Reduced for Christmas!

Thank you to Kijiji, Canada’s very own Craigslist (not that they don’t have Craigslist, but apparently they felt they needed something wholly Canadian), and the concerned reader that sent us the following ad for us to snark on!

Do you know why stores reduce their prices before Christmas?  It’s because they know they’re going to be selling more than normal, have purchased more stock to accommodate the increased numbers and have received a proportionately increased discount on said stock.  So really, are the stores losing any money? NO!  But the owner of the following horse clearly does not understand this basic economic concept and is offering her beeutyfull mare at half off the regular sale price for Christmas!


*Disclaimer: If you have an aversion to poor grammar and atrocious spelling (like we do when we’re properly rested and not in a huge hurry! -so basically when it’s convenient for us) then you may want to skip the ad copied below.
Bailey is eligible for registration with the Canadian pinto registry, paper work is being processed.
Bailey had 30 days under saddle last fall, but hasn’t been ridden consistently since. I am getting out once or twice a week, weather permitting, she’s been great!  She is solid at the walk/trot, and backs up well. It’s been to icy to canter. Bailey has excellent breaks, a very soft mouth, and is responsive to leg cues. She is very quiet and takes everything very well.  Will be an excellent show pony.  Was shown in hand by 12yr, very successfully. Has been free jumped to 3’0, long floating strides. Would excel in dressage, hunters, or jumpers.  Bailey is easy to work with, and learns quickly. 100% sound, healthy and sane!
This little mare is a proven producer, throws color and temperament.
Has been confirmed in foal to ‘Youngs Country Brat’ for march/april 2012
She had a Buckskin colt in 2010, foal by bay arabian.
Both stallion and 2010 colt are available for veiwing.
Bailey is 14.1hh, foaled in may 2007
Would consider riding or breeding lease.
$3000 negotiable Bailey in foal – Reduced to $1500 for Christmas
$2250 Bailey, and I retain the foal – Reduced to $1250 for Christmas
Free breeding to your choice of AQHA cremello or Registered Welsh section B for 2013 foal, mare care not included.
I can also sell her tack with her. Black AP synthetic saddle, Bridle, Snaffle Bit, Girth, and Polo’s. $400

May trade/partial trade for tack, welsh or arabian mare/filly, TB

So, this person freely admits they don’t have time for this mare and yet they want to trade her for another questionably bred horse?  Why?  What exactly were they hoping to accomplish here?  If you’re not happy with the horse, which you clearly aren’t, why are you breeding it? Oh, and for those of you following along at home, yup the ad does say this horse is only 4 years old and has already had a baby.  No doubt passing along it’s thick throatlatch and short neck (can’t tell much about the legs from the photos) to the next generation.  People like you should be weeded from the gene pool.

And now for our mantra:



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  1. Hah! I’ll be humming out that mantra next time I get stuck talking to BYBs…

  2. I wonder what counts as being “very successful” at in hand showing with a 12 year old. Not running anyone over?

  3. I double dog dare you guys to browse the ads of Kijiji for Winnipeg, MB. (and maybe take a gander at Brandon too)

  4. I always feel so sad for the horse, they don’t know that they are spiraling down to be thrown away. Not registered but bred, wonderful.
    I own a lovely classic bred looking TB who came off the track with no papers, fell into the wrong hands, changed homes 8 times. Was labeled crazy and unrideable, but she was bred AT LEAST 3 TIMES!. I can just hear it – “I got this crazy ass TB mare that I can’t catch but she’s purty and I’m going to breed her.”
    WTF is wrong with these people??

    • I would like to know who came up with the *brilliant* idea that breeding a mare calms it down. I’ve heard several times over the years people saying that “once she has a baby on the ground she’ll calm down” – are you frakking kidding me? A mare, is a mare, is a mare! How many pregnant women do you know that “calmed down” because they had a kid? Argh. Grrr.

  5. Love the headless pic, real classy! Also great to see that a mare with barely any saddle time “Would excel in dressage, hunters, or jumpers”. Yeah, because taking her for a couple rides and a few jumps just shows how speshul she is. And of course she’s in foal…


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