10 signs you need this t-shirt!

As most of you are aware, we have a little CafePress store set up.  You’re probably also aware that a dollar from every sale will be donated to the month’s featured rescue.  What you probably don’t know is that we’ve just added some new products!

And because unfortunately you can’t read it on the above pic, here’s what the shirt says

10. You’re at the barn on a Friday night

9. You feel it’s perfectly acceptable to text message your vet

8. All of your friends are horse people

7. There’s no difference between your “good clothes” and your “barn clothes”

6. You go to bed early on Saturday night so that you can muck stalls Sunday morning

5. You spend more on riding lessons than your social life

4. You can no longer smell that “barn smell”

3. Your entire Christmas wishlist is horse related

2. Your mother refers to your horse as “the only grandchild she ever expects to get”

1. You’re at the barn EVERY Friday night!


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  1. Check on 1-10! My car also has the “barn smell,” or so I’ve been told since it smells fine to me…

  2. I would rather live all ten of them than lead the lives that some of my non-horse friends lead.

  3. Hey, I resemble that. And see no reason to change either. 😉

  4. Totally with Spots too. Years of spending week days in the corporate or law firm world educated me to the fact that there are a lot of people whose lives revolve around their job and watching reality shows. These same people tell me that horses are “too much work” and wonder how I can stand to go to the barn every day to mix grain and supplements, scoop poop, ride, groom and . . . .

    Because I love it. And if continuing this means that my clothes are always from second hand stores and my cars are at least ten years old, then so be it. I am happier than most non-horse people. 😉

  5. I need that shirt and my friends need that shirt.

    Damn it.

  6. 5. You spend more on riding lessons than your social life

    In my case, it should read: you spend more on riding lessons then you do on groceries

  7. Could possibly add this:

    Your good shoes or dress up shoes are your CLEAN pair of boots.

  8. How much tack you can carry is one of the 1st considerations when buying a car.

    Your friends are allways picking straw or hay out of your hair

    You own more riding boots than heels

    You own more breeches than jeans

    The smell of a just cleaned barn wipes away all worries and makes your soul smile.

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