As you may have noticed, we’re a little late with our WDC today.  You may also notice that it’s not actually cute.  I love Scrubs.  A lot.  And sometimes, when I’m in a bad mood because my writing partner is MIA, I like to watch the following videos.  I find they help me get my groove back 🙂  I hope you enjoy!

I also love Will Farrell


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  1. hahahahahaha! Doesn’t get much better than Scrubs. But the Will Farrell clip is blocked 😦

  2. Saw this and thought of you guys!

    (loving this blog and what you’re doing on fhotd, keep it up!)

  3. I saw some one doing that at the Midwest horse fest. I think it was the Mustang challenge.. but not sure…
    Very kewl though!!
    I love Scrubs!!! Especially all the thought processes.. the mockings and the musical interludes… -the only dislike was the stuffed dog…. LOL

  4. I love Scrubs, I think it was the main reason I actually came a nurse lol. Surprisingly it’s more realistic than most other medical dramas. I’ve even had a good dance in the OR with my lead on haha

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