What malnourishment can do to foals

8 mouths old bay colt call

You giant fucking assholes!  How dare you do this to a baby?  His growth is so stunted due to lack of nourishment that the size of his head made us think (admittedly only for a second) he might be suffering from dwarfism. There is a special place in hell for people like you.

The owners care so little for this poor baby they can’t even type out one full sentence for his sale ad… and all we can think is thank gawd they’re selling him. There has got to be a better home for him.

This foal displays signs of Developmental Orthopaedic Disease (DOD) – which is a generalized term coined to encompass a wide range of sins (in this case aka developmental issues) seen in foals including  “epiphysitis, contracted tendons, osteochondrosis, cervical vertebral malformation or wobblers”.   This foal appears to be suffering from contracted tendons, and given the state of his body, he is most definitely suffering from malnourishment (large head, small body and exposed ribs).

This website is a good source of general information on starvation/malnourishment including signs thereof and also an article on refeeding the starved horse.

To anyone intersted in rehoming this deserving fellow, or any of the myriad of other starving horses – which seems to be all we’re hearing about these days… ugh this is depresing… oops forgot the point – for some good resources on refeeding starved horses, check out this article from The Horse, or this one from UC Davis.  They also have this article (and this one too) on feeding foals.  We’re not 100% as the ad has now been removed, but we think this ad was on the Oklahoma City craigslist – in case anyone wanted to keep an eye out for him…


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  1. Snark, maybe in the future could it be possible to network here and elsewhere on-line to get poor souls like this pony out of the hands of morons like this guys owners Before you publicly roast them over a hot bed of coals? I don’t want AssHats to stash poor pony in a dark shed and let him starve because they are too ashamed to sell him now. Can we perhaps get him somewhere safe where he’ll get a chance to grow up and then flay the flesh of the Tweekers who did this?

    • that’s a great idea! I don’t know if you’ve been following our posts on Fugly, but we’ve started a rescue network database – wherein people in the rescue biz who are willing to answer questions and help out people who come across less than savory situations can submit their contact info for us to forward inquiries to. We’re trying to develop this and act as a central hub where people with questions can email them to us and we will forward to someone in their area who can help. We’ll look in to develping some sort of wish list/rehome list and see what we can come up with. If you have suggestions please email us!

  2. That’s a darn good idea.

    As for these people. Karma I hear can be a real Bitch. 😀

  3. The large/deformed head is almost certainly a symptom of calcium loss due to inverted calcium/phosphorus ratio – or not enough calcium period. It’s also known as “big head disease,” and there’s no way to reverse the bone damage.

  4. I once attented a sport horse in-hand show, where people brought in their beautiful, perfectly groomed, and well-fed youngsters. Right in the middle of all that equine perfection, came a gal leading a colt much like today’s photo. She stood him up beside colt’s his age, but twice his size and weight and didn’t even seem to notice that her colt didn’t look like all the others. ( I would have crawled under a rock.) Surprisingly, in a group who tends to be a bit snobish and outspoken, several people kindly approached her and made suggestions as to how she could improve her colt. I was quite impressed with how the other people handled the situation. In this case, the gal simply didn’t seem to know how to raise a colt, and instead of a belittling her and being tossing out on her ear, she got an education. However, if someone does know how to feed a horse and then just doesn’t do it, then I’d be the first one to give them an ear full and a kick in the pants.

  5. Thanks very much, I do follow you on Fugly. I have had a heck of a time registering on that site so as of this point I am not. I will try again however as I have in the past and am happy to help however I can with advice, a stall, training, or a home.
    Spots, warmbloods can be tricky to raise, it’s allmost an art to feed the dam and the resulting offspring. You really do need the right set-up and are best to have apprenticed at a very established successful breeding operation. I think most good WB breeders would help an owner who’s youngster was in trouble, they care deeply about the welfare of All horses.

  6. Wasn’t there a case on Vancouver Island where someone hanged their horse from a backhoe after people gave him hell for not feeding it? Real asshats can react quite maliciously to criticism.

  7. This is just sick. The only thing I’ve seen that was even more fucked was that story on FHOTD of a little filly being starved and ridden by some asshole BYB’s kids.

  8. Speaking of ads that make me angry…

    I understand selling horses, I absolutely do. And I’m glad that the family is trying to get the best possible home for their horses… but having a list of demands that need to be met? Sorry, but once you sell a horse, you can’t dictate what the new owner does or doesn’t do with them. If it mattered that much, you would keep the horse and retire them at your property.

    Actually, this makes me much more sad than angry. 😦

    • Admittedly it wasn’t as bad as some ‘lists’ I’ve seen. But tragic as how good those two are that they’re just like ‘meh’ and sell them.

      Also, did anyone notice those tie downs??? Holy crap! They have their heads in a relaxed position and the tie is TAUGHT. o.O

  9. It was OKC craigslist. I think they pulled the ad before it ever got posted here. Just awful. I see tons of craigslist ads that disgust me, but this was one of the worst.

  10. Oh wait, maybe we should just pet the poor abusers, ask them about their day and see if we can improve their self esteem. Screw that, if your going to be such an ignorant and/or generally crappy human to have ended up with a colt like this you deserve to get told, hounded across the internet, and hopefully starved yourself. The idea that you can’t speak of the abusers out of fear is EXACTLY how people like this continue to flourish. I hope you all continue to call them on their bullshit.

  11. I’m a bit late to the party, but I thought I’d share an album of my guy. The first photos were taken about 3 weeks after I got him, I couldn’t find the pics from the day he arrived. You can imagine how much worse things were. When I found him, he was kept in a dark, dirty stall with walls so high he couldn’t even see out of them. He’s turned out to be a great horse, but I can’t help but think that he would have been a lot beefier and bigger had he not been starved for so long. As an FYI, the last pic is at a campground…I don’t keep him in a tie stall.

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