WDC: Helmet Cam!

Ok, this one’s really more cool than cute, but we had to post it!

This is the kind of thing that fills JG’s dreams.  Yes, she will “sleep jump” – it’s kinda funny to watch!


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  1. P.S. Helmet cam is cool, but makes me kinda dizzy xD

  2. The first one made me a bit motion sick. But the second made me wish I could be out ther x-country’ing it up again!

  3. Wowie that was cool. I loved the second horse’s ears flicking all about!

  4. Yikes, Monica! As typical with Craigslist, no height, breed, or other information. I sure hope someone can give them a better home.

    Loved the helm cams!

  5. I like the fact that the picture is so still and smooth! I know if I did that, it’d be on the ground! What a neat film!

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