Advertising Fail

I bet you thought you were going to see another craigslist ad?  Didn’t ya?

This one is from something called Yakaz.  I’ve never heard of it but one of our readers sent this ad in.  Apparently it’s one in a string of many where one stable is competing with another stable – and the other stable is just trying to mind their own business.  Not going to go into detail about that here because I’m not in the mood for a feud (but bring on the rhyming!) and because I haven’t done any research into that.  My issue is with this ad:


*names changed

Let me get this straight.  You want me to take lessons from you because the other person is mean?  Yet, you’re the one talking smack on the internet. What happens if/when we disagree on something (come on, it’s the horse world, it’s bound to happen!)?  Are you then going to slam me on the internet?  No thank you.  Not taking that chance!  In fact, now that you’ve mentioned this other stable, I think I’ll check them out and see what’s got your cage so rattled.  -or am I the only one with that thought process?

As for experiance [sic] – after a certain point it isn’t the only deciding factor.  Sure, you want someone who has a basic knowledge and understanding to be teaching you, but experience can’t beat the stupid out of a person.  For example… ugh there are so many to choose from right now.  Seriously, choosing one is like shooting fish in a barrel. How about a Fugly Blog classic? Samantha Milbredt of Columbia Basic Equine Rescue (the term rescue is used extremely loosely here).  I’m sure she has tons of experience in the horse world, but would you want the likes of her anywhere near your horse?  I’d take a younger, less experienced person who cares about the horses and their own responsibilities as a trainer and boarder any day. I’m not saying I’m going to go out and take lessons from a 13 year old, but I’m sure you catch my drift.

So, Millie*, I think I’ll be taking my business elsewhere – even if that means paying more to someone who has been mean to you.  Somehow, I get the impression it may have been deserved.


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  1. Professionals don’t sling mud. They let their actions speak for them. To call others names, esp. on the net, makes you sound like a moron. Nothing says, “RUN, don’t walk!” away from these people than their own words.

  2. Hah… Snarky I was having the same EXACT thought process. It’s so funny when people go this route and think that it will make them look somehow superior to the person who is *actually* conducting themselves professionally.

    Fucking 5-year-olds need to stay the hell off the ‘net… just sayin’

  3. I’ve been reading your blog since you took over fugly and usually really enjoy it. This post made me sick to my stomache. I’m Bobby Jo* and have been dealing with these ads for nearly 2 weeks now. I just want them to go away! Now there’s one on your blog. Thanks :/

    Mt. Pleasant Farm claims, after being told that we would pursue a defamation suit, that they have nothing to do with these ads. They say it’s a group of teenage girls that are jealous of a 12 year old that rides and trains horses there. I don’t know how my farm would tie into that theory. I want things to settle down. Myself and Millie* are never going to be friendly, we have very different opinions and ways of doing things, but we can be cival. She teaches western, rents horses out and mostly trail rides. I teach hunt seat and most of my students show (though we trail ride too). We also offer very different boarding options. There really is no competition for business between us. We are two VERY different farms.

    On the bright side, I did make several new professional contacts when people started looking me up to warn me about the ads and I do have 2 new students starting this week. Also, all of the ads clarify that I’m “not that old”. The sprouting grey hairs make me think otherwise, but I’ll run with it and just dye my hair! 🙂

    • Sorry, the intent of this post wasn’t to get into the whole mud-slinging-ness – more to highlight the fact that posting ads like that is not a professional route to take and reflects more poorly on the writer than the subject. If that didn’t come across in the post, then I’m sorry and my bad. I posted that ad because it was listed as being posted by Millie* herself – but it’s possible it’s teenagers pretending to be her. Although, if she knows who’s posting those ads it does make me wonder why she hasn’t asked them to stop…

      • Melissa (Bobby Jo*)

        Parts of the ads point to the 12 year old and the comments made in the ads have all been things that her grandmother (a friend of the farm owner) said to me. I wrote a blog post about finding a safe riding instructor and the grandmother claimed that the post was directed at them. I wasn’t living here and had never even heard of them at that point. That blog post was the start of all of this. I have my doubts that the farm isn’t involved. I really just want this all to go away.

      • Melissa (Bobby Jo*)

        I do know what you meant by posting it. I just saw the ad on here and it’s been a very frustrating thing to deal with. I just needed to get over the initial shock of seeing it on here. I wasn’t expecting it. This is actually one of the nicer ads. If one had to be posted, I’d much rather it be this one!

        • If I were in their area… after reading that ad I would’ve been more inclined to look up Bobby Joe’s farm for boarding, etc.

          I’ve had first hand experience with pranksters targeting a business, and it’s extremely stressful. I owned my own business for 5 years. It was running in the black, and I loved being my own boss. The final year, someone thought it’d be funny to “order” numerous products in my name and have it billed to me. I couldn’t keep up the amount of crap that came in. Multiple items ended up on my credit report (the stack of encyclopedia’s that I had to pay to ship back and didn’t). I filed a police report, but the police don’t care and never helped stop it. I gave up after 6-8 months and put the business up for sale. It’s hard enough owning a business without adding additional stress of some idiot playing pranks on you.

          If I caught those kids…. Let’s just say they’d never sit without pain again. And the other barn owner need’s to take a hard stance on this! She condones it with her silence.

  4. Heads up if you’re trying to protect the “identities” of Bobby Joe and Millie, the link to Yakaz takes you directly to their post!!

    Agreed on your assessment of the commentary… I’d be heading to BJ’s and seeing what got Millie so worried about her business!

  5. I can’t believe this was written by a 12 year old. A 6 year could totally do a better than than this. A 6 year who went to school, anyway 😉

    • Ahem… the above post was meant to read as:
      *A 6 year old could totally do a better add than this. A 6 year old who went to school, anyway.

      I think reading dumb adds is making me dumber too *hides*

  6. Melissa is very good at what she does, she has been working wth horses for a long time now, and i think the mud slinging needs to stop between the two barns, completely different disclipnesI think “millie” does know who is slinging the mud but continues to let it happen. I look foward to showing with melissa this summer, and i’m sure we’ll have a lot of good laughs on trail rides! I am glad she moved to our “neck of the woods”!!

  7. First thought: Geez, this sounds like it was written by a 12 year old.

    Second thought: They’d better be careful or they’ll find themselves slapped with a defamation suit.

    Then I read the comments and thought, huh weird.

    Hang in there and stay on the high road Melissa! I’ve witnessed first hand the positive effects of negative publicity. A friend on Etsy’s shop was being slammed repeatedly by another shopkeeper in the forums and while it was understandably stressful, her shop sales went from 200 to over 1,000 in a couple of weeks.

    Can you say backfired? 😀


    I think this person means, “Mt. Pleasant farm is better THAN Pleasant Lake Farm.”

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