8 Horse Seized in Marion County

For the full post, head on over to the Fugly Blog but the basics are as follows.

8 horses were seized, 5 went to Strawberry Mountain Mustangs and 3 to United SPCA.

6 horses were found dead on the property in varying stages of decomposition.

Ownership of the horses seems to be a bit sketchy.  Some are/were owned by someone living out of state.  Others are/were owned by someone living on the property, charged with caring for the horses. I might add at this time that the property is a rental so we have three involved, potentially guilty, parties: the out of state horse owner, the “caretaker”, and the property owner.

For more details on the seizure, here is a copy of the press release.

Huge shout out to Marion County for their quick response in this matter.  They acted immediately upon receiving the phone call about the horses, got a vet out, blanketed them, brought food and water and got them the hell outa there.


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  1. Boy does this piss me off. I’m only a few hours from here… perhaps I will drive on over and slap the shit out of a few people…

    Who’s coming with me?

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