Competing at two? Are you out of your mind?!

“i have a two year old filly broke . i broke her in august and rode her in the youth rodeo oct 1 she did barrels her time was 27 ( it was her first time and she never seen the pattern) i ran her on poles she ran a 34 . and i team rope with her first we did head she didnt do to hot at that but it was the first time shed been roped off then we did heeling and she did amazing at that. that was the last rodeo she been to and i have beeen working her on everything getting her ready for this year . i really want to keep her but im going off to collage and dont have much time for her i would want her to go to a good home and do what she loves . she has alot of potentional i rode her the christmas parade she did great didnt mind the nose but couldn stand being in the bak of the parade she wanted to be in the front 🙂 she will walk through water and over tarps . a very nice horse”

Dear craigslist denizen:

You’re an incredible asshat.  How dare you start and compete a two year old.  What the hell were you thinking? Was it something along the lines of “hey, she didn’t buck me off, let’s push and push and push until she breaks” – because if so, we have a few choice words (and fists) for you.

“she didn’t do to hot at” team roping?  You don’t say.  Huh, why wouldn’t a two year old do well in competitive events?  Could it be that she wasn’t freaking ready?  If your comprehension of the English language is any indication of your understanding of young horses and the training thereof then we can’t even begin to fathom why this wasn’t a raging success.  –that’s not to say that spelling and grammar really have any bearing on one’s ability to break and train horses, but if you can’t understand the language that you assumedly speak fluently, how can you expect to understand the language the horses are speaking.  Here’s a hint: that deer-caught-in-the-headlights expression on your filly’s face means she’s nowhere near ready for all the crap you’ve already managed to put her through in what we can only hope was a matter of weeks and not, in fact, longer.

It really is people like you that make us rethink anything mean we’ve ever said to or about people who have unridden eleven year olds sitting in their fields.

You are worse than a useless tit.  Because of you it is very likely this horse will develop joint and back issues as she ages.  It is physically impossible for her to have the necessary muscling, or to have received the proper conditioning, that would have physically enabled her to compete in the events you mentioned.

Very sincerely,

There was no photo included in this craigslist ad, but we’re kind of thankful for that – we really don’t need to see another knock-kneed baby being forced into work that her body (not to mention mind) just isn’t ready for.

One last thought; how the fuck did this person get into college? SERIOUSLY! There are hundreds, dare we say thousands, of people who want to go to college but can’t afford it – and you let asshats like this one in?  Wasn’t a documentary recently done about the declining education system? Clearly we didn’t watch it so if we’re way off please excuse us, but it seems to us that letting someone like this craigslister into college might be a contributing factor.  Not that this person should be denied an education, indeed they should be sent back to first grade.  Make an effort, show that you can discern the difference between to, too and two and then go to college.  Until that happens, give the spot to someone who won’t major in Asshattery 101.  Ugh, just goes to show that college is no longer about education, it’s 100% financially motivated.  We feel like we should have seen that coming…


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  1. I think trotting poles would get you a 25-28. (19 is incredible, 20 will win most places). I would run, period, if someone bragged about a 34 second pole pattern ASIDE from all the other issues. All around moron.

  2. As if it wasn’t bad enough that they started a 2 year old, they also had to mention what a horrible job they did with her. 27 in barrels? Shouldn’t that be like 10 seconds faster? If you’re going to show a 2 year old, at least fucking practice. Don’t show her the barrel pattern or rope off of her for the first time at the show. Actually, maybe that was a good idea. Darwinism, you know? That person got lucky at the first show, but maybe the horse will be ready to fight by the second one. 🙂

    Oh, and they’re not going to college, they’re going to “collage.” You know, so they can learn to put themselves back together after trying to rope off of their green broke 2 year old again.

    • At least practice? Hmm not quite what we were going for. The stress of barrel racing on a two years olds knees would be astronomical. Thank gawd her time was that slow – any faster and her legs might have snapped!!

  3. I love that your post is a rant. You did such a good job of beating the crap out of that add that you left nothing for the rest of us to snark on. Well, maybe just one thing: how the hell does someone get into college without knowing that after a period you’re supposed to start the next word with a capital letter??
    Oh and it seems he/she was also visited by the ALOT monster…

  4. Obviously the filly needs to start paying for herself or be sold. I mean why waste the food on something that isn’t making any money and just taking up space!

    I could sorta understand showing the filly in an in hand class, or trailering her to the venue to let her get used to the new noises/sights/smells, but I’m with you on why ride babies, especially in timed events!

    “i have a two year old filly broke.” Yeah, broken back, legs, mind, spirit….

  5. D’oh, that first sentence of mine I had put “sarcasm” “/sarcasm” around but looks like it didn’t come through….

  6. I went out this morning to feed my horses and when I saw my 21 month-old colt I couldn’t figure out how anyone could ride juvenile horses, there’s no room on him and my feet would drag on the ground (I’m darn short too) despite the fact that he’s almost 15hh.
    Then I saw your blog post and it hit me like a ton of bricks – I’m smart and I almost have a decent grasp of English!

    OK. Bad humour aside- this person was accepted into college?????

    • To get in to university here, you only need a 65% in a high enough level class to be accepted. College is even lower in a lower-level class. It’s not hard to get accepted to some places, but it’s darn expensive.

  7. As I’m working with a green 10 year old right now…it’s annoying, but at least he’ll stay sound.

    (A green 10 year old THOROUGHBRED, by the way. He is a gorgeous horse, but between a dose of TB ditziness and his age, it’s taking forever to teach him stuff. And he has times when he really doesn’t care for this earning his hay thing. Given the state he was in when my trainer found him in a dirt lot, he should be glad to have the opportunity to earn his hay…but horses don’t think like that).

  8. Hmm, the weird thing is that race horses are always competing at two… some of the horses running in the Kentucky Derby (designed for 3yos) are actually two, they get in because of the “January 1st automatic birthday” rule. I remember one horse named Second of June (because that was his birthday… clever, huh?) who was pointing towards the Derby, except in his final prep race he broke his leg. Oops. They brought him back to racing after a long layoff, and… he broke his leg again. And it was so nasty that he died.

    Remind me again why everyone else gets shit for this, but the racehorse world does not?

    • I would personally quite like to see racing go back to the days when horses ran in heats and were considered to hit their peak at 5-6…and the Derby was a single shot *Futurity*. Man would we have a better Thoroughbred if racing had stayed that way…

    • That’s one of the many reasons I hate the racing industry. They start the horses too young and their careers are too short. If they aren’t too messed up to be ridden once their career is over, a lot of them still end up at he kill buyer.

    • Sort of Anonymous

      The *why* is at the top of the page: over a half mil in winnings, besting horse like Funny Cide (winner of over $3.5 million) and Lava Man (winner of over $5.25 million)

      For the record, he didn’t break down right away… He fractured his left cannon as a three year old; he fractured his right hind ankle in 2006.

      Second of June
      Winnings: 14 Starts: 4 – 6 – 2, $528,800
      At 2:
      Won What a Pleasure S.
      2nd Foolish Pleasure S.
      At 3:
      Won Holy Bull S. (G3)
      2nd Fountain of Youth S. (G2)
      At 4:
      2nd Oaklawn H. (G2)
      3rd New Orleans H. (G2)
      At 5:
      2nd Woodward S. (G1)
      3rd Washington Park H. (G2)

      Do I think they should run three year olds, and saddle break yearlings? Hell no. But this is where the money is; When they make the purses higher for 5 and older horses, and drop purses in the ridiculous futurities, maybe it will change. But people want shortest return on their investment.

  9. Don’t give this person too much credit, it’s probably community college, where you’re accepted if you have a pulse.

  10. Sara S, that is what I was just thinking…anybody can get into a community college or a votec school, just need the $$, brains optional 🙂

    I sent my 4yr old out for three months this summer and he still had that deer in the headlights look…rof Hes developing a brain as we speak. Just like other horses of his breeding I have delt with. That winter between 4 and 5 they find their brains 🙂

  11. Certainly within the showing world in the UK the horse must be a minimum of 4 before it can be ridden on the show ground at all.
    Not sure about dressage and jumping but I think it will be similar or minimum of 3. Competing a 2 year old simply wouldn’t be tolerated at all.

  12. She didn’t say she’s going to college, she said “im going off to collage” …. which means she’s got a big scrap book with pages to fill.

  13. Well, at least the filly is not pregnant.
    And, my first thoughts were that we had NO way of knowing what she was going to “collage” (sic) to do if anything…..
    Hopefully, however, it will involve her learning how not to get pregnant?

  14. Horses shouldn’t be ridden at two…no argument here. This person is obviously an idiot, but I agree that Tbs suffer from the early riding as well. The only reason I decided to post was the ass-hat worthy comments about community colleges. Seriously?? Yes, community colleges take everyone, but not all of us who went to a community college are idiots. And as someone who has taught freshmen at a large research undergraduate institution, I can tell you that idiots get in there, too. They just have more money.

  15. YEs, I have seen the idiots in private colleges- their daddies paid their tuition and they do not give a shit what for 🙂

    • I work at a private Christian University that if you have a 67% average and enough money your accepted! most of the dumb girls try to get engaged before they flunk out first semester! and if they make to 2nd semester not pregnant or engaged they have a saying there “ring by spring”! like its something to be encouraged!

  16. If this owner has anything to do with anyone showing AQHA, that is where she learned that competing babies is normal. Read some of the criteria for competing in AQHA classes. It has been a while since I read them, but I get them quoted at me all the time by the WP trainer at my barn. He doesn’t agree with the rules but if you want your horse competing with the big kids at age 5 – you will be riding hard at age 1 and working your way into one class after another. 6 or 7 is OLD in the QH world. You can find ads all the time of trainers endorsing some product that lets their AGED QH be ridden – a little- by their grandchildren. They are talking about horse around 6 years old.
    I used to sort of equate this insanity with TB racing. NO COMPARISON. I have owned OTTBs,, one after another, all started young… ALLL competitive XC and over big fences in their late teens and early twenties.

    • Thoroughbreds appear able to take it better. This is probably the result of selective breeding.

      Also, bear in mind two things, although I would still like to see racehorses started later:

      1. Jockeys are VERY light. Racehorses are carrying only about 8-10% of their body weight, which does make a difference.
      2. Racehorses are not expected to make the kind of tight turns that cause joint problems or really do anything but run fast in a straight line or a gentle curve.

      The QH world right now disgusts me. And it’s not even just in showing. I know somebody who was harassed everywhere she went because her 18 month old gelding wasn’t under saddle yet. She was actually yelled at in the feed store about how she was wasting time, why was she feeding that horse and not working it. She ended up starting him at two just so she would be left alone…

  17. What about all the Quarter Horse Snaffle Bit Futurities for 2 year old? No one seems to think a thing about sending off their 18 month olds for training anymore, which really grates on my nerves. With the HUS folks, they all want 17 hand QHs, and they too are sent off as babies so they will be ready for their 2 year old show season. For my own horses, I never start them till they are 3 and don’t show under saddle until they are at least 4. Right now, I have 2 rides on a 8 year old I am starting. No “deer in the headlights” for her, she’s ready and strong as an ox. I’d rather wait a few extra years and add them back on to the end of my horse’s working careers.

  18. Maybe she’s going off to college because she has a job there…like sweeping floors or something.

  19. I hope she doesn’t wear a helmet! so this wont be happening much longer…..yes I know im evil 🙂

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