What a lovely horse…

First off, how cute is this horse?  Especially that top left photo?!

Belgian Draft – $2000

3 year old Belgian Draft gelding, he is a big sweet heart, broke to ride and pull, need a little more training or just more consistent riding than we give him. He is very friendly and sociable. for more info call Sheridan at 337.251.2479.


Unfortunately that was the first and last good thing we had to say about this ad.  From left to right, in photo number one we have Mr. Adorable lying in a bed of cozy grass with a nylon halter on surrounded by evil, malicious barbed wire.  What the hell are they thinking with that fencing? With having done little to no research, we can tell you with 100% certainty that, in the long run, barbed wire is not a cheaper fencing option!  Vet bills are astronomical!  And for those of you who don’t own a horse here’ s a little tip:  if a horse can hurt itself on something, it will!  It’s like Murphy’s Law.  Here’s another tip (we’re just full of ’em today) the barbs of the barbed wire can actually break off in any owies the horse inflicts upon itself, causing infection, preventing the wound from healing properly and ultimately making your vet reopen the wound and start from scratch! (after xray’s, of course)

Moving on.

Bottom left: is it just us or is that a garage with cross-ties?  Seriously, that ceiling looks to be about 6 inches above the horn of the saddle!  And is that a work bench in behind Mr. Adorable?  There’s something on top of it… fingers crossed it isn’t some sort of saw.

Bottom right: Now, I  (DE) don’t like making fun of people’s weight because, well, I ain’t exactly skinny – the fat fairy visits me.  Frequently.  Bitch.  However, when you’re on a draft horse, even a young one, and you manage to dwarf it, it’s time to reevaluate some of your life choices (I say as I head straight for the treadmill…). Also, and I hate to say this, but the rider should be considering the fact that this horse is only 3 and perhaps you shouldn’t be stressing his joints quite so much… Am I a horrible person?  There are tons of horses I won’t get on because of my weight… Not sure I’d be willing to subject a 3 year old to hauling me around.  ‘Nuff said.


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  1. As someone who has experienced the damage of barb wire (horse I bought injured pre purchase) and who’s in the middle of re-fencing 15 acres surrounded by that evil crap. Please bold lecture next time and hang it off a lighted billboard.
    ‘Cause wow, WOW do vets charge.

    Kay, ’nuff said. As for the Fat Fairy, I hate that ‘effin cow.

  2. I’m a big person myself [evil evil fat fairy, no doubt will visit this christmass], I ride vanners and drafts, but i have ridden Lusitanos [portugease horse, i cant spell that name for the life of me, sorry -_-] and i wouldnt think of rideing if i didnt feel the horse could handle my waight, also that woman should be wearing a helmet, young horses can be a bit flighty at scary things like there own shadows, garden chairs, leaves cars and birds excetera. I dont feel she should ride without a helmet and i dont think she should ride that horse at all if he is hat young. too young to be carrying a lot of waight around. I hate barbed wire i can only imagen what kind of damage it could do to a horse and in a worse case should a horse injure itself badly on babed wire and get an infection it could likely be a killer. Also the place where the keeping those horses as i can see another horse in the bg of one of the photos, is unaccsepterble, how would thy like to live in a place where they cant even fully lift there head because the roof is so low and takky looking. I feel if your going to have a horse you should give it the best home avalerble with a propper stall plenty of love and car, a nice pasture to run around and get full of mud and have a fun getting clean [i hear grooming can be a good way of bonding with your horse] I’d love to own a horse myself but i know i cannot afford to and would never own one unless i could as its not fair on the horse or yourself in my own opinion. ^^ I hope this horse finds a better and more loveing home than he has because he deserves it all horses do no matter what there size or shape.

    • Actually, you spelled it right! Woohoo! You got portuguese wrong, though *runs*
      [Charlotte’s dyslexic, I’m not making fun of her just teasing her a little]

      Agree with you on the evil barbed wire and the not wearing a helmet, but I wouldn’t feel to bed for the idiot if some accident were to happen to her…
      Now Belgian drafts are one of the sturdiests breeds around, I have seen one carry a carriage with up to 8 people on his own with ease, but at this point I think they should be working on getting this young Belgian to gain some muscles BEFORE they made him bear such a heavy rider.

  3. While I don’t judge people for the size they’re at, there are certain activities I would judge people of a certain size for doing. Riding baby horses is one of them. What do you think the mounting process was like for that horse? Is that woman the most experienced rider they had to put on that horse? I’m going to bet that she doesn’t ride often. If a heavy person is going to be on a horse, I’m glad that it’s a sturdy, heavy breed, but that 3-year-old is not sturdy or heavy enough for her.

    Last but not least, I’m amazed at how many people defend barbed wire like it’s their god-given right to have around horses. Probably nobody who reads this blog, but I’m always amazed at how many people just don’t get it.

  4. OMG. I thought ‘another cute haflinger for those Haffie people’, then I saw he was belgian…and now I can’t stop staring at that rider! Heres hoping she is not a massive monster…she is just riding a runty 3 year old draft (who really needs two more years).

  5. Another thought to add- drafties mature slower than other breeds. This poor kid may have another 2-3 years of growing to do! I am not small, and I have a contract out on the fat fairy for the winter months- see if that will keep her away for a bit…but I wouldn’t spend much if any time on this guys back, just to be safe….

  6. Not to mention the fact that Deb Bennett covers the fact that the larger the horse, the LESS the bone mass (to weight ratio) is, thus making them LESS equipped to carry weight and deal with impact stress and torque than a smaller horse. It’s true, research it. Or watch disk 4 of Biomechanics of Conformation by above author. (The best horse for a heavy rider is a short, stout horse with a short back and good loin coupling, deep and wide chest.) Formula? Measure below knee the circumference. say its 9.5 inches, and the horse weighs 1,450 lbs. 9.5×1000 equals 9500. Divide that by 1450 and the answer is 6.5″ of bone. Which is much lower than a 1200 lb horse with 9.5″ bone, which makes for much more bone substance at 7.9″. This horse is going to carry weight better than the first horse.

  7. “the fat fairy”


    Love that. Totally stealing it… 🙂

    As for “bigger-boned (but very sweet, I’m sure) people riding too small horses… just don’t. It makes you look bigger and everyone within eye-shot wants to rescue that poor beast you’re torturing.

  8. Nice barb wire and poor squished draft! It looks like more of a halflinger to me too though. I found an ad the other day for a 6yr old thin stallion, barbwire, huge burr matted mane/tail. Not broke, but “I can lead it around” ..must sell because I have 2 studs = Instant migrane!

    • Gawd, we wish that wasn’t the norm – we see so many pics of all kinds of horses in all sorts of states in barbed wire enclosures. I’m sorry, but if those people can’t bother to un-mat their horse’s mane and/or tail I’m betting they won’t be so keen to fork out the money necessary to fix barbed wire injuries. So sad.

  9. Actually that “garage” is likely an old dairy barn from the midwest or east. Where I board my horses at, her old barn is not much higher than that. My ASBx does a flehmen response when she is nervous. She has hit her nose on the ceiling…
    We have a fairly nice neighbor who turned the third bay of her 3 car garage into a tack room and grooming station, she has mats down and has created a very nice rustic round pen and three paddocks made from re-purposed tree parts.
    Alot of heavy set riders are told to get big horses, with the incorrect assumption that they need a big horse.. And as Sweet Pea said, if people see a large person riding a small horse, they usually say something nasty… I am “big boned”, and ride a 15.2 HH horse who I got, cuz she was tall… and purdy.. she has a spastic personality, and is a “gamey” mare, but such a great horse…

  10. Vent from a fat person:

    Fat people make easy targets. I am very fat, yet I’ve walked (without fail) a minimum of 2 1/2 miles a day for the last two years. I eat almost no carbs, smaller portions than anyone I know, and eat plain veggies at least twice a day. I drink no sodas, and nothing alcoholic. Yet, I’ve only lost 38lbs in two YEARS.

    My dad and mom both were very fat. My dad died having the gastric bypass surgery so he could “Be treated like a thin person for once in his life.”

    It sucks being a fat person. It sucks having assumptions made automatically about you.

    I hope the lady in the picture continues to ride and do something she enjoys and gets some exercise. Perhaps she is even thinner than she used to be. At least she is walking the horse. Unlike the Thoroughbreds run at top speed with tiny riders at two and three, and reining horses hauling around riders who are often taller than the colt/filly they’re riding through difficult, stressful maneuvers.

    I strongly agree about the barbed wire. It is murder on horses–literally. I use panels or horse non-climb wire fencing, and all of my T-posts are capped. I feel anyone under 18 should have to wear a helmet. For those over 18 who choose not to wear a helmet, I hope they (or their loved ones) never have cause to regret that decision.

    • You seem awfully defensive. Nobody’s criticizing her for being fat. Nobody’s made assumptions about her or her lifestyle (except for me saying I bet she doesn’t ride often, which had a lot more to do with the ad and other aspects of the photograph, not her size). The only thing she’s really been criticized for is for being extra-heavy on a too-young horse (she’d be criticized for the same thing if she was 110lbs and riding a too-small, too-young pony – and there is no shortage of horse sale ads like that around, either). If the woman had been photographed standing next to the horse (like the child is) instead of on it, I don’t think anyone would have made a peep about her size. This seems to be a pretty civilized group of people posting in the comments section on this blog, so if that was a generalized vent about the difficulties of being fat, then that’s one thing, but I hope you don’t think anyone here was being anti-fat because that’s not what I’m seeing . . . just people who are anti-abuse.

  11. This is unrelated, but after reading your blog thought you guys would find this ad amusing. Almost every CL ad in my area is like this… it’s sad!

  12. >>However, when you’re on a draft horse, even a young one, and you manage to dwarf it, it’s time to reevaluate some of your life choices (I say as I head straight for the treadmill…). <<

    I was responding to the "It's time to reevaluate some of your life choices" part. I said it was a vent, and having enjoyed Snarky from day one, this is the first time I've ever taken a contrary stance.

    Merry Christmas!

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