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She is broke to ride for an experienced rider [I would love to know what makes this senior horse suitable only for experienced riders], but due to her age I’d really rather her just go to a home as a companion. She gets along decently with other horses and she usually really enjoys human company [Usually?  She “usually really enjoys human company”? So all of a sudden, one day she’s not going to be in the mood for human company, and then what? *pow* right in the kisser?] (brushing, petting, etc.) Never ever has threatend [Naw, when this mare goes on the defensive, there’s no threatening, just all of a sudden you’re missing your teeth, or an arm] to kick, bite or rear at a human. I believe she would be good around children because of this, [I could be mistaken here, but I feel there should be a few more prerequisites for being a good children’s horse other than not threatening to bite/kick/rear] children could brush her and probably [“probably”?  REALLY?!] even be lead around on her. And NO she cannot have foals anymore so don’t even bother asking or thinking about it [Aww sweetie, no one was thinking that until you said it.  The mare is 25.  It concerns me to think that you’re probably selling her because she can’t be bred anymore which means you most likely bred her up until she was what, 23? 24?]. She’s a good old girl that’s sound and sane. Good with the farrier, good with leading at (usually good with catching – depends on the day, and a pail of oats will always lure her anyway. I’m only getting rid of her because I would like to reduce the herd. [And you don’t feel that she’s earned a retirement home with you?  Who is it exactly that you think would like to purchase a mare like this?  Again, it could just be me and my insanely high standards, but if I were to purchase a horse for children, I would most likely buy something a little younger, and oh I don’t know, a little more stable and rideable?! 
Being that I want her to go to a good home, price may be negotiable (to the right home)


Want to know what else your $400 could buy you? Let’s see shall we?  Keep in mind these are all in the same area as the ad above.

K-DONNA: older well broke Arab mare. good for inter rider as she know her stuff and can be quick. Are looking for a semi-retired place for her, will be perfect to pony kids around as we only want small weight rider and no pusher.

PIRATE: well broke thoroughbred mare (NOT HOT). 15 years old. Need inter or experience rider as she know her stuff to
FANTASY: broke to ride and drive standardbred mare (7 years old). Need a gentle person as we thing that trainer was a bit pushy with her and she is anxious, not hyper, no buck or bolt, but anxious. We will keep working with her until she found a place. She have some excellent potential for a other career.
SHADOW: beautiful 9 years old reg appendix. Started with the saddle and is doing fantastic. not nervous and not hyper at all. a pocket horse that is always around. Excellent potential for future career

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  1. On the plus side…. that horse is not starving!

  2. Just a heads up I have sent a craigslist ad for you to view of a very skinny Clydesdale. I sent it here and to fuglyblog, the subject says “Skinny Clydesdale cl ad”

  3. Well, selling her at $400 (hopefully) keeps her out of kill buyer range. I don’t know who they think is going to want a 25 year old kinda-broke ex-broody, though.

  4. What is a registered appendix? Pocket horse? Does it come in a jar?

  5. Looks like she was in foal when the photo was taken. I hate it when people actually use the words “I am only getting rid of her because…” in their ads. Sounds like they are throwing out their trash.

  6. “She “usually really enjoys human company”? So all of a sudden, one day she’s not going to be in the mood for human company, and then what? *pow* right in the kisser?]”

    OMG that happened to my husband yesterday! We he reached over to pet my sweet as can be mare and she, in his words, “opened her mouth like an alligator” and bit the crap out of his arm with no provocation. I swear she even made a growling noise while she did it.

    We’ve owned her for almost 4 years and she’s never showed any signs of aggression and has never done anything like that. Right after she bit him she went back to normal and let us both pet her and mess with her. I don’t know what got into her, but apparently this does actually happen, lol.

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