He just may live in Beirut

“11/2 year old colt sorrel colt very loving boy 300 obo”

Yup, not only are the owner’s words sprase, but so are the “facilities” in which this horse is kept.  We honestly cannot make sense out of that first picture – it looks like he lives in some sort of worn down brothel in one of those scary places where every step you take could infect you with AIDS (she says as she types on her laptop from the safety and warmth of her bed…).  Honestly, there’s more random debris on the ground in that picture than in my bedroom – which is more than you can shake a fist at!  (Seriously,  you couldn’t pay me to shake a fist at the stuff on my floor.  I’m convinced that if I’m not nice to it and don’t step around it carefully that it’ll murder me  in my sleep.)

The good news? His halter isn’t cutting into his face… yet.  He’s not skinny so they must feed him somewhere (looking past the potentially wormy belly).  He appears to have 2 structures in his brothel paddock that could hold water.  No way to tell if they currently do, but at least they can catch rain? ugh…

Wondering where this horse actually is?  He’s in Ontario, Canada – here’s a link to his sale ad on kijiji.

In the immortal words of Bob Barker, “Always spay or neuter your pets” – I think we can safely assume that if Bob knew anything about horses he would have encouraged gelding as well.


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  1. My god. That’s horrible.

  2. Hey- I see possibly two water hoses and an electrical extension cord…. so there is quite the possibility this horse gets water! Yeah!

  3. As long as the electrical extension cord doesn’t get to the water first.

  4. O_O If there is a homeowner association, they must be getting ready to burn these folk at the stake. If not, I can’t think of anywhere in Ontario where this is to code. That’s bold, posting those pictures in public.

    Feng shui fail.

  5. they took the ad down!! good job snarky!!!

    • Sorry, why is the ad being removed a *good* thing? That just means there’s less chance that the poor horse will be purchased and removed from his terrible situation. Odds are now that the horse will be sent to auction (bad), or continue to sit in that hell-hole because the owners are now too embarrassed to list him for sale again (possibly even worse).

  6. Er… was there a nuclear strike in Ontario that no one told me about? Because that would explain the “facilities”…

  7. Are you SURE that’s Canada? My first impression was Chernoble (sp?). Question #1 Does he eat, drink or bathe in that bathtub? Q#2 Is the garden hose to water him OR is that the main source for the occupants of this beautiful mansion and they ALL share the bathtub?
    Q#3 From the looks of the back ground could his very life be in danger and he is just the fattened calf for the next meal?

  8. My next thought is this poooor fugly has to be the only one with functioning brain waves suffering in that cess pool.

  9. OK, seriously … don’t people know basic marketing principles? GROOM your horse, put him on grass, with some pretty bushes behind him and THEN snap a picture and ask people to buy him! This serves the triple purpose of you getting to actually sell your horse (because people won’t immediately think he’s a disease-ridden flea-bag that they wouldn’t touch with a ten foot barge pole – although I will say something for the sympathy factor here), the horse getting to move into a nicer home (most things must be nicer than a brothel, I’m sure), AND you don’t look like a total asshat for keeping your horse in a brothel!!! Am I wrong?

  10. Why is it so many photos of sale horses have them turning away from the photographer? Sad that we are witnessing an attempt to get away from the human. Probably never had anything good associated with people. Poor pony.

  11. I really, really, REALLY want to see a BIGGER picture of this place so I can figure out what the Hell it really is.
    Seriously. What is this place? Abandoned Spaghetti Western movie set?

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