Featured Horse: SMM’s Huck

We announced last week that our featured rescue for December AND January is Strawberry Mountain Mustangs. This week we’re featuring one of their adoptable horses; say hi to Huck!

Huck is a 5 year old gelding, currently in training near Bend Oregon. He was started a few years ago but not ridden much. His foster mom now is putting miles on him out on the trail and learning to be a good citizen. He is said to be a BLM mustang, born in captivity, so not freeze marked. He’s very “busy”, and very intelligent. He’s the type of horse to figure out how to open gate latches, how to remove his pasture mate’s blanket, how to bring every manure fork or other nearby tools into his stall etc. I would estimate him to be 14.2 or so.

For more information check out his page on SMM’s website (click on his name above or the picture) πŸ˜€


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  1. I would hope he wasn’t ridden much if he was started ‘a few years ago’. Nice guy, mind…although you have to watch out for the ones smarter than you are.

  2. I’m happy his foster mom is learning to be a good citizen… all horse riders should be!

  3. This picture does not do this boy justice. He is a handsome horse that looks like a refined American Quarter Horse although he is all Mustang. He is balanced and would make a fine equitation saddle horse (english or western) or a performance horse. He has great conformation to make a Hunter!

  4. Haha @ viki. I can’t believe I missed that grammatical error the first time. Thanks for the laugh! I love horses with personality!

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