Feeeeeed Meeeeeee

“9 yr old black & white spotted saddle gelding. Approx. 15 hands. Great trail horse. Has been trail ridden by teenage beginner riders. Currently trail ridden by 15 yr. old girl. Loves attention. Loads, ties, trims, stands for farrier. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY, PLEASE! $1,000 negotiable – cash only.”

Yeah, you know what else we bet he loves? FOOD!!! FUCKING FEED YOUR HORSE!

This obviously isn’t the best picture, but there is something so not right about that hind end.  Weak gaskins, camped out behind… you know what, is anyone else seeing a German Shepherd with hip dysplasia? Oooh no, we know what’ s going on here, he’s a TWH!!!


“GREAT CHRISTMAS PRESENT!!! nice 13 yr old sorrel quarter horse mare with papers. PERFECT kids horse. was previously ridden by 5 year old girl. very laid back and gentle temperment. can be lazy at times which makes for great kids mount. about 14 hh so not very tall. friendly. great with other horses. leads, loads, stands while mounted and saddled, lunges. just wormed. good sound hooves. good teeth. if interested i can contact AQHA and get transfer papers to give along w/ registration papers. needs good loving home with someone that will ride her often. shes a great trail horse. not spooky w/ traffic and such. been ridden in parades. reason for selling-thinning out the herd and shes too “simple” for me.”

Now, when you say “lazy” do you think perhaps it’s because she’s trying to conserve energy as she slowly starves?

You know, it’s been some time since we awarded our last Asshat Award.  Methinks it’s time!  And who better to award it to than these two?!


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  1. I’ve also seen that same hip issue in horses that were poorly nourished as babies >.>

  2. You know Alabama and Tennessee (tennessee has had more lately have had some doozies lately (yes I live in Alabama and yes I do feed my ponies :)) and the sad thing is people think they look amazing. I can about guarantee you that if you went and looked at those horses, the people selling them are well educated people with good paying jobs, but they are too damn lazy to educate themselves about what a horse should and should not eat, and in the first twh’s case (I choked on coffee when I found that one) they should have realized that horse should have never been ridden. He look like a screwed up German Shepard. So Sad!

  3. Dear Lord forgive my grammar, I cannot type today!

  4. Any of you ever played Undead Nightmare? Because that first horse reminds me of the zombie horses roaming the plains in the apocalypse!
    Perhaps it’s the emaciated, corpse-like body and glowing eyeballs…

  5. WTF does that mean? “She’s too simple for me.” I don’t know why, but that made me steaming mad. Almost as mad at how thin she is.

    • “Too simple” as in too well trained and I don’t really have a reason to crank and yank, methinks…

      Sometimes I really hate people.

    • I think it means the owner perceives herself to be an awesome rider and this horses is just “too easy” to ride for such an amazing equestrian…she needs a challenge (like maybe putting weight on that poor horse)!

      Tell you what, I am fully capable of riding “difficult” horses and have helped work with troubled ex-racehorses, but I’d take a “simple” horse any day! Certainly wouldn’t sell a horse for being an easy ride.

      You’d think someone who was so advanced with horses would know that one’s too skinny…

  6. They misinterpreted the phrase “thinning out the herd”.

  7. This kind of posts make me want to get violent. Gawd damn BYB’s!

  8. As I was bring home a load of round bales today, I passed a group of 6 riders on the road. All six were skinny and had been ridden so hard with long winter coats (it’s 45 degrees today) that they were covered in sweat. The riders look like a bunch of yahoos and when they ride, they spend most of their time, RUNNING their poor skinny horses down the middle of the paved streets.

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