Here’s Johnny!

Oops, wrong picture…

Dark Bay Appendix Quarterhorse Weanling

“Johnny is a weanling.He is halterbroke and leads.Current on deworming.Likes to be scratched.Has nice straight legs and good conformation.Johnny will make a nice barrel,jumping,endurance or trail prospect.”  $200

Johnny needs a new freaking halter.  That thing is choking him! And what is that on his belly?!

A weanling belly is one thing.  It looks more like this:

(Coincidentally this horse is for sale by the same people as those selling Johnny’s but we’ll get to him in a minute.)

Back to Johnny.  Here’s what comes to mind when we see that wormy belly of his:

Here’s hoping all that is wrong with that belly is worms!  The ad stipulates that Johnny is “current on deworming”… so does that mean you just shoved some paste down his throat a day or two prior to writing the ad?  Because it doesn’t look like he’s been on a proper worming schedule – which anyone breeding a horse should be aware of.  Ideally Johnny (and all foals) should start their deworming schedule around 6-8 weeks of age and should continue to be wormed approximately every 2 months (at least during the warmer months) – unlike mature horses, which are typically wormed every 3 months.

Ok, back to Red.

“Red is a grade weanling colt.He is halterbroke,leads,ties and has been trailered.Current on deworming.Has a laid back personality and gets along with others.Loves his oats.Red would make a good working ranch colt and should have some cow sense.With bloodlines like DocLynx,DocOlena and Freckles Playboy to give him the edge.He is not reg and cannot be. “

His owner’s seem to be pretty proud of his bloodlines – and yet, you can’t register him.  Hmm.  There’s something wrong with this scenario…  Although, not as wrong as having a Predator come out of your belly.  Just sayin’…

(ps. don’t forget the alt text on the pics! ok, it’s not on all of them.. but still! take a look!)


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  1. I’m guessing those are his dam’s bloodlines and they don’t know which stallion got over the fence…

  2. Yeah. They probably live next door to a TB farm or something. 😛

    Also, those hooves look to be no bigger than my thumbnail. That can’t be good.

    Does Red have some sort of hydrocephaly, or is it just the photo?

  3. You know what I’d recommend for these sale photos? Grooming and a nice backdrop. Poor Red looks like a baby wooly mammoth, and all the frozen poo in the shots doesn’t compliment anything. Groom the critters and photo them inside a clean area, it really helps to make them look the sale price.
    The big potbelly aside… 0.0

  4. HUGE creepy wormy belly aside… “Johnny will make a nice barrel,jumping,endurance or trail prospect”. And they know this because?… He’s a halter broke yearling who leads… Riiiiiiiight,,,

  5. Maybe its a hematoma from a kick on top of a wormy belly? o.O Poor youngin’s…

  6. Meg "roccoriel"

    “Loves his oats” is a major important selling point. Most horses don’t like to eat.

    Sort of like “loves being brushed”?

  7. “He has nice straight legs…”

    Who are they kidding? That thing has calf knees.

  8. Poor Johnny doesn’t have a hoof to stand on but at least these babies are halter broke and seems to have soft eyes and be used to people. The wormy appearing belly is not great but they aren’t skin and bones as we often see on CL this time of year and the fencing is actually quite nice. I know we all love to rip ads like this apart but at least these poor fugly babies have a little bit of a head start over the competition.

  9. Now Snarky… or as you like to be called… Snarky B*tches!..
    You don’t have a Predator jump out of a belly (they prefer Yautja, by the way)…
    It would be an Alien or Xenomorph that comes out of bellies… sans the skull and spine…

    That being said..
    WOW…those are some needy young horses… needing to be gelded, proper nutrition, decent fitting halters and worming…

  10. Okay, so since all these listings lately have been coming from Kijiji, I had to go over there and have a look and wow, that’s a scaaary place!

    This one makes my head hurt:

    And this one makes my heart hurt: Poor guy is “pretty” and “deserves a loving home” — obviously the seller does not have enough love to give. : (

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