Weekly Dose of WTF?

Here’s a new feature I’m trying out.  I’m sure you’re all aware of WDC – our Weekly Dose of Cute segment done every Sunday.  It’s a chance to share a little cuteness, which can be especially nice when most weeks all we talk about is asshat owners and their poor horses!  So now here’s WDWTF – Snarky Rider’s Weekly Dose of WTF?

And now for WDWTF.  It’s not horse related, but it’ll definitely make you go “WTF?”



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  1. These cows are just in paddocks in Belgium, they’re not all in “robot cow factories”. I was fascinated to see them when I was driving around there last year. They are truly astonishing. Oh, and if anyone is planning a trip to Europe, don’t miss Brugge – a gorgeous city and who can beat hot waffles with fresh strawberries and a jug of melted Belgian chocolate to pour over the top for breakfast?

  2. That is a freaky-looking cow. Reminds me of a bulked-up halter QH with teeny little feet, but even more extreme.

  3. I think people who breed HYPP should just own these cows instead, they don’t look much different and the cows have a purpose plus their quality of life isn’t majorly affected – besides all that extra weight they must waddle around with.

  4. These guys don’t look stressed at all, and as for the waddling…. there’s a whole generation of American PEOPLE brought up on McDonalds who look and walk just like that, and they are sorely offended if you suggest it’s not healthy.

  5. Blazedflame and I must think alike- I was wondering what their HYPP status was. Then I realized that these weren’t the mutant Quarter Horses. Honestly, the decent sized feet and hooves gave that away.But do you know what I got out of that video? All of the science and technology and years of breeding specific cattle and they are STILL not smart enough to use breeding dummies. I am sorry but that cow looked like she was going to be crushed if he slipped, and to me those metal sides didn’t look like they were quick release if an accident occured. Of course I could be wrongabout their set up, but really a breeeding dummy would be so much safer……

  6. Holly shit… They look like they’re on steroids O.o

  7. Okay, so they’ve selectively bred the cattle that has a defective growth-regulation gene, and now we’re going to eat that? Forgive me for not seeing the wisdom in eating mutated meat. On the other hand, a lot of the meat on the market is full of growth hormones which are worse, but still.

    • “eating mutated meat..”
      Evolution occurs through mutation in genes. All breeds of domestic animals have been created by selection for characteristics that occurred originally through mutations. If you want to look at it that way, everything we eat (not to mention the human race) is mutated 🙂
      This is a naturally occurring mutation, not something they went in a laboratory and created. Really, nothing to be worried about there.
      Although, personally I don’t have a problem with growth hormones, either.

      If I remember correctly, this breed’s meat also doesn’t grade very well because it is so lean, it lacks the marbling (fat in the muscle) that makes meat tender and juicy. Basically, anyway.

  8. I think this “double muscle” gene crops up in horses, cattle and dogs too. It has been actively selected in a few continental cattle breeds. Personally, I wouldn’t breed them, but they do seem to give a lot of meat per steer. I believe they are also known for having calving problems (no surprise there) so they are often used for cross breeding. We live in a strange world.

  9. The double muscling gene is found in greyhounds or whippets, I can’t remember which but if you want to see something really freaky, google that!

  10. I watched this on PBS a few years ago.. and thought WTF at the time… and they say its natural?? geezu!! Kinda makes you wonder why that haven’t done that to sheep and chickens..
    I mean horses have in the HYPP horses, these “au natural” bulls.. why not other critters..
    How about the featherless chicken!

  11. While this breed of cattle (belguim blue) has many health isssues asaociated withem their defect other breeds that have the mutation do not. I have worked with and shown Piedmontese cattle, which is another breed that has the myostatin mutation. This breed is becoming much more popular. The cavling issues are miminal, as the large muscling occurs after birth. Studies have been done on the meat and it has been determined that it has less fat, calories, and choresterol than skinnless chicken breast, much healthier than the over fat beef most of us consume if you ask me.

  12. Nice evasion… it is “as healthy as any other intensive producing animal.” Yeah. I got that.

  13. This makes me feel sick to my stomach. All I can think when I see this is the strain that weight must put on their legs and the strain being shut up in factory conditions must put on their minds.

    Reducing animals to this just makes me want to hit people.

    Utterly horrifying.

  14. EEEEEEEEEEW-Kay… that is definitely one for the books. Bizarre. I have to say though, that I had the same thought as Carla up there about the AQHA halter horses. *grin*

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