Model horses need better models!

This photo is from the website of a model horse stable (which is a whole other post in and of itself – talk about wackadoodle!) wherein they “raise”, “breed” and show (no quotes there, they actually have live, in person competitions!) model horses.

How disturbing is it that this sight is so prolific within the Arabian halter competition world that they would make a figurine of it? Especially considering the horses are supposed to look more like this:

Did you know that in Arabian Halter classes they are first, and foremost, judged on “type” which, in this instance, means whether or not they look like an Arabian.  Sorry, let us get this straight: The horse is being judged on whether or not it looks like it’s breed?  TO WHAT PURPOSE?!  And how is it that conformation is the second judging criterion?  Apparently the stance of the real Arab (above; yes we really did feel the need to clarify that) is considered correct and that is how it is judged.  Yeah, that looks natural.  Would you like to know why Arabian’s are stereotyped as being neurotic?  It’s because of these shows and so-called “trainers”!  Would you like to know the shortcut for getting their heads up in the clouds like that?  Why yes!  It is yanking on the chain when the horse has done nothing wrong!  Of course they’re going to fling their head in the air – they’re trying to get away from the handler!  And they damn well better keep their heads up there too, lest they want to be shanked every 5 seconds.

Speaking of halter training…

Starting at 0:44 does it not look like the horse is totally rocking his weight backwards – as far from the “trainer” as possible?  Probably too scared of having his head ripped off should he actually move his feet. At about 1:15 it looks like he’s about to his the horse’s left shoulder with the whip but then the video mysteriously cuts away… hmmm we wonder why they did that…  And then of course, the pièce de résistance: at 1:40 we have the self proclaimed “halter trainer” aggressively lunging at the horse, feigning like he’s a crazed nun preparing to beat the devil out a homosexual. Then there’s more head jerking and whip flicking (hard to tell if he’s actually hitting the horse or not so we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt) both of which are characteristic of good (and here we’re using the term “good” based on a sliding scale – compared to others, this guy ain’t bad) Arabian halter trainers. But hey, if you’re wondering how serious he is about being a trainer, check out his other video on youtube:

We’re sorry, we know people have personal lives and we shouldn’t judge but we just can’t take anyone who plays WOW seriously.  By the way, if you do go to his youtube channel, don’t bother with the third video.  Apparently it’s a power point presentation on animal cruelty – it’s literally just pictures of abused animals.  There’s no information and no point to watching it – unless you want to cry.  Then go for it.

Does it not look like the handler of the model horse is about to beat it over the head with that whip?

PS.  This is by no means our “in depth” Arabian halter post and as such we reserve the right to pick up this topic again – possibly soon!


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  1. I don’t have a huge problem with the stance, I do have a problem with the apparent confusion of ‘alert’ and ‘afraid’.

    I believe the *correct* technique to get the ‘alert’ look involves a plastic bag in the trainer’s pocket. Most horses will look at, and prick their ears towards, that crinkling sound…they know what might be IN the bag, after all ;).

  2. And then you have national champion asshats like Mr. Boggs who ginger doses. Gets a slap on the wrist and continues on winning. Hate, hate, hate halter classes says the girl who rides Arabians.

    My trainer (who also hates halter classes) quit the “big barns” a long time ago after witnessing the cruelty that goes on.

  3. When I was in HS I worked for a Arab stable here in the area…ugh. NEVER again. They told me I made one their Park horses go lame by leading it into it’s stall (I didn’t know there was another way?). Their training for halter was wicked.

  4. I couldn’t help but notice: “If a whip is used, it can be no longer than 6″ in length including the snapper or lash.”

    • I saw that too! But I’m wondering if that wasn’t a typo or something/ Maybe they meant 6 feet? Because all the whips I’ve seen in videos and such are *definitely* bigger than 6 inches!

  5. I used to board with a lady who did the Arabian stallion showcase stuff, Do you want to know their method for getting a crazy stallion who will whip around the ring like he’s scared of the world? (the look they want)

    Her 2 stallions stayed in the darkest corner of the barn, the lights in their stalls were removed and they put dark sheets over the openings of the stalls and essentially they spent 23.5 hours a day in solitary confinement with no light and no contact with the outside world.

    Then she would come once a day and put a halter on one of the studs at a time and run them out into the arena where the lights were BRIGHT (they were even bright if you were used to daylight!) and then she takes the bag whip and proceeds to scare them into running around the arena, eyes bulged out from fear (but extra pretty for the showcase!) All these stallions knew were fear and breeding mares.

    I have a big problem with these methods of training, I was 8 at the time I witnessed this, and even I knew it was wrong. I think breed shows in general are the devil. and they just get worse as people devise new ways of cutting corners and “flashing” up their horses. I’m sickened when I see how much the Morgan breed shows have changed, I mean they were bad when I showed from age 8 to 12, at the regional and national level. But at the time you could actually still be competitive with a quality horse without resorting to crap like soreing and gingering your horses. I’ll never go back.

  6. I congratulate the person who put together the winning model horse entry. I think it is very accurate, and makes good use of a what might otherwise be a useless horse, as he is not suitable for performance (just like in the halter world!). My favorite part is that while it looks like the handler is spooking the horse…they are just setting them up as would be done in the real world. Can anyone else put together accurate model scenes? They make what we might think is normal and okay training methods look absurd when done in minature.

    Can’t halter class just go back to boring?! Then I would start watching again. Although I do love it when the babies finally rid themselves of their awful handlers and they have to get mum from the barn to catch the poor thing.

  7. Knocking on model horse lovers and WOWers in the same post? That’s not cool. Horse lovers have other hobbies too you know, and not all of us could afford to be riding in pony club growing up, or even riding at all. You work with what you’ve effing got.

    So anyway I’ll put my “wackadoodle” knowledge to use and tell you that that model is a Hagen-Reneker originally from the 80s or earlier and wasn’t ment to represent anything going on in the arena. It’s just a rearing horse. Though the people setting it up to essentially look like it’s a freaked out arab getting the crap beat out of it is a complete epic fail.

    • Liking and collecting are different from pretending they’re real – which is is still fine if you’re a kid!

      • While I agree with most of your comment, what’s wrong with pretending they’re real for adults? It’s not like they /believe/ they’re real, and if showing, “breeding,” etc is what an individual finds entertaining, and enjoys doing, why not?

        Why do FUN things have to be age appropriate?

        True maturity is not being obsessed with BEING mature, it’s just being yourself. Enjoy what you enjoy, and don’t judge others for what THEY enjoy.

    • I agree with Liz. Being snarky is great. Knocking people who have different ideas about what is fun (showing model horses and WoW) in their spare time, is not. We’re all out of high school. We don’t need to denigrate what others do so we can feel good about ourselves. Inclusive, not exclusive.

      I have had kids and adults as far as Norway contact me and ask me if they could either 1) make a custom model based on one of my horses 2) put one of my horses in their virtual stable. I happily say “Yes” to those kinds of requests because I think it’s an honor. I don’t see how using your imagination as an adult to have shows with your model horses is a bad thing. Nor do I see a problem with folks who like to role play in World of Warcraft or whatever. No, I have never played WoW myself.

      As for Arabian Halter, it’s terrible. There are a lot of discussions going on, but many who care about their Arabs are moving to the sport horse division to distance themselves from the halter world.

      Here’s Princess Alia’s fight against training abuses and a related FB page:

    • I love that she used the HR, they can be a bit tough beyond the collectability. The photo is in no way a fail! If she could position the doll running it would’ve have been even more accurate (and entertaining), as the judges seem to think beauty and fluidity are best shown in spooky, jumpy circles. I would like to see the little HR in a more suitable halter to show off his head (too bad its illegal to to put makeup on an original finish horse, he might like some greasepaint for his face or whatever they use).

      Hopefully Wynged Stables realizes this is mostly about real Arabian halter horses and not about her stallion. Poor lady.

    • Yeah, I’m definitely feeling the hate over here. I don’t collect model horses anymore, and I’ve never shown models of anything, but I’ve collected trains in the past, and for the past 6 or 7 years (I’m nearly 22 at present) I’ve been collecting Transformers. I would gladly align myself with the “whackadoodles” over those who hate them.
      Didn’t we leave the bullying behind in /high school/?

      Oh, and I’m also a huge fan and casual player of World of Warcraft, so I’m feeling the hate at both ends of this post!

  8. I show Arab halter, but I do it much differently, with no whip waving or fear. I actually “train” my horses and don’t rely on beating them into it. I set my horse up, by leading the horse slightly forward till I have the rear feet where I want them ( slightly offset ), then while the horse knows to keep his rear feet in place, I ask him to set his front feet forward slightly and together simply by lifting the lead. Next, I raise the whip to both cue him that I will be asking him to assume his show pose and to give him something for him to focus on ( not to intimidate or scare him ) and as he lifts his head, I step/lean into him, which is his cue to rock his weight to the rear. Once he’s rocked back slightly (without moving his feet), I bring the whip handle up to his nose, which is his cue to bring his head and neck only forward. I keep the whip at my side until I am ready to ask him to pose. I could use my finger to his nose if needed, the whip is just a cue. If he does this without first rocking his body weight back, he looks like he will fall on his face. It all can be done very simply and quietly, but of course, we all have seen those who cut corners and beat their horses into a freak show. Their horses flip overbackwards or fall on their knees. This is not necessary and often done to keep the horse moving so the judge can’t see the flaws. Arabian lovers have been complaining about our halter classes for decades. Bad apple trainers make the Arabian look like crazy loons, a horse you would never buy for your family. I can set mine up, let him down, or set him up again as easily as flipping a light switch. I would never do to my horses like I see some of the BNTs do, just to win a silly ribbon. FYI : When Arabians are shown in the sport horse in-hand type classes, they are to be shown more naturally, when set up, their legs are all offset so you can see all 4 legs from the side, and the head and neck are allowed to be carried more naturally.

    • Jan, I applaud good Arabian halter trainers like you. Thank you for taking the time to teach your horses in a non-threatening way. I’ve seen a few halter horses trained your way, and they were very calm and relaxed at a show. Taking up a halter stance for these horses was no more a scary thing than standing to be groomed.

      I have been enjoying the Arabian Sport Horse division for the last eight years. I stopped watching halter after a regional show where there was so much shanking, rearing and spinning going on, the novice horse show watchers sitting behind me walked out in horror.

    • Can we get a Like button for this gal??

  9. I agree with the no knocking of WOWers or horse model collectibles. Heck, we all get bored and need to amuse ourselves (right now I’m in a VERY boring rut, hence frequenting online blogs!). WOWing or painting models or reading blogs is waaaay better than, say, smoking crack, stealing, gambling…

  10. Gotta say, I’m surprised there are as many comments as there are about our (well DE’s, not sure if JG agrees or not) opinion on WoW and the model horse world. -even more so that people would hone in on that rather than the nun/homosexuality comment! lol I thought for sure that one would catch some flack. Well, there’s still time 😉

    As for it not being cool to comment on other hobbies – they were just my opinion. Although perhaps they came across as judgemental, kind of hard to avoid it. At what point though is it not acceptable to express one’s opinion? Especially on a blog like this where all do is express opinions? Yes, we do try to incorporate some legit info as well, but mostly the opinion stuff! We get very few, if any, negative remarks about our craigslist snark. Is it ok to judge them over model horse people?

    (note: as always, it can be kind of hard to infer tone so let me be clear: the above is not meant to be defensive, it’s meant to keep the discussion going. Is there really a line drawn in the sand for who/what it’s ok to express an opinion on? And should these people really be offended by my opinion? I’m not trying to make it personal – I’m not calling the individual wackadoodle, just the activity. Ok, that’s my note – hope people take this the way it’s intended!) 🙂

    • Snark… I know WOW players. My boyfriend is one. It doesn’t offend me one bit you poked fun at them OR the model horse ‘breeding’ world. I know folks like those as well who are good friends.

      This guy actually deserves a crap ton more flack for what SortaAnonymous has to say. That he has a professional video (in theory) up that such a ridiculous piece of trash as that WOW video (I’ve seen -good- WOW videos) AND the horse abuse one. Dude needs some edu-ma-cation in how to be a professional AS WELL as horse training AS WELL as apparently movie editing AND his girlfriend needs an imagination instead of adding an extra ‘l’ to Galadriel from LOTR.

      So in all honesty, you were nicer than I thought you would be about it. 😉

    • You basically said that someone can’t play WoW and be any good with horses. That’s about as logical as saying that someone can’t play basketball and be any good with horses. You’ve got a wide enough readership that if you throw insults at broad groups of people simply because you don’t understand/like their particular hobby (which has nothing to do with mistreating animals), you’re going to ruffle a few feathers. Your call how you want to handle that.

      Personally, I think stereotypes are funny, but saying ‘xyz popular activity is stupid and I laugh at people who do it’ isn’t clever or amusing, it’s just rude. Suggesting that perhaps this guy got all his ideas about animal training from the video game would be funny.

    • While I have nothing against people who play WOW (I like RPG’s myself but I don’t take them THAT seriously), I found thge making a love story of 2 charas video a little creepy… Just saying.

    • Oh, sweet sweet World of Warcraft…
      I used to be a top-end raiding guild (before law school… that kinda kills any hobbies you don’t need to survive) and I’m not offended by the comment.
      I realize that although I was played while also horseback riding regularly, volunteering at the local humane society, and maintaining a 3.8 GPA in my undergrad, MOST WoW players are kinda… well… easy to make fun of 😉
      In all seriousness, it’s a fun game that (when you get to end-level raiding content anyway) requires a high level of playing skill, coordination of different players jobs and functions (organizing 25 people to do different things at different times…), “employee” (ie: other players under you) management skills, etc, to obtain a goal. That was my experience.
      Who are most people that play WoW? The kind that get made fun of a lot.
      Yes, it’s a stereotype. My friends and I did not fit that stereotype, but I still think it’s hilarious.

      Also, you’ve really hit me hard here… I used to collect model horses. Of course, I stopped by the time I was 15 (correlated surprising well with getting a real horse). I remember thinking it was SO DARN COOL that these other people “bred” (though I’m still not sure how assigning someone else’s plastic horse as your plastic horse’s sire can improve breed quality among said plastic horses…) and showed their horses. I have about 50 wasted photographs of me trying to create backgrounds to pose my horses by… Never really worked out for me. Fortunately my dad agreed to work out a nearly free-lease on a live horse to show before I invested in all the (very necessary) accessories to show my plastic ones 😉

      So, as someone who at one time (though long ago) really thought it was cool to breed and show plastic horses, and someone (who not soooo long ago) spent my evenings playing WoW with my boyfriend, I say SNARK ON!

      You all have to admit the idea of “breeding” plastic horses is at least a little snarkworthy, right? I know a bad cross could increase the plastic overpopulation problem. Doesn’t it at least lead you to raise an eyebrow a *tad* to think about it?
      And, having been in a top level raiding guild (back in the Burning Crusade anyway), I was always honest with myself about the reaction to expect when I admitted that to people…

      I chuckled at the WoW comment because based on the stereotype of WoW players, it reinforced what a looney the “arab trainer” was.

  11. The music in that first video? Friken HILARIOUS! What makes it funnier is the fact that they seriously think it is epic when the horse stands up finally despite all the crap it has to put up with.

  12. Sort of Anonymous

    Um, I think for someone to complain about snarkiness or being ridiculed on a blog that has snarky IN THE TITLE should really reconsider.

    The authors can and will poke fun at whatever they want. For you to only think it is cool to poke fun at stuff you think is “snark-worthy” but be offended if it’s about you is highschool and silly. “We can make fun of them, them, them, but not this!”

    Whatever. Because here is a little clue, Miss My-hobby-is-cool (regardless of who does or doesn’t think so) So if the Snarkyriders find something funny, they can say it. Hell, you can start a blog and mock things they think are cool and you think is lame.

    I think it is OK if the snarks want to poke fun at someone, a PROFESSIONAL, whose professional sales/training video is on his same name on Youtube (’cause those are hard to make, moron) and puts up a video showing that he plays an online game enough that he thinks posting a video of it is cool.

    I think showing model horses is a touch odd, especially when so many have little idea about actual horses; I think some of the set ups, models, tack, etc are so beautiful, yet an odd extravagance when you have starving people in the world, homeless in your state, and probably your hometown. I think saying you raise and breed them is a little over the top, unless you make resins and cast molds; then I’ll let that one fly 😉

    For the record, due in part to watching the ramifications of on-line and alternate reality games, I think they are pointless and sad when done to any extreme. More than 6 hours a week is probably not OK. I don’t care what people say, it’s not like going fishing, or reading a book, or hanging with friends. It is loosing yourself to life. It is not social; it is sad.

    • Judge much?

      • Sort of Anonymous

        Well, sure. This isn’t a butterflies and rainbow blog. It is a blog where they pick something they find amusing, sad, or ignorant and pick it apart. If people want to do that, and find amusement, that’s their privilege. If people want to only hear happy pleasantries, they probably wouldn’t come here.

        Just because they throw a joke or two to get to the point of why AHA halter has some areas for improvement, people who are happy to pick on Arab halter, helmetless kids, 1,200lb horses on legs and hooves designed for 400lb horses cry foul when they make a joke regarding made up worlds, plastic or computer generated.

        My point is those people, the halter breeders and Darwin kids, are ENJOYING THEIR HOBBY HOW THEY WANT and people bash them and make fun. So unless you never say an unkind word ever, let Snark snark. That’s why people come by.

        It’s always good to try to look at any story/debate/issue from both sides. Critical thinking is important. Bashing Snarkrider for a simple offhand comment, on a snark forum, is silly.

  13. Sort of Anonymous

    part of my other comment cut out 😦

    Should have been more like:

    Because here is a little clue, Miss My-hobby-is-cool (regardless of who does or doesn’t think so) : everyone you all make fun of thinks what they do is OK. They don’t see anything wrong with it, or else, d’uh, they wouldn’t do it. So why YOUR opinion of what is cool or OK allows you to make fun of them IS OK to you, but no one else has that right leaves you looking entitled, snobbish, and ridiculous, as well as sad, Janus. If snarky rider wants to laugh at online gamers or model horse “breeders”, she really isn’t hurting anyone.

  14. As for the model horse world, I’m glad that people enjoy it. They are not starving, hoarding or abusing anything. They have found a hobby that they enjoy, and if they enjoy it, that doesn’t mean that I necessarily have to enjoy it.
    As for Arabg halter horses, I shoe for one, and it took me a while to understand it. (Not that I really completely do, but whatever,). I asked her what they do, and she plainly said “You’re looking at it!” She breeds specifically for conformation and sells her horses for more than most new cars are worth! One didn’t turn out as far as conformation standards, so she is training him to be a “sport horse”. Yup, the horse world is weird!

  15. In response to Sort of Anonymous, I find it odd that so many people assume that if X, then not Y; i.e., that if an individual supports, say, an animal protection charity, that automatically means that he or she is *not* supporting child protection, humanitarian, or disease-focused charities,. Having a hobby does certainly not preclude supporting the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, Save the Children, etc., etc., etc.
    I happen to be an enthusiastic model horse hobbyist. I also own three horses – a Paso Fino, a Racking Pony, and a Standardbred which I rescued from the slaughter pipeline. And I contribute to: the Red Cross, Save the Children, Doctors without Borders, Finca (micro-loans to women in Third World countries), the Nature Conservatory, the Multiple Sclerosis Society, the SPCA, etc., etc., etc.
    One more point: while some model horse hobbyists do not have horses of their own, many do, as breeders, trainers and riders, and hence know plenty about horses, thank you very much. In fact, in order to be successful in model horse showing, you have to have a helluva lot of knowledge! – about all the breeds, all the permitted coat colours for particular breeds, all the correct tack and permitted protective gear for performance, showmanship styles, riders’ dress, and so on and so on. Those are the things that the judges are scrutinizing, at the “live” shows and photo shows – you can wind up out of the ribbons because your model roping horse wasn’t wearing skid boots, or your model weanling was shown in a halter with a chain. In fact, I’ve learned as much or more about the world of horses and horsemanship since taking up the hobby ten years ago than from several decades of horse ownership and riding.
    If you want to see some spectacularly beautiful and realistic models* and performance set-ups, go to the NAMHSA website and click on the NAN results. (North American Model Horse Shows Association, North American Nationals)
    * Just recently, a drop dead gorgeous model finished as an appaloosa sold at auction for SEVENTEEN THOUSAND dollars.

    • Sort of Anonymous

      The V mare from TickTock? Beautiful paint job =) And if I recall, part of the proceeds were for a charity.

      I don’t disagree, and I think there are a lot of quite knowledgeable horsemen (well, horsewomen) that do model horses. I think the majority do have a decent knowledge. But some of the simplest concepts you see butchered, and it makes me sad, when you can see the beauty of a setup done by a horseperson that can be nearly indistinguishable from real life. Several photo shots I’ve seen…

      My comments about the costs were really more my general questioning about human priorities, and is entirely something I worry about. It isn’t my goal to convert others to my way of thinking. I have trouble with the amount of money I spend on my horse, or cats, or entertainment of whatever sort when there are probably better humanitarian uses. It is not a proportion thing, i.e. “I give 35% to indigents, that should be more than enough.” I sometimes feel anything spent beyond the bare basics for my subsistence should be used to help others, not “squandered” on horses or whatnot.

      Of course, without horses to help us stay sane, perhaps we wouldn’t earn anything, much less be able to help others.

  16. Wow. Model horse people are “Wackadoodle”? Oh Well, I’ve been called worse!

    I’ve been involved in the model horse hobby for more years than I care to admit. Most of us are adults, mostly women, and yes, we do name and “play” with model horses. So what? Keeps us off the streets and off the sauce. 🙂 as for the money we spend on models, hey. I work 40 hours a week with a psycho boss. I earn that money and will spend it any way I dang well please. My bills are paid, my retirement funds are quite healthy, and last time I looked, we’re still in the good ol’ U S of A, not communist China. Freedom for All!

    I show my horses, have highly detailed real leather tack made by top quality miniature artists, I have horses who have earned “Hall of Fame” and “National Champion” titles in various clubs. With model horses I can have that dream stallion or world class mare that I can’t quite afford in real life right now. It keeps me young at heart and entertained. And I’ve made so many wonderful friends across the country and world thanks to those silly little plastic (and china) horses.

    Yeah I also do “breed” model horses. In actuality it’s called Pedigree Assignment, and we take it seriously in the respect of studying bloodlines of our favorite breeds. Learning the nicks and breeding trends that work in the real horse world, color and disease genetics, etc. I’m willing to bet my next paycheck that even the most casual of “model horse breeders” know more about how color genetics work than most of your real horse breeders.

    So yeah, call me Wackadoodle if you’all want. 😀

    • I like your post . . . but can I call you wackadoodle for putting an apostrophe between “you” and “all” instead of just writing “y’all”? 🙂

      Personally, I prefer “y’awls.”

      Honestly I think plenty of things I do and like are plenty dorky. I think writing blogs can be pretty dorky. I think the fact that I’m commenting on a blog is pretty dorky. (This means I also think y’awls are dorky.) It’s all good . . . I think it can get a little dangerous to get so dorkily absorbed in an artificial world (gaming, model horses, movie fandom, celebrity fandom, fantasy football, whatever y’awls are into) but that doesn’t mean enjoying these things, especially with some awareness of the dorkiness of the activity and a sense of humor, is a problem.

      • Sort of Anonymous


        The people who fail to see the humor and get bent out of shape are the ones I worry may have fallen a little to into the “dangerous absorption” part.

        *I think it’s interesting that “absorb” has the b change to p for” absorption.” I am a dork for being such a nerd about spelling, grammar, and sheep thinking. I catch endless flack.

  17. I need to defend myself and all my fellow WoW players out there. I work with horses on a professional level, as does my husband and frankly I would like to think we are rather good at our jobs. We play WoW in our spare time. HOWEVER: We play on a PvE realm (player vs environment) which basically means we play against the computer generated world, not against other players. This means no matter where we are in the game and how slow/fast we progress, there is always stuff for us to do at our level. WoW also has a social aspect to it which we rather enjoy. This door knob plays on a PvP realm which is player vs player. People who play PvP need to have seriously expensive computers along with a LOT of time on their hands to gain some mad skills or they get “ganked” repeatedly. Its also important to keep up on gear since PvP doesn’t scale to gear level = lots of time spent getting new gear. He also has time to make super gay you tube video’s about his toon.

    I can play WoW and balance my horses accordingly. I may be a geek, but who the fuck are you to judge what I do in my own personal time? My horses are well cared for and well trained, so I really don’t understand why it matters what the hell I do in my spare time. I think the ultimate thing is that someone has their priorities in order, not what they do on their free time. I personally feel people who PvP are crazy, but if you can do it and keep your life balanced in the process than have at it! Who am I to judge you?

    Just one question, have you ever even played WoW or are you just throwing some ignorant and baseless insults out there thinking you’re funny?

    • Sort of Anonymous

      Why do you care what other people think, if YOU feel it is balanced in your life, and you enjoy it? Other people can’t have their opinions? I am sure any PvP players would be peeved that you think “PvP are crazy”. You just stated it. So you just judged them.

      Where is the thought process that allows you to say “I’m still OK, but they are weirdos.”? Where is that line that says “I breed to the standard” and creating monster arabs that are so dished they can’t breathe?

      It’s the people that would be behind Snarkrider if she picked on something they think should be picked on, but are upset when they pick on THEM or their hobby, that cracks me up. Why is your hobby above humor or criticism? Because it’s YOURS? Then how is not hypocritical to poke fun at the yahoos regularly posted on this site? Either learn to accept when a little crap comes your way, or don’t support crap being flung on others (which you do accept by reading or commenting here).

      • Why is my hobby above criticism? Because my hobby doesn’t hurt anyone or anything. My toon’s title at the moment is Faelei: destroyer of the frozen wastes, NOT Faelei: Destroyer of breeds and/or starver of mounts ;). Trust me, I’m one of the first people to start disturbing shit when it comes to animal cruetly/abuse and bad breeding which is in part why I read and for the most part enjoy this blog.

        Can I take a joke about my hobby? HELL YES! However it does offend me when people say things like “I don’t take anyone who plays WoW seriously”. THAT is ridiculous and ignorant. There’s a difference between having a personal opinion that people who PvP are crazy, and actually judging people on that opinion. I’m friends with lots of people who PvP, and I do think they’re crazy for that one thing. However I am still their friend and I don’t judge them overall as people on that one thing.

        • btw, those friends of mine that PvP may not have much for outside lives, but they also don’t take on time or financial responsibilities, that would conflict with that such as horses.

          • Sort of Anonymous

            Some of them quit their jobs and move back in to their parents and regress on what social skills they had managed to accumulate. There is one in the basement of my building right now…

    • I (DE) have actually played WoW before, but never got in to it. I know a few people who are… how do I phrase this? using WoW to avoid reality. I do, however, play Team Fortress 2 when I have time. Please feel free to make fun of me for that – I enjoy being a dork! 😀

      • I have to say a little bit. I am a WoW player (on the very casual side). But I took your comment to mean who on earth would put a training video on the same youtube channel as a really terrible WoW video. It’s not professional at all. If his video had him training a horse well and without abuse and I was tempted to contact him as a trainer I’d take one look at the wow video and probably change my mind.

        I have no problem with people do with their personal life when they are done with their day job! But it needs to stay, just that, your PERSONAL life, it shouldn’t mix with a equine training video, which I’m assuming he did in order to get clients?

        But I have seen the other side of the fence with WoW players where they completely divorce themselves from reality, ignore the outside world and play a video game all day, which sure is just fine if you have no other responsibilities, but when it gets in the way of my sister getting off her ass to feed her horses, I have a HUGE problem. And that’s unfortunately what I see from a lot of MMOG (Massive, Multiplayer, Online, Games)

        And I can say this because I’m a WoW player with several characters at level 85, but in a very casual sense. I don’t have any in game responsibilities that I HAVE to meet, such a guild raid times or whatever, I just play for a bit (a little more so now as I’m pregnant with twins and it’s very difficult for me to get enough oxygen to keep upright while doing chores etc) and then I’m done. I go and get some work done. It’s a great way to blow a little time while your resting, if you don’t feel like reading a book or watching TV (though I spend more time reading than WoWing)

        But you really did a good job ruffling feathers there Snarky! But you can’t please everyone, and I don’t think you started this blog to even try for that mark. If so we’d be seeing rainbows and lolcats or every day!

    • Then you of all people should know the stigma that comes with WOW. I think that’s more what Snark was getting at. Just as there are some BYBs that aren’t horrible and there are some horse dealers who don’t treat horses like crap.

  18. YAY! someone besides me that thinks Arabs with their head held so high look dumb! Better hope it doesn’t rain or the pony might drown! I want my horse looking where its feet are going. Love you Snary Rider… and I think if these are grown people playing with models heck yes it’s silly. Like the 40 year old BMX rider or skate boarder. Give it up dude.

  19. I recently had the local 4-H club judging team come to my farm for practice. I presented them with 4 horses and they were to place them accordingly and then explain their reasons for each placement. I purposely included a nice looking “pet” horse with poor feet, so poor in fact, that it affected her gait slightly. Nearly all the kids placed her high. After they were done, I places the horses how I would place them and of course, I placed the poor footed one last and said why. The advisor told me, “Oh, we don’t count legs and feet.” What? There focus was much more on how the neck tied into the chest and so on.

  20. Wanted to add one more thing….having attended BreyerFest for the first time this year, which is a huge convention for model horse lovers, there are alot of people who take putting together “scenes” with their models very seriously and that they are remarkably well done. They are judged and awards prizes for their efforts. There are even classes and workshops at BreyerFest which teach people how to make the scenes and how to custom re-make the models. One look at CM (custom made) re-made Breyers on e-bay shows you that they can sell for big bucks and are very collectable. Many people can not have a real horse of their own, but they live the horse dream thru their models. I was very impressed with what I saw there. You can’t fault someone for their love of horses, in whatever form they can – real or models. Athought I hate that it is still allowed and “overlooked”, you can’t fault the maker of the Arabian halter scene shown on your post. One trip to nearly any bigger Arabian show, and that is what you will see! Very sad, and I would never do that with my Arabians. I show mine, but I also expect them to go to nursing homes and stand quietly between the wheelchairs and walkers for pets.

  21. Disagree with just one thing….WOW players don’t *have* personal lives! Lololol

  22. I’m sure balanced, non-addicted WoW players exist. I’ve never met any, personally. Most are like a guy I know who was speaking in what might as well have been Farsi about leveling up, getting new gear and a better gaming system next year….I wanted to say “yeah, my cousin did all that, then left due to time demands. He lost 50 lbs, got into college, and starts next year. Where he’ll probably get laid.”

    • Yeah, I play WoW… and I went to college and double-majored while playing (and I got good grades, go figure!). Now I have a profession and a hobby 🙂

    • I only know one WOW player (that I’m aware of). But he’s whip-smart, social, practically married, funny, informed, has a really cool career, and doesn’t come close to the stereotype of WOW players.

      I kinda get the feeling a lot of online gamers don’t talk too much about their gaming interests because they’re aware of the stigma that goes with it and would rather just keep their mouths shut about it.

    • Like everything else, it takes all kinds, right?

      I find the stereotype jokes funny, and the offhanded comment in the Snarky post made me chuckle.

      But I would point out that I personally DO know people who used to play (and 2 who still do) WoW and other MMOs and are otherwise “normal” (if not extraordinary) in their non-video-game lives. Although the stereotypes are rampant (and funny), lots of “normal” people play WoW. Of course, they are off-set by the abnormal people who do… I’ll admit that.

      I rode horses, volunteered at the humane society, worked part-time and maintained a 3.8 in my undergrad. You know what I did at the end of the night when I finished all my work? I didn’t turn on the TV, I didn’t watch a movie, I didn’t listen to music and take a bath; I hopped on to play WoW with friends from the real world and people who I had met through the game. It was fun and stress relieving.
      I don’t play anymore. I got into a great law school, and as everyone always says, law school is more than a full-time job. I have a dog from the humane society, and between reading for school, going to classes, writing briefs and memos, exercising and training my dog, I rarely have time to hop on the game. When I realized I was only on WoW for about an hour a week, I cancelled my account. I’m not ashamed of having played the game; it was fun. I didn’t quit because I wanted to go to college and lose weight and the game was some huge detriment. Life just got busier, and I have a responsibility to my dog. When push came to shove, I decided to take him for an extra walk/jog instead of playing my Paladin. No biggie.

      My current “champion of the WoW people” is my boyfriend’s cousin. He’s cute, outgoing, and on a baseball scholarship for a top college team in the state. He’s been dating a girl for a while (she’s pretty cute too), and other girls are always throwing themselves at him. He’s also plays a Warlock for one of the top guilds on his server.

      I’m only replied because you said you’ve never met any. Given the rate of crazy:normal I’m not surprised. But they exist!
      It’s like saying “All Saddle Seat trainers use abusive training methods.” Although I have yet to meet personally a trainer who doesn’t try to spook the living daylights out of their animal, or tie it up for hours on end to get their results, I’m sure non-abusive trainers exist. The ratio of scary:nice is just too high.

  23. If you think the model horse hobby is silly, then consider the fact that it paid for my field trips throughout university and put fuel in my car when I was unemployed for a short period. I make realistic model horse tack which I sell to collectors all over the world. It’s a shame I have to explain it in terms of money to some people but sadly that’s all they understand. I have been unable to have a real horse of my own for various reasons – mainly putting my career first and moving around the world several times. I’m going to reserve the joy of owning one until I am more settled, have my own land and can take excellent care of one. If that makes me ‘wackadoodle’, I make no apologies but only say that you’re ignorant. It’s one thing to be snarky about horse owners who clearly have no clue (on a subject that you’re obviously knowledgable about), but its another to just casually disregard others hobbies as crazy because you do not understand them.

    • I have to say I went to your site and the level of detail is spectacular. Do you make your own bits and stirrups and such? I was a Jewelry major at university so I can truly appriciate the little detail that your working with. I very much respect your work.

      But I also have to say Snarky is not the only one who finds intense model collecting and showing a bit odd. In fact I find just about anyone who intensely collects anything to be a bit odd, but it’s because I can’t relate to it. This is up there with people who marry pillows in Asian societies. I just can’t relate. I grew up with horses from 3 years old and on, so I never collected models (except when one looked like a horse I owned and loved) and they just sat on a shelf. But I can understand having an intense love for horses in general and needing an outlet for it! I just can’t relate to “breeding” and “Showing” fake horses, It’s nothing against you who earns probably a darn decent living off of selling to the model showers or the model showers themselves. We all make our opinions based on our experiences, that’s just how life goes. and how opinions work. 🙂

      Either way excellent work on your tack. I was truly blown away when I saw your english tack and the level of detail, with adjustable leathers and all those buckles!

      • I just went over to check her site and, yeah – wow!

        I don’t really get the model horse thing (or collecting dolls, or spoons, or whatever), but that is some seriously impressive workmanship! Hell, if I could do it and make decent money off it, I probably would too…

        If anyone wants to check it out, just click on her name.

      • I would probably liken it more to the world of miniature trains and aeroplanes than marrying pillows, but I do understand your viewpoint! It is a common reaction from people who have owned horses most of their lives, they generally don’t understand it. But if for whatever reason you’ve been unable to own a horse, and you’re creative, it’s an excellent outlet for that creativity. That can come in many forms too, from leather work like I do, to painting, sculpting and photography. Not many people are into the breeding side of things, they must have a lot of spare time on their hands is all I can say. I enjoy the showing aspect though – it’s a really nice way to meet other people (most of them really nice normal people with busy lives and most do not own real horses).

        Most people do think it’s madness, then I show them one of my saddles and they can see the buckles and straps and then that usually shuts them up, as its only then that they appreciate that its a form of art, not just a silly hangover from childhood. I only make a few sets a year now, too busy with my real boring job of being a mine geologist.

      • Right there with you!

        I’m one of those extreme odd-ones-out in the horse world in that I collect Transformers. Yes, you read that right. Nearly 22 years old, and I have a book-case proudly displaying my collection of robots that transform into cars, dinos, cats, etc! Nobody in the horse world will ever understand my love of cars/robots, and nobody in the Transformers fandom will ever understand my love of animals/horses!
        Of course, my collecting DID start with horses! I just lost all interest when Breyer completely dropped the ball on Seabiscuit and War Admiral. It’s silly, but I lost all interest in collecting when they completely snubbed the collectors of quality for the sake of mass production.

        I’m also a casual Warcraft player… Guess I’m one of those people who won’t ever be taken seriously by the judgmental people of this world, but ah well! Who wants to be taken seriously anyway? In the words of The Doctor: “Never knowingly be serious!”

  24. I agree with Four Corners, when you equate models with Model Trains, people tend to “get it” a little easier. that’s a description I’ve used for quite a while now whenever I bother to try and explain why I need those weekends off work. lol!

    Four Corner’s tack is incredibly nice, I don’t have the good fortune to have any of her pieces, but I do have the pleasure of owning miniature tack from these model tackmakers: Check out the intricate HAND braiding and handmade knots that this gal does–Heather does *incredible* MUSEUM quality pieces. I can no longer afford her stuff, since she’s gotten just SO good, but I love my older pieces by her.

    I also have several pieces by this lady–huntseat NOBODY can replicate an english saddle like Jen!

    A lot of people don’t “get” a hobby like this, but that’s ok. If we all liked the same stuff, life would be pretty boring. There are A LOT worse things we could be doing than playing with plastic ponies… lol!

    I was one of the lucky ones who did have real horses growing up–I had horses since I was 3, and started showing at 9. I had to give up the real ones as a struggling, self supporting college student who tried, and damn near pushed myself into exhaustion doing so, but just couldn’t pay for both school and boarding my mare. then I got married, moved to a state thanks to a job transfer where horses are incredibly expensive (not so much the state, but the highly urban area we had to move to….) and we just can’t do it right now. I do volunteer at a local therapeutic riding program to keep my hand in, and we have family in our home state keeping an eye out for a nice chunk of land to buy and sit on until retirement so we can have stock again.

  25. While I find it kind of silly to judge someone based on what games they play in their spare time, I DEFINITELY agree that this guy is freaking RUINING those horses.
    It’s probably guys like this that gave my Arab, Namir, the problems he has! Let’s see, raises his head to Olympus when startled? Covered in scars? Fear of halters?
    It was probably some psycho arab “trainer” who made him so debilitatingly terrified of saddles/saddle pads/ropes, too.

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