Ok so there was a bit of a downfall in communication and neither of us prepared a post for today! Seriously, one of these day’s we’ll get our collective shit together! lol  But I figured this could be a good opportunity to let those of you who aren’t following us over at Fugly Blog about the rescue network database we’ve started – although now that I’m typing this out I’m wondering if I didn’t already mention something earlier… oh well if I did then this is just a reminder!

What the dealio is: Our first week on the job over at Fugly we received an email from someone concerned about the welfare of her neighbors horse and didn’t know what she could do to help it or who she should contact.  Well, we didn’t know either so we forwarded her email to a friend with an excellent rescue who has a lot of contacts within the industry.  Luckyily, she was able to help and this horse received the vet care it desperately needed.  This whole thing got us thinking about how we could help horses and other people in this situation – because this woman certainly couldn’t be the only one with questions!

So we’ve decided to act as kind of a hub.  Questions, concerns, etc. can be emailed to us either at Fugly Blog ( or here ( and we will forward the email on to someone in that particular geographic area who has volunteered to help.  Right now we’re building up the database and are looking for people who have experience with rescues (either volunteering, working with, or running) that would be willing to answer questions and looking in to the occasional situation.

All database contact information will be kept confidential – whenever we receive an inquiry we’ll forward it on to those we think would be able to help and they can either respond directly to the original emailer or send us the info to send out.  Our ultimate goal is to help the horses so if that means we do a little extra work and coordination then we’re happy to do it.

We’re concentrating on building the database throughout North America for now but that’s not to say if you’re in the UK or Australia that we don’t want to hear from you!

Please help us out by sharing this with your friends and horse-world contacts – both in person and via social media!  We’d really appreciate any help 🙂


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  1. That’s a great idea! Thank you so much!

  2. I think this is a great idea! As you gather contacts, do you think it would be a good plan to put them in a database that eventually could be published online? This may be a tremendous amount of work for someone to keep updated but it may also answer some questions of WHO to contact in a particular area and save many duplicate emails. Not sure how that would work out – only you would know based on the volume of feedback you receive.

    • Right now we’re just keeping it on an excel spreadsheet and keeping all the contact info confidential. We thought that might make people more likely to participate. We’re certainly open to ideas. We want this to grow so that there’s an excellent resource available to anyone and everyone – it’s just a matter of figuring out the best way to do that and ensure that people’s information is protected. 🙂

  3. Some sort of Read-Only data base sorted by region? I think whomever collects and administers the data will need to keep it read only so there is no mussing with the info. Do you a particular e-mail or confidentail site we can e-mail our info and stats to?

    • Right now you can email it to us at and we’ll add you to the database.

      Until we figure out the best way to handle this we’re just going to keep all the info on an excel spreadsheet and forward any questions we receive to the best possible contact(s) and they can either respond directly to the inquiry or send info to us and we will forward that on – in that way their contact info remains private but they are still able to help 🙂

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