Gentle Giants: Butters

Please meet Butters.  Butters is a coming 5 year old Haflinger/Belgian cross mare.  We found Butters as a 4 year old at an auction in November of 2010.   She was very ill- suffering from a punctured right eye, serious pneumonia, and racked with a high fever.  Her respiratory rate was hovering around 50 breaths a minute.  We outbid a meat broker, and bought her safety for $225.  She was critical enough that the vet came to the auction house to start her treatment immediately, as we were concerned she was not stable enough to travel.  With a bolus of IV antibiotics and some Banamine on board, she started on her way home.  She wasn’t much to look at back then.

Butters is now fully recovered and healthy, and the only reminder of her ordeal is some vision loss on the right.  You wouldn’t know if you weren’t told.  She goes W/T/C and is a very nicely started green-bean with lots of try.  Butters is still learning to balance herself, let alone balance herself with a rider.  She sort of trucks around on her forehand and simply follows her nose right now, but she’s all heart and she works very hard to figure out what is being asked of her.  Butters is very green, as in she’s still wiggly and can’t trot a straight line to save her life, or canter without sticking her nose to the outside- but she’s very easy to ride.   With time and fitness, she’ll make a very nice little pleasure horse, trail horse, and would likely enjoy some low level showing or play day type stuff.  And yes, she’s named for Butters of Southpark.  We saw a resemblance.

Butters stands at 15.3 and still has a touch more growing to do, but it will likely be in bulk, not in height.

Adoption fee:  $400

Just remember, this is Butters:

Not this:

Sorry! I couldn’t help myself!!!


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  1. Somebody needs to break that mare to harness stat! Wouldn’t she be CUTE pulling a country style cart?

    Seriously, she’s adorable. Going to walk away now…

  2. I just wish GG would adopt to a larger radius, but I understand the need to keep an eye on the horses they do adopt out. :c I live a few states south of there, but often visit their site and sigh over their horses.

  3. Butters is too cute! And I admit I am slightly partial to haflingers. . .

  4. Oh my Goodness! Butters is so cute and you are wonderful to save her! You have obviously given her excellent care and training. I am sure she will make someone a very nice horse.

  5. She looks like an absolute gem, I have a soft spot for haffies too 🙂

    I’m with Jennifer, break her to drive and she’d be such a picture!

  6. Again with the punctured eyes, think that was done on purpose like the kill buyers talk about to keep the horses quite?

  7. What a wonderful rescue!

    They really blind them to keep them quiet??? Sick,sick,sick…

  8. I’ve used Butters in lessons, mainly to work on her, and she has come a very long way! All heart and she never stops trying to please you. She’s going to be a great horse and companion for somebody.

  9. Ahhhh! TOO CUTE! As the proud owner of a belgian x halflinger (also picked up at auction) I can say this is actually a very cute cross. I can’t speak for Butters, having never seen her in real life, but my girl is quite athletic and LOVES to jump — must be the halflinger side. She is also super quick to pick things up and so, so, so quiet — must be the belgian side. See? A perfect cross! We’re doing conditioning work through the winter and will start event training in the spring. 🙂 At nine (approx.) years old my girl has topped out at 15.2H, but she is wide enough to take up my leg and I don’t feel big on her at all (I’m 5’10”). My Poppy free jumping last summer:

    Good luck to whoever is lucky enough to get Butters!!

  10. I am still openmouthed in horror that poor Butters was taken to the auction in that condition. I assume her former owners didn’t want to pay for her treatment, and figured they’d just unload a deathly-sick horse on the kill buyers. Why did the auction even allow her on the premises? Is this normal for auctions? For all they knew, she could have infected every horse in the place with a deadly disease! Absolutely appalling.

    Thank you, GG, for rescuing this sweet girl. I agree – I think she’s look fantastic pulling a cart. Or doing anything, really! 🙂

  11. RiderWriter I cannot speak for all auctions, but I would say the majority do not care one way or the other. I could send you photos of horses I rescued from our local auction of horses that were pulled from going through the auction and basically hidden in a back pen, then sold to a kill buyer under the table after the owner was told to come get them. I had spoken with the owner by phone and was trying to make a deal with him to have them turned over to a rescue, but then had to spend the day negotiating with the kill buyer. One horse was graded as a 1 1/2 on the body scale, so full of lice and ticks she had bald spots all over her face and body.

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