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We’re back to craigslist for this one.  The pictures there made us cringe, but the Youtube video took things to a whole new level.  This is one tolerant little mare!

The video’s a little long, so we’ll point you to the really good spots.  4:36 is where they load her in the bed of a pickup truck and then drive a short ways.  At 5:21 they lead her up the front steps and into the house (we kept expecting to see her crash through the wooden patio!), and then at 7:39 the child endangerment starts.  What CL horse ad would be complete without it?

We’re having a hard time deciding which part was our (least) favorite – the one child almost hauling the horse over in it’s attempt to get on; the 3 kids riding at once, with the heaviest on her kidneys; or the two little toddlers siting helmetless in the saddle while the oldest clings like a monkey to her neck.  Usually standing up in the saddle to take a flying leap would be a highlight, but in this case it doesn’t make our top three!

How is the fact that they managed to drag that poor horse onto the bed of a truck a selling point?  First of all, who would even consider that to be a viable mode of transportation? No access to a trailer? Well, we’ll just throw her in the back of a pickup… yeah, that’ll happen.  Most people, at least most with firing synapses, wouldn’t want to risk damaging their $50,000+ truck by putting a horse on it.  Not sure insurance would cover that one…  Of course, we’re not even mentioning the obviously insane risk to the poor animal. These people clearly couldn’t care less about the mare’s safety or discomfort – further proven as they drag her into the house (another stellar selling point though, we’re sure).

We know most of us did some dumb things with our horses when we were younger.  But our parents would’ve given us hell if they’d found out, not turned on the video camera and encouraged the madness!

We’d ask what they were thinking in using this as a sales video, but since it’s been pretty effective at making us want to get her out of their hands, maybe they’re really marketing geniuses.  It could happen…


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  1. She looks drugged up. . .

  2. Wow… sorry but that does make me want that horse. She is amazingly tolerant. I notice they didn’t show you the loading/unloading from the truck… but when they took her into the house they were pretty nice about it.

    Watching her with those kids tho… very good girl.

  3. I think she’s terrific and needs a serious UPGRADE!!!
    BTW Why didn’t they find a non-muddy place to tack up/load in trailer? the mud in the round pen covers her willingness to get wet or ride into puddles… *head-desk*

  4. Is it sad that I’m at least proud of them for not only mentioning her age, height, and gender in that video, but also for the fact that they at least have her broke (and possibly broken… but that’s another story)?

  5. Ugg I didn’t even make it to the really awful stuff because I couldn’t stand the random wind instrument noises they had for music.

  6. I’ld snap her up in a minute! What a good girl!

    The first time I saw a horse transported, my friend’s dad loaded it up in the back of the farm truck, had the wood slatted sides. Rode all the way into town for the parade. Of course the truck was a little bigger, and he slowed for turns but we ripped on the straight. Never saw the horse scamble.

  7. This makes me want to buy her just to save her. Can’t decide if she’s drugged or just so tired of all the STOOPID humans around her to even care anymore.

    And for another dose of stupidity:

  8. I can just see them now, printing up business cards offering their “training” services, since they got this mare “broke”.

  9. Holy sh*t, that’s not just a house they dragged her into; it’s a double wide!!! Having lived in a few growing up, I’m seriously surprised she didn’t fall through the floor! Totally confused, as well, about which member of the mud-farming, trailer-living, haul-my-horse-in-the-bed-of-my -truck family is a closeted jazz fan.

  10. Yep. Definitely going to need a dose of brain bleach after watching that.

  11. Wow…just…wow….
    When I was a teen, I remember a family that had two small Appys (large POAs?) that the woman (about 5 feet tall and about 300 lbs.) would load up into the bed of their pickup….with NO RAILS, no bedding, tied them through the back sliding window…to haul them to and from game shows. Her kids were riding them at the shows (thank God!)…epic stupid trailertrash type folk, y’know, the ones with the cheap auction tack, curb bits, ill-fitting synthetic saddles, and always the cheap pad that was in danger of shooting out from under the saddle and off the horse’s butt. They would back up to the sand pile (backup fill dirt for the arena) at the showgrounds to load up, but just turn the horses around and jump them out to unload. Tied them to the side mirrors on the truck. It was amazing how good those ponies were. Scarey, scarey shit….

    I’m guilty of bringing my miniature horse up the porch stairs and into the house though. Had a show coming up and needed to shave the mini (usually you do this no less than a week before the show so the coat starts coming in a bit to give it a nice appearance), and it was raining so hard out that the barn and garage were flooding, so we took him into the kitchen and shaved him there on the linoleum. No poops or peepees either….he stood there patiently and was a VERY good boy!

  12. Sorry got sidetracked and forgot this:

    Ok so you have to walk out to catch her? As it is, if she hadn’t been on a tussock surrounded by muddy water, I’m guessing she may have tried to avoid being captured. I see this because the guy had to walk so slowly and carefully out to her, like he expected her to duck and run. In my book, an easy to catch horse will meet you when you start walking out, or come to you when called.

    He was hosing her off. I hope it was just her feet. In my book (once again) if you feel the need to wear a heavy jacket while outside, then it’s too darn cold to be batheing your horse.

  13. Did anyone else notice how the music got more and more chaotic as the horror progressed? XD

  14. What was that boy doing hanging off her neck???
    *facepalms* That poor dear.

  15. Somebody rescue that poor little darling mare…

  16. When I lived in New Mexico more than half of the people that showed up at local horse shows transported their horses there in the beds of their trucks. It was absolutely horrifying. And they weren’t slow and careful about it, either. We’d see them driving 70 down the highway with the horse’s head ducked down as low as he/she could get it, trying to avoid the wind and bugs. Disgusting.

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