Ugh…Turkey Hangover…

…thou art a heartless bitch.  Never mind the actual hangover!

And now, back to our regularly scheduled snark.

We’re sure you’ve all seen pictures of a single toddler without a helmet on a horse.

You may have even seen two.

But what about three?

Is there some sort of contest we’re not aware of?  How to eliminate the most offspring in one spook? Or misstep for that matter…

Aaaand discuss!


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  1. Don’t forget The Most Missing Toes In One Fell Swoop honorable mention.

  2. No shoes and no helmet are excellent ways to rid the world of ignorance. . .

  3. AND no visible adult holding the horse in any way. Wow! Maybe they hope the horse will go nuts and hurt the kids. Listen to the screams that Flicka must go! That is a dangerous horse!
    I applaud these horses for being quiet. I REALLY want to bitch-slap the parents in both pictures.

  4. My parents knew absolutely nothing about horses. Thank god they sent me to a training facility that emphasized safety.

    Oh hey guess who is due in court today? Gwen Stockebrand. The DA here in Sonoma County does not take kindly to animal abusers. Fingers crossed for justice. Will keep you updated on any news.

  5. My mare is super quiet. I still put a helmut on my daughter. Don’t care how quiet the horse is – they ALWAYS find something to have a knippschen over. ALWAYS. Usually when you don’t expect it.

    I agree – bitch slap parents who don’t put helmuts on their kids is a great idea.

    As for footwear – after this past friday of just quickly feeding the horses- which then turned into must muck out run-in-shed and groom horses in sneakers – and then being soundly stomped on – I now have new rule – Put safety boots on IF I even think about horses.

    • aww and hehehehe 😛 hope your foot is ok! I’m the worst for that, I’ll go around my 17.3hh guy with flip flops on… so bad. I chastise myself every time but it still happens.

  6. OT, but the first horse is majorly camped under! Almost looks like he (?) has some kind of growth problem.

  7. Evolution, just not quite caught in action…
    I am always puzzled by these pictures, because what does it show about the horse? That it will make a great couch? That it can ignore whiny children? That it can cart around a soccer team? So what they are really selling is a minivan… only hungry. Jeez.

  8. Can you say Darwin Award … I knew you could!!

    I got run off of a site that I truly loved (Midwest Horses), because I posted a comment a toddler or baby on the back of an unbroke horse/pony in the middle of a HERD of horses, albeit there may have been some one holding the horse’s head.. I think…
    Because of my intolerance of stupid people, I pointed it out in their ” oh isn’t my child/grandchild/niece/nephew cute on the horse” pic…that it was very unsafe to have a small child on the back of a horse with no one holding the child… AND in the middle of a herd of horses.. I was diplomatic, but still I was run off from the site.. tI am on Illinois Horse online, and one of the admin who helped run me off their other site, decided to change a cute nick name I was given by another member.. and I asked repeatedly and nicely to have it changed back… what they wrote as the new nickname was NOT nice. I had to get the other two admin to harass her to change it back… Soo much fun when you try to educate stooopid people

  9. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Hold on there a minute folks. Hey, I can remember the thrill of being the 3rd of four kids simultaneously on the back of a big ol’ draft horse and the horse would barely move. Most of the kids I knew along with myself rode barefoot before helmets were even invented. Yeah, we fell off and broke a few bones along the way. No one that I ever knew got a head injury. You were more likely to get your neck broken. I think we have gone WAY over the top in trying to create a perfect world with horses. They’re big and potentially dangerous. If you don’t want to risk a broken arm, leg, or other, stay the hell off of them and keep to your living rooms.

    • Whoa whoa whoa yourself . . . we’re talking children here. I’m a big believer in freedom of choice when it comes to adults – seatbelts, helmets, drugs, unhealthy foods, dangerous activies, etc. so long as their actions don’t put others at risk. But these are children who are unable to make these kinds of decisions for themselves and therefore SHOULD be wearing safety gear, within reason. Congratulations on surviving your helmetless horseback riding childhood, but that doesn’t make letting kids risk their lives OK. My dad let me steer a car when I was 4, I played a lot with fire, I got into a few helmetless horse accidents of my own, and I survived, but I’m not about to hand a child a box of matches and shrug it off just because I got away with it.

      Do you have kids? Do you put their seatbelts on? If you don’t have kids, wouldn’t you put their seatbelts on? Just because driving is potentially dangerous activity on its own doesn’t mean we throw all caution to the wind and let the kids ride on the roof.

  10. I can understand the helmet thing.To a point. but the fact of the matter is horses are dangerous. Period. Am I still teaching my daughter to ride? Yes. Does she wear a helmet and boots? yes. Do I allow her to “control the horse” aka the horse follows me and I am always within reach? Yes.

    Is ok to bash people because of their choices? NO. The no shoes is a non-issue IMHO. Having shoes on is not going to affect anything. The helmet. Ok I can see that, but they are more likely to fall and BREAK something. Like their arms,legs, neck. Should we wrap the kids in bubblewrap from now on so they cant get hurt? The multiple kids on horses… eh Ive done it. The fact is if you are going to live your life with the “it might happen” well go live in a bubble. Kids can and will get hurt. Period. You do your best and if you REALLY have a problem call the authorities.. dont bitch about it on some website.

  11. If you ask me, helmets were the stupidest invention ever. The Darwin effect was working just fine before they were invented, and we are now allowing stupid people to live and breed to more stupid people in record numbers. Ever notice how dumb people seem to have large numbers of kids whereas smart people generally have very few? Stupid people are like mice, they reproduce prolifically with anyone they can find with the right parts in hopes that one of their brood will survive to adult hood. Now that we’re enabling dumb people to survive to adulthood and breed with each other, we now have a serious overpopulation. Can you imagine what would happen if mice had no predators and continued to reproduce as they do? We’d be overrun with them much like we’re currently overrun with dumb people now…..

    • There is a malicious part of me that hopes your horse trips and you fall on your head.

      Because you know, then you’d die because you were stupid for riding a tripping horse right? I mean, heck, you should have KNOWN he would trip. Just like you should KNOW that fox would leap out of those bushes right by the jump you’re taking. Or when your horse misjudges a step/stride/fence/footing and takes you both to the ground.

      Yep… helmets are for stupid people. Right.

      • Nicely said, Lunatteo.

        And boy was I glad to see a Snarky post today! I was freaking out because there hadn’t been one since Christmas!

      • For some reason can’t reply to LoneRaindrop… anywho

        LoneRaindrop – we’re sorry! We got caught up with Christmasing and we ain’t kidding about the turkey hangover (although I’m sure the massive amounts of chocolate, eggnog and booze didn’t help either…) hehehe

      • Yeah, I can’t reply to you directly either, snarky 😦 But it’s ok, I had been somewhat busy too, I’ve been checking the blogs I follow pretty late at night 🙂

    • We were overrun with stupid long before helmet rules.

      I was going to say that I don’t think people are stupid for ignoring helmet safety, but ignorant means you didn’t know. Why do some people becoming retarded around horses? A horse I was holding for his owner tried biting a lady one day. I asked the lady to not put her hands by his mouth. Her response? “I don’t mind if he bites me.” Seriously? You will when he chomps down on you! Then when I tried to lead the horse back to his stall, the woman started walking two inches directly in front of his nose. I stopped the horse and explained how not only will the horse step on you (since she was in his space), but how dangerous it was to walk where she was walking and why. Her response? “I don’t care if he steps on me.”

      She was a walking disaster of her own making. And she claimed to have several horses at home that she was training herself. I told her to get the H away from the horse and go kill herself on her own property.

  12. As somebody who would at the very least not be in any condition to be typing this message, if not dead, had she NOT worn a helmet as a teenager, Angie, I *seriously* resent that.

    My horse was stung by a wasp, bucked me off, and landed on my head as he jumped over me. Thanks to my HELMET, I walked away.

    If that is stupid, then nobody who ever gets on a horse should be allowed to live long enough to reproduce.

  13. I always wear a helmet, I always made my kids wear helmets, but I applaud Angie for having the guts to come right out and say something very non-PC…. and, to a degree, true! Many years ago, before I ever had any kids, I argued with my doctor over having my tubes tied. (I wanted it, and he refused to do it.) His argument was that most of the people he saw breeding were stupid and irresponsible, and he felt a moral obligation to encourage fertility in the ones with brains. At the time I thought he was horribly patronizing and switched doctors. And later I ended up with 3 kids!! But that’s another story. [And my kids are all brilliant, of course!! 😉 ]

  14. PS I am here today because of the motorcycle helmet law. I never used to wear one until I moved to a country that required one. I hated this heavy thing on my head, but one day I was cut off by a car running a stop sign and hit the ground so hard my helmet was caved in on one side. Was unconscious for 7 hours (major concussion), but lived to tell the story… and pass my genes on to the next generation! Lol

  15. Wait, I can top both of those ads in one strike 😀

    Granted, it’s an old video, but I have a feeling a lot of BYB’s still find it inspirational…

  16. An adult friend of mine (an experienced exhibitor of many years) was riding her old mare at a walk around her yard, for old times sake, since the ex-show horse was now retired. The horse tripped, caught her rider off gaurd, she fell off and broke her neck. She was saved, but it was one horrible summer with a “halo” screwed into her head. Things happen, to even the most experienced riders and horses.

  17. As someone who used to teach riding at kids camps, the big thing that gets me here about these types of pictures is choice. Kids are not informed decision makers. They are not adults, and as such it’s up for their parents or caregivers to make choices for them. It’s not the multiple kids on one horse that I mind (although I’m pretty sure that first horse could do without any rider) it’s the lack of helmets & boots. So, for the want of a cheap photo, you would risk several kids becoming a vegetable or a short column in the obituaries? And that whole “they did it when I was younger & I survived” is always a bit of a BS lazy argument. My mom has a picture of me, helmetless, on one of her friends horses when I was about three years old (granted, that horse was on a short lead line & I had an adult to either side, but still). “They” used to do a lot of things that we now consider to be a bad idea, or unlawful. Do I really need to point them out?

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