Equine Centipede!

We saw this photo and were instantaneously reminded of the god awful horror film The Human Centipede.  *shudders*  We’ll be sleeping with the lights on for awhile.

Of course, if that idea wasn’t bad enough, we’d still have the ad text to give us nightmares.

I have a fantastic morgan for sale.His name is Ricky and is gelded.He will go anywhere. He does gymkhanas, barrel races, swimming, trails and shotting a gun off his back.He rides western. He has his rabbies shots.Over the summer my son rode him threw my neighbors pond.Anybody can ride him.He goes everywhere.He will ride on any trailer and wont spook to go on any trailer.He is a fantastic horse.I have to get rid of him.

Hes the one on the left.

I’m soooo glad he has his rabbies shot – rabbies is such a big concern around here!  Of course, info on his height or age might be even more useful.  How sad is it that the fact that he’s gelded is a legitimate selling point?  Wooo!  He’s not another stallion running amok! *face palm*  And sweetie, the correct way to end one sentence and then start another is with a period and then a SPACE, then the next sentence.  Try it with me!  Sentence.  Sentence.  Sentence.  See?  It’s not so difficult!

Don’t worry everybody, it gets better!  This isn’t the original ad – apparently the son was trying to offload poor Ricky himself first.

I have 2 fantastic morgans for sale.I have a 25 year old Morgan named Ricky, he is completley Bombproof.You can do anything with him like barrel racing, Gymkhanas,trails, swimming and shooting a gun while your on his back.Over the summer i went swimming while on his back in a neighbors pond.
I also have a 8 year old morgan named Spencer. He is a little Green. But would be a nice trail horse. He will go any where you ask him to go. But spencer hasn’t been riden in a year. So he will be a little jumpy.
These are two fantastic horses. Im hoping they can go as a pair.They both have their rabbies Shots.I dont have a camera so i couldnt put any pictures up. If you come and look at them I garentee you will want them.They are the best horse ever you wont regret the buy.
They are both very fat.

Well, at least he was being truthful about the weight.  That’s one chubb-tastic horse!  And now we at least know Ricky’s age.  We can’t be the only ones who are more than a little depressed that a “fantastic” 25 year old horse hasn’t managed to earn a forever home yet.

Finally,They are the best horse ever…” ?  Hmmmsupports our equine centipede theory!


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  1. The second one at least said ‘shooting’ instead of ‘shotting’… that coupled with them having their ‘rabbies’ shots had me giggle-snorting quite a bit over here. I think the rabbies one in particular because I imagined being ‘shotted at’ with Rabbids. (

  2. Looks like Ricky’s about to kick the shit out of Spencer! Great personality and both totally sound!

  3. I do like the honesty about their weight…and you can at least make a guess that he’s offloading them for the good reason of not having time to ride them. But yeah, that’s one…weird…picture.

    At least they aren’t the same color…

  4. I’m so simultaneously a) used to seeing bad spelling, and b) crazy about Morgans that all I saw was blah,blah, blah, Morgan, blah, blah, Morgan…..

  5. “He is a fantastic horse.I have to get rid of him.” *double facepalm*

  6. Why sell a wonderful, super well broke 25 yr old, that was ridden tons in the last year, and either keep OR sell the younger green broke hasn’t been ridden in a year…
    I am thinking that the 25 yr old must have a health issue they aren’t talking about..
    And sad sad sad!!

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