a bleed in her brain.

The good news is that the rescue, Lost Hearts & Souls, is reporting that Valerie is now a 3 on the Henneke Body Chart (she had a score of 1 when she was rescued).

This photo is from 9 days after rescue – already gaining!

This one is from mid-December.  Still a little ways to go, but she’s looking a lot better.

And here’s Sister after being rescued, happily chomping away, may she rest in peace.

For those of you that have been following this case from the beginning, you might remember that there were a few people who were less than thrilled that this case was perhaps receiving more media attention because of the involvement of a former Olympian.  Well, now that charges have been filed against said former Olympian we can chime in with our two cents (or four cents, since there’s two of us).  Olympians are held to a higher standard.  They’re role models to the rest of us.  They also cannot use the excuse of lack of knowledge – they are the experts in their field and have access to resources that most of us only dream about.

We don’t believe anyone’s personal lives should come under public scrutiny, what people choose to do in the privacy of their own homes is very much their own business, provided it doesn’t hurt anyone or anything else.  That was not the case here.  Gwen Stockebrand has been formally accused in this case of neglect and we most sincerely believe she should be punished to the full extent of the law should she be found guilty.


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  1. I remember reading about her, and it makes me sick to see any former pro athlete treat animals this way.
    Higher standard or not, the fact that the public or that people were less than thrilled about the attention she garnered … ANy person, famous or not who does that to an animal, needs to pay!

  2. I am relieved charges have been filed. Unfortunately I doubt much will come of it.

  3. heh, can we go back and stick our tongues out at the people who B**ched and moaned about how This lady was a great horseman and took incredible care of her horses blah blah blah and flamed the rest of us for even thinking she could be an animal abuser? I know it’s kindergarten sort of behavior but it will feel good. Can I? can I?

  4. I am so relived that Valerie and Sister are thriving and in good loving care. I have more to say but can’t at the moment.

  5. Good to know that the big dressage hot shots are not untouchable. Though no doubt she will get herself an expensive lawyer to bail her out from doing any real jail time. But she can kiss her reputation goodbye.

    Glad to hear that they were at least able to save Valerie.

  6. I didn’t realize that Sister didn’t make it. But I am glad she was given dignity at the end. There is no excuse for this kind of treatment for animals, especially from (and I use this term with irony) a professional.

  7. I think it would be interesting to have a law that held horse trainers, riders, breeders, and other horse professionals to a high standard about reporting equine abuse. For instance, teachers, doctors and nurses are required in many states to report suspected child abuse. I have an RN license, and if I don’t report suspected abuse, my license can be revoked.

    Then that would oblige all the folks who saw what Gwen (or anyone else was doing) to report it. On the other hand, it seems sad that we have to even contemplate making such laws!

  8. Haven’t you noticed that people who call themselves “horse professionals”, i.e. people who principally make their living from horses, treat horses as a means to an end (their paycheck). Jockeys, professional equestrians, rodeo riders, grand prix jumpers etc., seem to have lost (if they ever had), the understanding that it’s all about the horse. These beautiful animals give us their all and the least we can do is treat them well and care for them throughout their lives and allow them to pass with dignity. Sorry if this is a generalization, but damn it, I’m tired of stories, such as Gwen Stockenbrands!

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