Egad! It’s almost 2012!

It’s the last day of the year and we just wanted to say

Thank you to Betsy Bueno of Lost Hearts and Souls Horse Rescue for talking to us and giving us a first hand account of the state Sister and Valerie were in when she rescued them.

Thank you to Cowgirl Spirit Rescue Drill Team for being our first featured rescue and answering our (slightly) crazy interview questions!

Thank you to Darla Clark of Strawberry Mountain Mustangs for letting us feature her awesome rant – and for being our second featured rescue!

And most importantly, thank you to our wonderful readers who have been so supportive through their email submissions and comments!  You guys have made this blog more successful than we dreamed and made it such a welcome and inviting place to hang out on the web (well, for the most part :P)


By the way, if one of your New Year’s resolutions is to help horses in some way then you may want to check out Sarah K. Andrew’s Horses and Hope 2012 calendar.  100% of the profits from sales of the calendar “will be donated to a dedicated fund with One Horse At a Time, Inc.”  These people are working “with the owner of the auction to resell the horses who didn’t get a high enough bid to leave the sale.”  Since they began in November 2009 they have saved over 2000 horses.  We’d write more but we have to go buy a calendar now…


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  1. kudos to One Horse at a Time, they do a great job!

  2. Happy New Year Snarky RIder! Looking forward to more posts in 2012!

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