From Fugly: Wiki said it all

My apologies for not doing a full post for Snarky Rider today.  I worked long and hard on the Fugly blog post and am quite tired – also it’s a relevant discussion so why not bring it on over to SR?

Here are the highlights:

Big ass ugly bits being sold to “relax your horse, but will still let you be in control”.

*cough* bullshit *cough*

Wiki and agree with me on this one.

Dumbass’s need to stop riding off their hands and causing horses to have ‘dead mouths’.  If you feel your horse actually needs a bit like this then you need to go back and revisit his basic training.  No horse needs a bit like this.

Seriously though, save yourself the $49.00, hit up your local hardware store (or Walmart) and pick up 5 inches of chain and just use that instead! Be sure to keep the paramedics on speed dial though, because I sincerely hope your horse dumps your stupid ass.


On an unrelated manner – SR is a proud finalist in the Best Blog category of Equestrian Social Media Awards!!! Wooo!! (Don’t forget to vote! -which closes on Feb 10!)  A requirement of all finalists is that we submit a video for if we win, and if we don’t.  Umm I’m a writer (or at least I pretend to be!), not a video-person-whatever-they’re-called.  So I’ve struck an accord.  A promising film student has graciously agreed to produce the videos for Snarky Rider in exchange for some exposure.  To which I say: YIPPPPPEEEEEEE!!!!!

Actually, it’s pretty cool, they’re in a competition to win some start up money for their own film company.  So please, stop by youtube and check out their video, all you have to do is watch.  Easy, right?  Please share the link as well – let’s help them win!  Oh, and they have offered to donate $100 if they win to a charity of our choosing!


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  1. Relax your horse? Are they fucking kidding?? Those are the kind of people who deserve a hi-five, in the face, with chair. And maybe a table or too.

    P.S. Voted 😉

  2. *bangs head on desk*
    Anyone who thinks those bits are the solution need to stop and ask themselves if they would be relaxed and responsive with that in their mouth…

    PS. Voted 🙂 I saw this on Fugly first, but I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed this blog far more since I found it!

  3. That video was awesome (although I was struggling with the pin and balloon part – found myself automatically cringing and waiting for the big *POP* that never came 😉

    I’ve already voted for you, although I can’t remember which category (weren’t you in more than one?)

    I’ve seen some horrible bits for sale – elevator bits, bicycle chain and beyond – the stuff of nightmares if you ask me. I think some of the worst ones I’ve seen are in the walking horse industry (you should see some of their catalogs – eek). For me, I’m itching to get my hands on a bitless bridle and see how that goes.

    Several years ago I stumbled across a really neat mathematical formula for “rating” bit severity. I went through our tack room systematically bit by bit (ha) and was surprised several times by the results (some bits I was told were harsh weren’t and others that were supposed to be “light” were considerably more severe than stated). I posted it on our website for anybody else that is interested in that kind of thing (and I’ll apologize in advance and warn you that our site is a digital disaster area at the moment – I’m remodeling and my alter ego is “Techno Twit” *grin*). It’s at the bottom of this page: Hope that it was all right to include a link on here.

    P.S. Oh, and just in case you don’t already have a charity, we’d be happy to volunteer. Tacky me (hee).

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