SMM’s Dusty

Everyone; Dusty.

Dusty; everyone!

Now that you’ve all been properly introduced…

Dusty is one of the amazing horses available for adoption from Strawberry Mountain Mustangs (remember them? our featured rescue?  geez!)

“Dusty is an adorable, in-your-pocket 3 year old appaloosa gelding – POA size.  He has been well started under saddle, but needs finish work.  He’s not yet a “kid safe horse” – but he is well on his way!
This handsome boy would rather be with you than with any other horse in the herd. He has personality plus!(For that reason, obtaining a good picture of him without help is nearly impossible. He’d rather have his nose in the camera than anywhere else!) “

And from Dusty’s foster Mom:

“Sticked Dusty and he is a tad over 14 hands. I clipped him, he was great for is muzzle not so much for the bridle path, but we got it done.  He was not bad, just the oh what are you doing backing up thing.    I lunged him and I don’t think he has done much if any or the person did a lot of walking around the horse type lunging.  After I got him going he was very fast to pick up and associated words and gaits and body language for what I wanted him to do.  He has a great whoa when you step infront of his driveline. LOL  His canter needs work he is a little weak in his muscle developement and subsequently can not hold the canter on the cirlce for very long.  I will do some round pen work to help with this.

Overall I think he is going to make someone a fantastic little horse.  He is eager to please and very willing he just does not know much. LOL He is not really spooky either, he does not like water on the black mats though. LOL Poor guy really highsteps over them. HAHAH    I had a friend take pictures and she took some video which I am waiting for her to email them to me and I will get them to you when she does.    Dusty is going to be a fun project I think”

Head on over to Dusty’s page on SMM and check him out!


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  1. Dusty is adorable. I love the work they do at SMM – Grace is forever in my heart. Latest updated on Gwen Stockebrand

  2. Omg, if he were bigger I would so come get him. Unfortunately he’s too small and would get beat up by the race horses too much and I can’t do that to the little bugger. He’s otherwise exactly what I’ve been after 😦 too bad.

  3. Awww….he’s adorable and gorgeous.

  4. Love that top photo.

    O RLY?



  5. He really seems to like the camera haha!
    Now stop showing me cute ponies I can’t have dammit! xD

  6. Awww….Dusty! I grew up on POA’s before I grew up on Morgans…. I’d describe them in 2 words: “painted pony-tude”! Fun little guys.

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