Wyatt, not Earp

Howdy pardner, check out Wyatt, available for adoption from this month’s featured rescue, Strawberry Mountain Mustangs.

Wyatt is a 5 year old BLM gelding from the Stinkingwater HMA in Harney County.  Ironically, after adoption to an owner in Western Oregon, Wyatt was titled, then sold, eventually ending up on a meat buyer’s lot BACK in Harney County, slowly starving to death.  High fuel prices meant it just wasn’t profitable enough to haul the horses to slaughter.

The Harney County Sheriff and HSUS officials stepped in seizing approximately 48 horses and  leaving just as many or more behind, dead and rotting in pits.
Wyatt’s amazing transformation can be seen in the accompanying photos.  Upon arrival at SMM, he was infested with both internal and external parasites.  His health was so poor that he eventually went completely bald.  One of the most severely injured from this seizure, Wyatt had a huge wound under his jaw which required daily cleaning.  No small feat since, at the time, this young stallion had minimal handling.

Months later, Wyatt is now gelded, he is UTD on shots, worming and farrier work, he leads, loads, ties and bathes.  Through it all, he has been a joy to be around. He is calm, inquisitive, and most amazing of all, trusting.  Wyatt tends to be an “old soul” and prefers to hang out with two of our geriatric horses.
Wyatt is currently in foster in Bend Oregon. Contact us to make arrangements to meet this very special boy!

Adoption Fee: $250

Wyatt is coming 6 years old now.  He’s been out on trails with his foster mom, packing and learning how to place his feet and move. He’ll be started under saddle soon (if not already)


How many times have you heard people say they want a horse with heart – that ineffable, elusive, unicorn of all qualities? Well, here’s a chance to own a horse whose heart is clearly and available for all to see… on his face!!

I heart Wyatt.


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  1. He’s adorable. Wish I could follow my want and bring him home. *sigh*

  2. He has such a sweet face! 🙂

  3. Oh man. And he’s right in my neck of the woods too (I live in Bend). Good thing I have no more room or I’d snap him up in a heartbeat.

    What a cutie!!

  4. If we could get him to Oklahoma I would definitely be in trouble ~ Is there contact information?

  5. Proof that the BLM branding/safeguarding of the horses doesn’t work.

    I love me some mustangs! Especially one with an ol’ lawman name. Murph. Need money for pony! Silly college.

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