WD-WTF: The Muppet Mentality

Today’s edition of WD-WTF isn’t exactly horse related.  But it’ll make you go “What the Fraggle Rock?!” – or at least I did.

The Muppets have a political agenda!

I knew it.  I knew it all along.  Kermit’s been biding his time, since 1976, and now with a shaky economy and a number of other reasons for political unrest, he’s ready to pounce!

Are you Fraggle Rocking kidding me?  The Muppet movie is brainwashing pre-schoolers against corporate America?  Well damn, there goes their major buying segment.  Clearly the oil industry is going to go bankrupt now because the Muppet movie made a villain of Tex Richman.  I know what you’re going to say: But won’t these kids grow up, receive education and make their own informed decisions long after they’ve forgotten about the Muppet movie?

The answer is a resounding, “no”.

Kids being exposed to this sort of political agenda in their formative years are screwed.  The Muppet movie has preprogrammed them to hate corporate America.  I suspect subliminal messaging was involved.  Wait a second,I watched the Muppet movie! Oh noes! Am I brainwashed too?  I mean, I didn’t see the movie when I was 5 but I do have the emotional maturity of a 5 year old…

It’s our duty (hahaha doody), as adults, to protect the younguns from baseless, negative propaganda such as what is being spouted by the Muppets.

How.  Dare.  They.


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  1. Love Kermit and Miss Piggy.

  2. Yep…you’re right, “not exactly horse related”….probably best to stick to what you know, Snarky.

  3. Piss on that BL. It ain’t easy being Green! I support world domination by the Muppet Overlords, they seem to have more common sense and a greater capacity for compassion than most people.

    Snark On SRider!

  4. Oh NOOOOOOO….. I know why I had to use WIC when my ex refused to pay child support back in the day….. It was due to the MUPPETS brainwashing me into using the government. I think the human (loosely used term) muppets reporting this story are more about propaganda than the Muppets who teach love, responsibility, and oh no the enjoyment of a movie. Wow! Fox News is definitely not news, not really sure what it is but it is not news.

  5. Okay, I was not quite done apparently. Let us remember that the people who write scripts for movies – Muppet movies – are adults, with an opinion just like the adults who were bashing them. hmmmmm…. think about that please Fox n.e.w.s.

  6. OK, I tried to watch that first video (we don’t have Fox news here, thank GAWD!) and I couldn’t even get through the first minute. It was giving me a headache. Seriously, I think a few of my brain cells just died of stupidity from watching the beginning.

  7. Rubber Ducky! Fox News tries to make stupidity the new reality.

  8. Jim Henson and Frank Oz…..bad guys? Oh so thats why I’m the way I am. Explains EVERYTHING! I’ll NEVER view any of these movies the same again: Star Wars, Labrynth, The Dark Crystal, ET, etc. or just about ANY pre-CG movie made, as they were the guys that the film makers turned to!

    BTW I’m sooooo pro-Animal! My drums!

  9. Hmmm, wonder why it is that Fox News has had the highest ratings for a news station and that MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, etc. are all trying to figure out why…it’s because you already know what the latter will say…they just state the party line and don’t ask the hard questions of their lord and master, Obama. Why is it that they don’t report certain stories till Fox News lets the cat out of the bag? It’s because they don’t want to report anything that might tarnish King Obama’s crown. And, yes, Hollywood is notorious for using movies for the young and old to promote their agenda…seems it has worked on the majority commenting here!

    • oh wow… normally I can edit myself better than this. but your an idiot. Are we not all understood that OIL is why our environment SUCKS? Oil burning cars, oil burning planes trains, etc wars fought over oil? Did we not see what happened in the gulf? do you not have any clue what that has done to the environment there, and how many animals and wildlife it has killed and will continue to be affected for thousands of years (If our earth can hold out that long with all the bullshit we put it through?)

      Honestly who gives a FUCK if they choose to make some big oil guy into the villain (the kids were more interested in the stupid slapstick comedy than the motivations of the bad guy) And don’t even get me started on loony toons which everyone seems to think is funny, but I fail to see the humor when Elmer Fudd pulls out his shotgun and tries to shoot everything in sight (Yeah that’s appropriate for kids!).

      I’m not some picketing hemp wearing hippy who rides my bike everywhere and does pot, but I’m still FUCKING PISSED at the state of our environment. And now Fox news has attacked the Lorax for promoting an environmental agenda. and since when is a BAD THING???? We can all use to open our eyes a little to what can happen if we take advantage of our natural resources! And if educating kids of this by way of colorful and enjoyable graphics is promoting an environmentalast agenda I say FUCK YEAH, Hopefully someone will start giving a shit about our earth, it’s the only one we have. Previous generations have fucked it up pretty bad, what a legacy to leave our children. Happy birthday, welcome to adult hood. Now clean up our big fucking sludge covered mess of an earth because the people and CORPORATIONS who came before you couldn’t be bothered to think past their own profit.

      I leave you with the wonderful words of John Mayer

      “And when you trust your television
      What you get is what you got
      Cause when they own the information, oh
      They can bend it all they want”

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