Flying high and whips

I.  Am.  Speechles.


I’m pretty sure that dude can’t have kids anymore because of what happens at 1:48.

Ok.  Back to being speechless.

Nope, can’t do it.  Gotta say something.

I was reading through the comments and some people were speculating that this might be a gag video – which would be awesome! I have a hard time believing that anyone could ride this poorly (or maybe it’s some new, futuristic technique that I just can’t see the benefits of… yet?).  But then why the thrashing after the refusal?  I’m sorry, it’s not even after the refusal, it’s after he’s turned away, reclaimed his lost stirrup and circled.  Then he hits the horse.  Either this dude has some seriously slow reaction time (which, isn’t such a far fetched idea given his mad jumping skillz) or he’s just another douche in a show ring who hasn’t the slightest inkling of what a whip is for. And no, it’s not for hitting.

The whip is a training aid.

Yes, it does suck that I need to say that; however, it is not surprising.

It’s to be used after a misbehavior and/or to back up your aids.  To be effective, it needs to be used immediately so it is associated with the negative behavior and the horse understands it’s being punished.  Or, if it’s backing up the aids, again needs to be used immediately otherwise what exactly are you backing up?  Whipping a horse minutes later accomplishes nothing – well, nothing training-wise.  If you’re purpose is to hurt the horse because your ego is bruised, then job well done. But if you actually want to teach it something I would recommend removing your head from your ass.  Just a suggestion.

Just on a side note, if people can whip horses for bruising egos, can I whip the fedex guy who stared at me like I was a moron because I improperly filled out a waybill?  Sure it’s a week later, but he’ll know what it’s for, right?

Whips from A to Z:


Carriage Whip

Dressage Whip

Lunge Whip

Jones, Indiana Whip


Not horse related.  Not even a bit.


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  1. oh the polo rider gone show jumper. I don’t approve at all. just because you know how to ride does not mean you know how to jump. poor horse. I believe this was a joke of some sort but can’t find the orig video where it says exactly what was going on.

  2. Awe! He took the video down!! Or at least my iPhone says it can’t find it 😦

  3. Thrashing? It was one hit and from what I could tell, it wasn’t even that much of a hit — most of it was from the shaft and not the popper. I’d argue that the jumping itself was more abusive than the use of crop — 180lbs (I estimate) of grown human slamming into the horse’s back/withers at momentum as the horse is landing/striding would be more detrimental than one smack.

  4. The fact that he stays on (well… maybe I should say he doesn’t hit the ground…) does suggest this might be a deliberate piece of trick riding.

    Or maybe I just want to believe that.

  5. *blinks*

    JG, question for you – that riding was all wrong, right???


  6. JEEZUS!!!!! I am surprised the pony didnt refuse more often. Just knowing that dumbass was going to come crashing down after every jump. Too, too bad pony didnt launch him into next week.

  7. Um. Wow. How the… ? How does… ?

    Never mind. I don’t even want to know.

  8. I speculate this is a guy who is riding a horse who incredibly tolerant but really too much for him. Not that the horse is too strong it’s that he is in way over his head. He’s doing some high level show jumping when he would be better suited ( and probably improve his seat) in a class schooling over 2′ or better yet NOT JUMPING AT ALL!! He needs to go back and learn how to sit on a horse (even after the refusal you can see his EQ is horrible and all over the map) I’ve seen rag dolls that can sit better on a horse!!

  9. I don’t see why noone likes the video… it’s clearly a tribute to the absolute star of a horse, who actually jumped even with the great lump of a guy crashing into it’s back, sign me up for a pony like that! Geez.

  10. That horse is an ANGEL.

    I’m not at all sure how he didn’t end up with a face full of dirt…

  11. I would argue that it’s a fake. He keeps a loose rein even when landing, and watch the slow mo – most of the time it looks like he catches himself with his knees before his butt hits the saddle. Makes it look like he’s slamming onto the horse’s back, but in actuality it’s more of a flop than a slam. There’s no ear pinning or scooting forward… WTF are you doing ear flicks, but not pinning. As far as the whipping is concerned, he raises his arm awfully high, and the horse shoots forward before the blow falls… could be a lot softer than he made it look. At least, that’s what it looks like to me. Riding like that without hitting the dirt takes either incredible luck or serious skill.

    Point taken about the whips, though. That bit video you posted over on Fugs was a disgusting display of whip abuse…

  12. Actually, the throwing oneself completely clear of the horse’s back is a specific style of riding epitomized by Annette Lewis back in the 1980s.

    So, yes, he was doing it on purpose: Badly! We used to mock Lewis all the time in our barn, but I never saw her lose a stirrup or slam that hard into the horse’s back. Oh, and other top showjumpers mocked her for it too. But this guy? He’s doing it wrong.

  13. Use a Dressage Whip to play with my little kitty (the whip has never seen a horse).

  14. I’ve seen an english version of this video before and someone said it was some competition when western riders and show jumpers switched disciplines for the day. It was supposed to be fun apparently, but I still don’t like how much that horse was hit. If I had a fancy horse like that (or even a horse I have now), I would not allow someone that crappy to get on him and mess up his training… and back.

  15. I really, really hope this was a gag video… I can’t believe the guy managed to stay on, which I think kind of backs up the idea that it’s a gag video – the guy loses his stirrups during/after the jumps multiple times, and even goes over a couple of jumps without stirrups in the first place, and yet manages to keep his seat between jumps. I don’t think I ever saw him yanking on the horse’s mouth either. Hitting with the crop could have also been faked (being from a distance, it would’ve been easy to make it look like he was really having a go at it, but in reality not have even been touching the horse).

    If it wasn’t a gag video though… wtf was this guy doing? I might’ve gone over the first jump like that and thought it was a fluke and kept going, but after flubbing the second jump, I would’ve pulled out. I have had that happen to me, during a cross-country schooling. My coach thought I could manage one particular obstacle, I ended doing exactly what this guy did, lost both stirrups, and hit the dirt 2 seconds later when the horse threw in a buck (he wasn’t happy about the whole schooling-one-jump-at-a-time thing, and was doing this almost the whole course until we got back to the beginning and did the whole thing at once. He’s a strange fella…). Thinking it was just the fact that the jump had been much bigger than I expected because the obstacle was wider than I’d thought, I tried it again… and had almost exactly the same result (without falling off), and at that point went “nope, I just don’t have the ability for something this big yet,” went to the smaller version, and stuck with the small ones from then on.

  16. “I had read somewhere that this was a top level polo player that switched “jobs” with a top level jumper for a fund raiser or something. The Jumper went and played polo and this guy jumped(I use the term very loosely). He has to have some serious riding ability to be able to even recover & stay on like he did and he didnt get into the horses mouth too bad(especially for a polo player) BUT that horse should have thrown him everytime. I hope he was laid off for at least a month to recover from this”….quote from the comments left on the video itself. THIS makes sense as polo players don’t jump nor do they carry whips so most likely this was the senerio. Still doesn’t justify slamming the pony’s back after each jump. OMG I’m a trail rider and ex-games rider…..NOT A JUMPER RIDER AT ALL….and I think I could have at least been able to stay in sync with the horse enough to get over the jumps without slamming down on his back. It wouldn’t be pretty, but I’d do better than that guy I think. Kudos to the pony….I’d love to have him for my aspiring hunter/jumper daughter…

  17. I’ve seen this video before, over at Bad_Riding on livejournal. It’s like Michaela said, this was an event (some sort of fundraiser iirc) where the riders switched switched horses and competed in that horse’s discipline. I’m pretty sure this rider was originally a polo player? It might account for how he can stay on despite how much air he catches and how weird his eq is. I’m surprised how out of the horse’s face he is if that’s true, though. Most polo players I see are all up in their horses’ mouth.

    Personally, I think he’s trying to do his best frog impression over the jumps. Because frogs jump good, and he wants the horse to jump good, so pretending to be a frog is the thing to do! Flawless logic!

  18. All I can say is what an amazing horse. To put up with somebody pounding on your back every jump, and never dumping him. Somebody needs to practice posting without their stirrups. Tighten
    that seat up:)

  19. I thought this got shown on Fugly a while back? I really do not want to go back through the archives or figure out the search criteria to see if I am right though. If I remember correctly it was some sort of ‘switch rider’ thing.

    To be sure I would not want to put any horse I ever rode through that, it looks like his goal is almost be standing in the saddle when the horse lands (which…would be an impressive feat to be sure).

    To be fair to the guy, I do not see a stressed horse, but I will admit I have very very limited experience.

  20. He came close to leaving spur marks on his own butt a couple of times. If this is not a gag and the rider has no jumping experience ( as in switching disciplines for some reason ),he gets a gold star for at least staying somewhat on. I don’t think I could come down off a fence with my legs in the air behind me and not keep on going over the horse’s head.

  21. Mostly sure that was the strangest thing I’ve ever seen; spent most of it sitting here like a guppy (mouth opening and closing, but no sound coming out *laugh*). I saw the “switched jobs” thing someone posted on there too. If so, they need to switch right back – it’s an emergency 😯

    I hit up Google Translator for the words at the end, and got this: “Guaranty that the animal was left with only a sore back and call the next day he was in perfect conditions to jump back.”

    Gosh I sure do hope he didn’t….Yeesh.

  22. Sort of Anonymous

    The last photo… the handcuffs look like a snaffle if you kind of squint…

  23. I’ve seen several different stories around the web on this particular video. One that hasn’t been mentioned yet that I remember clearly was that the rider was physically handicapped and had some sort of severe leg impairment and that was why he had such a hard time standing in the stirrups to get over the jumps.

    Although I do admit that the polo player/western rider theories are much more likely… I could never see a rider with any handicap like that being able to stay on like that XD

  24. “I had read somewhere that this was a top level polo player that switched “jobs” with a top level jumper for a fund raiser or something.”
    I heard the same thing.

    Regarding the whip part: I wish I could print this out and show it to everyone who gives m a funny look when I’m carrying a dressage whip 😀

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