And now for something completely different

There are two posts sitting in Snarky Rider’s little wordpress dashboard, all ready to go.  Except, they’re not. I don’t like them.  I don’t think they’re funny.  I’m of the opinion that I’ve been so rushed to get posts up and ready that they’ve been lacking the funny – which is what I pride myself on.  I’m supposed to be the funny one of this dynamic duo (naturally, by “duo” I’m referring to my other personalities).  So yes, there are two horse related posts ready to go but I’m not going to post them.  At least not yet. Instead, I’m going to direct your attention to Hyperbole and a Half.  Yup.  We’re taking a break from the horses and taking a peak into the realm of normal people.  I use that term evern more loosely than I do the term “duo”.  The author of Hyperbole and a Half isn’t normal in any traditional sense of the word.  She is, however, normal by my definition of the word.

Hyperbole and a Half is one of the places I visit when I need to unwind a bit or need some inspiration.  Which is how I ended up on her site last night, which lead to this post, which may or may not lead to the apocalypse.  We’ll see.

Don’t believe my assessment of awesomeness? Maybe this will convince you!


Oh god, I got trapped! You have to visit the Alot as well!

Must. Stop. Reading. Awesome. Blog.

Need. To. Sleeeee oh hey look, a spider!

I’m never going to sleep again, am I?


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  1. I love Hyperbole and a Half.
    And I will never understand how my house can get so dirty. I live alone (with assorted dogs and cats) and I feel like it should stay clean for a minute or two!

  2. My favorites are her dog stories. ❤ Simple Dog.

  3. Love that blog, but I am sad that she made her last post quite a while ago and it was about severe depression. I hope she is doing better now and just avoiding the blog. Funny lady.

    • I believe she’s primarily devoting her efforts to the book she’s working on releasing at the moment. I certainly hope there’s nothing more sinister than book deadlines.

  4. My boyfriend introduced me to Hyperbole and a Half via the entry of simple dog moving cross country. By the middle I couldn’t even sit upright laughing so hard. I have since passed it on to all of my girlfriends (for which they are very appreciative). Love her and can’t wait for the book (and for her to come out of her funk and write more).

  5. Well, if no one else has done it yet, let me be the first to wish a Happy Valentine’s day to all the horses, cats, dogs, hamsters, goldfish, and … oh yeah … people! who check into Snarky today.

  6. I love Hyperbole and a Half! I laugh so hard I cry when I read.

  7. ❤ Simple Dog & Alot
    I've been a huge fan of Hyperbole and a Half for ages. Always good for a laugh!

  8. Love her blog but so bummed that she hasn’t posted in a long time. I am so looking forward to the book she is doing.

  9. Oh my goodness – too, too funny (and thanks for the link; I’d never heard of that blog before). Of course I just spent the last 20 minutes reading various posts and laughing like a loon and now I’m late for work. *sigh*

  10. I love Hyperbole and a Half. I keep waiting for more posts. When I found this blog, I went back and read every post. I laughed til I hurt.

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